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Uriel Oputa Biography

Nigerian music artist, entrepreneur, and reality TV personality Uriel Oputa is most known for her participation in the 2018 season of Big Brother Naija.

Uriel, a British Nigerian, was born and raised in the UK, where she also spent her formative years. After completing her schooling, she eventually moved to Nigeria.

She is an entrepreneur and the CEO of UUlovesfood and Uriellondonwigs, both of which sell hair and wigs for ladies.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn everything there is to know about Uriel Oputa, including his biography, net worth, career, age, state of origin, education, family, and social media accounts for his mother, brother, and other family members.


Name: Uriel Ngozi Oputa
Age: 35 Years
Wife: Unknown
Date of Birth: January 24, 1988
State of Origin: Imo State
Net Worth: $300,000

Uriel Oputa Age

Age 35 describes her. Her birthday is January 24, 1988.

Uriel State of Origin

Imo State is the home of Uriel Oputa.

Uriel Oputa biography (Early life)

On January 24, 1988, Uriel Oputa was born in the UK to a Nigerian mother and a British father. She has four brothers and is the lone female in a family of five.

The majority of her formative years were spent in the UK.

Uriel Oputa education

With a degree in creative writing, Uriel Oputa left Bedfordshire University.

Uriel Oputa career

Uriel Oputa is most known for her involvement in the Big Brother Naija 2018 season.

Uriel, a musician also known as Urielmusicstar, has put out a lot of music over the years.

She is the CEO of UUlovesfood and Uriellondonwigs, two companies that provide hair and wigs for ladies.

Career in Music, Business, and Reality TV

When Uriel Oputa made her debut on the renowned reality TV program Big Brother Naija, her path to fame gained momentum. She demonstrated her skills, charm, and charisma while taking part in the All-Stars edition, winning the hearts of millions of fans all around the country.

Uriel Oputa Husband

Uriel Ngozi Oputa has not yet been married and is conceivably single. She has not been dating anyone as of January 2023.

Family of Five: The Only Girl Among Four Brothers

Uriel was raised among four different siblings, each of whom had his own interests and personality. Her brothers provided variety to the family, ranging from serious businessmen to creative individuals wearing hair and beads. Uriel’s childhood was a mix of sisterly distinctiveness and companionship because she was the only girl in the family. Although she spent a large portion of her earlier years in the UK, her time in Nigeria had a profound impact on who she was.

A Notable Contestant on Top Actor Africa

Uriel made history by becoming the first Nigerian competitor to be eliminated from Top Actor Africa in addition to her involvement on BBNaija. She received a lot of attention despite leaving early, creating prospects for the future.

Embracing Entrepreneurship and Food Ventures

The range of Uriel’s abilities goes beyond the world of entertainment. She has dabbled with entrepreneurship and overseen several projects. Notably, she embraces her passion for wigs and hair extensions while meeting the audience’s haircare demands. Uriel also runs a food-focused website where she shares her passion for food and experiences as a foodie.

Uriel Oputa’s Personal Life

Uriel Ngozi Oputa has not publicly engaged and may still be unmarried as of January 2023. Fans closely follow her work life, but they are less interested in learning about her romantic connections.

Uriel Oputa social media

Instagram: @Urielmusicstar

Twitter: @Urielmusicstar

Uriel Oputa net worth

The estimated net worth of Uriel Oputa is $200,000.

Is Uriel Oputa related to Charlie Boy?

Charly Boy and Uriel Oputa do have a family relationship because they both have the last name Oputa. Charly Boy and Uriel are now related by blood as Charly Boy’s late father was his brother. They have become closer because of their shared family history, developing a connection that goes beyond just blood ties.

Who is Uriel Big Brother?

Uriel A housemate on Big Brother Naija: All Stars is Anita Ngozi Oputa. Prior to this, she participated in Big Brother Naija as See Gobbe.

Is Uriel BBN married?

The reality star has called out trolls who age shame older women for not getting married. Monday, August 9, 2021 was the day Uriel made this known via her Instagram Stories.

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