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Feid Biography

On August 19, 1992, Feid was born in Medellín, Colombia. He is the son of psychologist and preschool teacher Berta Lucía Hoyos. Jorge Mario Villada, his father, teaches art at a university. Manuela Villada Hoyos, his sister, is a student of graphic design right now. He participated in the University of Antioquia’s Music Extension Courses in Medellín.

He had studied the clarinet as a youth, but he eventually gave it up when he chose to start singing. He took singing classes in college and performed in front of his buddies. He sang in the campus choir as well. At last, he turned his attention to reggaeton music. In addition, he sang at reunions, birthday celebrations, and college parties. Although he enjoys hip-hop and R&B and listens to singers like Chris Brown, Drake, and T-Pain, he started to become a reggaeton performer because he thought that genre was more well-liked by younger fans.

He recently collaborated with several well-known musicians, including Sebastián Yatra and J Balvin. He was also a contributing writer on J Balvin’s well-known reggaeton song “Ginza”.


He released the song “Dorado” on July 10, 2020, in collaboration with the Italian singers Mahmood and Sfera Ebbasta.

Feid Biography
Feid Biography

Feid Profile

  • Full Name: Salomón Villada Hoyos
  • Nickname: Feid
  • Date of Birth: August 19th, 1992
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: Medellín, Colombia
  • Nationality: Colombian
  • Profession: Singer, songwriter
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Parents: Berta Lucía Hoyos, Jorge Mario Villada
  • Siblings: Manuela Villada Hoyos
  • Relationship Status: Dating
  • Spouse: Karol G
  • Net Worth: Estimated to be $3 million

Feid’s Nationality

Feid’s Nationality
Feid’s Nationality

In Medellín, Colombia, Feid was born in the United States of America. He’s from America.

Feid’s Net Worth

Feid is thought to be worth $5 million or so.


Feid’s Height & Weight

Feid is 5 feet 8 inches tall, although his exact weight is still unknown.

Feid Early Life & Education

Feid Early Life & Education
Feid Early Life & Education

On August 19, 1992, Salomón Villada Hoyos—commonly referred to as Feid—was born in Medellín, Colombia.

His father, Jorge Mario Villada, was a university art professor; his mother, Berta Lucía Hoyos, was a preschool teacher and psychologist.

Additionally, Manuela Villada Hoyos, Feid’s sister, is a graphic design student at the moment.

Early in life, Feid developed a passion for music and started learning the clarinet. But he eventually went back to singing, enrolling in the University of Antioquia’s Medellín Music Extension Courses.

Feid demonstrated his skill and love of music to his pals while attending college by taking singing classes and doing performances.

In addition, he joined the university choir and began singing at social gatherings.

Feid’s Career

Feid’s Career
Feid’s Career

Feid is currently one of the most well-liked performers in reggaeton. With a current global tour and two Billboard Hot 100 songs, he is leaving his mark on the global music scene.

Feid started in music as a songwriter, frequently collaborating with some of the biggest names in Latin music, including Prince Royce, Nicky Jam, and J Balvin.

Feid will headline THE STAGE at this year’s SXSW and begin a 29-city US tour (after the success of his 2022 US tour, which sold out in seconds), so those days are long gone.

The 30-year-old musician was praised and honored for his artistic abilities, but his real passion was performing.

He became well-known as a musician when his collaboration with J Balvin on the 2016 song “Que Raro” (which has gotten 58 million Spotify plays) went viral and climbed at the top of the Billboard charts.

According to Balvin, who spoke with Billboard, Feid always brought something fresh to the table, and I always made sure he realized how brilliant he was.

Feid became well-known in the Latin music industry quite quickly, but in the last year, he has achieved incredible success outside of the Spanish-speaking community.

Feid had 4.8 million daily views on YouTube and 11.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify a year ago. She now has 15.7 million views and 37.8 million listens.

To better understand Feid’s exponential rise, we will compare him to two local musicians who also produce Latin music: Ozuna and Anuel AA.


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♬ Ferxxo 100 – Feid

The two well-known performers collaborated on some of the biggest hits in Reggaeton, such as “China,” “Otro Trago – Remix,” and “X – Remix.”

Since its debut in October of last year, Ozuna’s song “Hey Mor,” starring Feid, has received over 400 million Spotify plays and 27 million YouTube views.

Anuel’s most streamed song is his most recent hit, “Más Rica Que Ayer,” which in its first week garnered 31 million views on YouTube and nearly 15 million plays on Spotify.

Of the three musicians, Ozuna has the most Spotify followers (35.9M), but Feid has experienced the largest increase in popularity.

Since March 2021, Feid’s following has increased to 4 million, a jump of around 700% from his starting point of 470 thousand. Conversely, within the same time frame, the Spotify followings of Anuel and Ozuna barely grew, rising by 34% and 32%, respectively.

Feid started his professional career in Colombia, but he soon gained notoriety overseas in nations that speak and do not speak Spanish.

Among the top 30 countries on his YouTube channel by monthly views are the US, Italy, France, and Canada. With 7.4 million weekly listeners on Spotify, Mexico leads the world, followed by the US with 4.1 million.

Indicating that US followers are interested in more than just streaming his music and staying up to date on his personal and professional news, the US is also his second-largest Instagram market.

Feid Personal Life

Feid Personal Life
Feid Personal Life

Presently, Feid is linked to the Colombian musician Karol G. The long-term pair frequently expresses their love and support for one another on social media.

They routinely work together on music projects and are regarded as one of the power couples in the Latin music industry.

Feid’s Marital Status

Feid’s Marital Status
Feid’s Marital Status

Feif is currently linked to artist Karol G from Columbia.

Feid’s Family & Siblings

Jorge Mario Villada and Berta Lucía Hoyos welcomed Feid into the world. He and his sister, Manuela Villada Hoyos, have the same parents.

Feid’s Children

Nothing is known about Feid’s offspring.

Feid Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @feid
  • Twitter handle: @FeidMusic

♬ sonido original – LER2000

Feid Discography

  • Que Raro
  • Sígueme
  • Trampa
  • Perfecta
  • Hey Mor
  • X19
  • Porfa

Who Is Feid?

Colombian singer-songwriter Salomón Villada Hoyos (born August 19, 1992) is better known by his stage aliases Feid and Ferxxo Born in Medellín, Colombia, he has collaborated with numerous prominent vocalists, including Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Maluma, Manuel Turizo, Sebastián Yatra, and Karol G.

Feid, who has been singing “Flow Desde Chiquito” (flow since he was tiny), has emerged as the newest member of Medellin’s local talent.

This singer/songwriter, producer, and musician hails directly from Medellin, the world-famous reggaeton capital. Her prominence has grown even more since the release of her album The Academy, which features The Avengers of Reggaeton—J Quiles, Sech, Dalex, Lenny Tavares, and Dimelo Flow.

His stage name Feid “Asi Como Suena” means “faith”; he has always had faith in both God and his ability. Feid was born on August 19, 1992, as Salomon Villada Hoyos. He was raised in an artistic household and was instilled with a creative thinking attitude from a young age by his father, who was an art history lecturer and instructor at the University of Antioquia. His interest in and skill set for the visual arts was shaped by his parents.

Singing has always been his main passion, even though his first exposure to music came at the age of nine when he learned how to read and play the clarinet. Feid began his singing career as a youngster in the children’s chorus at his father’s place of employment, “La Universidad de Antioquia,” and later at his neighborhood school. He received encouragement from his family, friends, and fellow students as he sang throughout his early and teenage years.

He decided to dedicate his life to reggaeton during his time in college, and starting in 2008, he started penning songs with some of Medellin’s own, now-famous producers, like Sky, Mosty, and Bull Nene. He worked behind the scenes for many years, producing and penning lyrics for musicians like Nicky Jam, Wolfine, and Alberto Stylee. He has penned over 150 songs in total, including successful ones like Reykon’s Secretos and J Balvin’s Ginza, which earned him an ASCAP Latin music award for his co-writing role.

His first solo album, Asi Como Suena, was released in 2015 and peaked at number one in his native Colombia. Fellow paisa musician Balvin jumped on Feid’s tune Que Raro (2016), which became his first international smash, acting as his mentor and helpful hand in the industry. In the video, Balvin asks him to join him on stage for a live performance in Medellin, the city of their birth.

Feid released Morena in the same year, and it was well-received by clubs and radio stations alike. With the same title, Asi Como Suena, he released a follow-up album in 2017 that included his solo singles LLuvia and Ahora along with collaborations with Jory Boy (S.O.S), Nacho (911), and Reykon (Mazucamba).

His second studio album, “19,” was published last year. It featured the singles “Bad Wine” and “Buena Mala,” along with a remix of his 2018 hit song “Sigueme,” featuring Panama’s newest and most popular sensa-Sech. With over 111 million views on YouTube, the song established the two performers as the next generation of “romantic reggaetoneros.”

He worked on FRESH KERIAS in 2019 with Dirty Boy Maluma, the Pretty Boy, a collaboration he says he had long looked forward to.

Last week, FERXXO VOL.1: M.O.R (Mensajes on repeat), his brand-new album, was released. It is a collection of songs that are sensual and a little hopeless romantic, much like his slick paisa swag. The paisa perreo has been unquestionably rising and dominating the charts with a much softer/smoother tone and lyrical style than the usual aggressiveness of its dembow riddim; Medellin has become the hub for a new wave of Urbano with the Colombian touch. Featuring collaboration singles Fresh Kerias (ft. Maluma), Porfa (ft. J Quiles), and Borraxxa (ft. Manuel Turizo).

Why is Feid famous?

One of the hottest acts in reggaeton right now is Feid. With two tunes on the Billboard Hot 100 list and a current world tour, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter is making a name for himself in the music industry worldwide.

Where is Feid from?

Feid is a native of Medellín, Colombia, in the United States.

How old is Feid?

Feid is thirty years old as of August 19, 1992, the day of his birth.

What are some fun facts about Feid?

He is the son of psychologist and preschool teacher Berta Lucía Hoyos. Jorge Mario Villada, his father, teaches art at a university. Manuela Villada Hoyos, his sister, is a student of graphic design right now. He participated in the University of Antioquia’s Music Extension Courses in Medellín.

Why does Feid wear green?

With references to his hometown of Medellín, its slang, and the vibrant green hue of the city’s mountains and soccer shirts, Feid’s music is deeply ingrained in his personality. Additionally, he won over the Puerto Rican audience on one of the genre’s most important platforms.

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