Yemi Cregx Big Brother Titans Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Date of Birth, Country, BBTitans Updates, Instagram Page

Everything You Need To Know About Yemi Cregx Big Brother Titans Biography

Welcome back to Labaranyau Blog, In this well written article, Labaranyau will be sharing all you need to know about the popular South African Reality Tv Star that joined the Big Brother Titans.

The information we are sharing is Yemi Cregx From Big Brother Titans, ranging from his Biography to his early life, Age, Profile, Wikipedia and career, Girlfriend, Family, Yemi Cregx bbtitans Instagram, net worth, etc.

Yemi Cregx Biography

Yemi Cregx was born in Ekiti state, Nigeria in the year 1993. The fashion enthusiast has not revealed anything about his parents or siblings.


Yemi has promised to bring more drama to the Big Brother Titan house by bringing and making controversial fashion. Yemi is 30 years old, from Lagos, and has worked in a variety of industries. She is a fun-loving team player.

Yemi Cregx Age/ Date Of Birth

How old is Yemi Cregx Big Brother Titans? What is Yemi Cregx Age?

The Big brother Titans Yemi Cregx is 30 years born 1993 as of the last update in 2023.


Yemi Cregx Nationality

Which country is Yemi Cregx from? Is Yemi Cregx a Nigerian?

Yes of course! Yemi Cregx is from Nigeria

Yemi Cregx Net Worth

Yemi Cregx BBTitans’s net worth is estimated to be $3,400.

He is making passive income, he earns a living as a journalist and hopes to add to her fortune if she wins the $100,000 cash prize.

Yemi Cregx Career

Yemi Cregx is a fashion enthusiast who also works as a designer.

According to what he said, he is excited to fully represent his country Nigeria. He added that he is cool and collected. The 30-year-old is one of the oldest housemates and hopes to walk away with $100,000.

Yemi Cregx Instagram Handle

What is Yemi Cregx Big Brother Titans Instagram Handle?

The handle of Yemi Cregx Instagram page is @Kingcregx you can go follow.



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