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P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Biography

P Veeramuthuvel, an Indian aerospace engineer who works for the Indian Space Research Organization, was born on October 22, 1976. He oversaw the Chandrayaan-3 mission as project director.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Wiki

Tamil Nadu-born Veera Muthuvel works as a researcher with ISRO. He received his IIT Madras diploma. He gained notoriety for using his telescope to discover the Chandrayaan 2 debris on the moon. He evolved as the mastermind behind the Chandrayaan 3 launch in 2023. He was chosen to oversee Chandrayaan 3 in 2019 after managing several activities at ISRO. He is the son of Palanivel and was born in the Tamil Nadu region of Villupuram. At Southern Rail Line, his father worked as a professional stand-in. He obtained his certification in mechanical design from an unnamed polytechnic institution.


P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Wiki Overview

Name P Veeramuthuvel
Nickname Veeramuthuvel
Category Biography
Date Of Birth Not Known
Profession ISRO Scientist
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Birthplace Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Hometown Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Birth Location & Age

The face of Chandrayaan-3, P Veeramuthuvel, was born in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district. He pursued engineering at Tambaram after earning his high school diploma since he was interested in space. He has out significant aerospace research and was chosen to lead Chandrayaan-3, which is currently in its final stages. Please check our website for more articles on P Veeramuthuvel and other subjects.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Measurement

He has been engaged in politics for several years and has significantly improved the lives of his constituents. In 2011, Veeramuthuvel won a seat in Tamil Nadu’s Legislative Assembly (MLA), and he has since faithfully represented his district. He is renowned for his tenacious support of rural development, educational reform, and social fairness. Veeramuthuvel has a solid reputation as a committed and caring leader thanks to his dedication to serving the people.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Early life and education

P Veeramuthuvel was born on October 22, 1976, in the Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu, India. He graduated from the railway school in Villupuram with a degree in mechanical engineering. Sri Sai Ram Engineering College in Chennai is where he completed his undergraduate engineering studies. At NIT Trichy, he pursued a Master of Engineering degree.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Educational Qualifications

He was a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the Tiruppur constituency and is a member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Veeramuthuvel has actively supported a range of social and political concerns while promoting the rights of workers and underrepresented groups. Both his followers and political opponents appreciate and admire him for his commitment to public service and his desire to improve the lives of his constituents.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Career

As a senior engineer, Veeramuthuvel joined Lakshmi Engineering Works in Coimbatore. Then he began working at the Bangalore-based rotary wing research and design department of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s helicopter business. He began working at ISRO in 2014, where he oversaw numerous initiatives and performed a variety of duties, including helping to design the organization’s second Mars Orbiter Mission. He finished his post-graduate studies concurrently at IIT Madras.

Veeramuthuvel has worked as the Space Infrastructure Programme’s deputy director at the ISRO’s main office. He was selected to lead the Chandrayaan 3 mission in 2019. He succeeded Muthayya Vanitha, who served as the project director for the Chandrayaan-2 mission. Additionally, he was crucial to the Chandrayaan-2 mission, coordinating with NASA on the project’s scientific potential.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Political Career

A well-known politician from India who is a part of the DMK party is P. Veeramuthuvel. His lengthy and outstanding political career includes many terms as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). Veeramuthuvel has played a crucial role in enacting positive change both within and outside of his district thanks to his strong devotion to public service and welfare.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Chandaryan 3 Mission Project Director

P Veeramuthuvel’s biography, age, income, photo, and wiki are all included in this article’s detailed profile of him. Scientist P Veeramuthuvel is a Villupuram native. At the Indian Space Research Centre, he is now the Chandrayaan-3 program director. M Vanitha, who had served as the project director for Chandrayaan-2, was replaced by him in the role. Unfortunately, Chandrayaan-2 was unable to make a successful, safe lunar landing.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Today Vikram Lander Update

Following the completion of the Chandrayaan-3 lunar landing, the 26-kilogram Pragyan rover, which has six wheels, started its lunar exploration mission. The rover is made to gather data on the lunar surface, including the makeup of the soil and other geological aspects. It is poised to make a big contribution to our understanding of Earth’s only natural satellite thanks to its cutting-edge technology and capabilities. The success of the mission is evidence of India’s expanding capacity for space exploration and invention.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Collaboration For NASA-provided

The current Project Director, P Veeramuthuvel, was instrumental in establishing the collaboration for the NASA-provided laser retroreflector array. He is well-appreciated among ISRO officials and has a keen mind. He turned 46 years old on October 22, 1976. In 2023, he received a promotion from Deputy Director to Project Director. Since then, he has received praise for his contributions to this purpose. Veeramuthuvel is a Ph.D. holder from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and comes from a modest family in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram region.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Research in Aerospace

He eventually enrolled in a Tambaram institution to complete his design work before enrolling at IIT Chennai to pursue higher-level coursework. Veera’s fascination with space led him to pursue extensive studies in the aerospace industry. Veeramuthuvel, who is well-known for his drive and dedication, has put in countless hours to address a variety of social issues and bring about positive change in his neighborhood. Both colleagues and constituents appreciate and admire him for his vast expertise and understanding. He has consistently prioritized the interests of the populace as a public servant and worked to build a society that is more inclusive and equal.

ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Mission Project Director P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Salary

The Chandrayaan Project Director, P Veeramuthuver, has performed admirably in his capacity for Chandrayaan-3. The landing of the lander on the Moon’s surface and subsequent activation of the rover are crucial to the mission’s success. P Veeramuthuver participated in putting together a cooperative configuration for the NASA-provided laser retroreflector array before taking on the role of project director. His smart thinking is praised by ISRO officials, considerably improving the mission’s chances.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Chandaryaan 3 Mission Project Director 

Chandrayaan Project Director P Veeramuthuver has successfully overseen the Chandrayaan-3 project. The lander’s successful descent to the Moon’s surface and the subsequent start of rover operations are crucial to the mission’s eventual success. In contrast, scientists in this company are only paid a maximum of Rs 80,000 unless they take on group leadership responsibilities.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Officials Clarity

His outstanding clarity of thought has been praised by ISRO officials as having significantly advanced this project. Veeramuthuver was instrumental in putting the NASA-provided laser retroreflector array into operation before starting his position as project director.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Body Physical

Height 5 feet approx
Weight above 60 kg approx
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Family

He has dedicated his entire professional life to bettering the lives of those around him and has taken part in numerous social welfare projects. Many people appreciate and admire him for his dedication to healthcare and education. Others are continually motivated to make a positive difference in their communities by Veeramuthuvel’s vision and leadership.

Father Palanivel
Mother Not Known
Brother / Sister Not Known
Children Son: Not Known
Daughter: Not Known

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Marital Status

Marital Status Married
Spouse Name Not Known
Affairs Not Known

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO News

P Veeramuthuvel anticipated that the Chandrayaan-3 task would be managed in 2019. At the Isro headquarters, he formerly served as deputy director of the Space Infrastructure Programme Office. Veeramuthuvel, a well-known technical expert, served as the principal negotiator for the Chandrayaan-2 mission during discussions with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Veeramuthuvel is a native of Villupuram in the Tamil Nadu state and a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras (IIT-M).

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Report Updates

To say that Chandrayaan-3 has been placed in a secure circle makes me very happy. Many thanks and congratulations to the LVM3 team. The spacecraft’s other health indicators, such as the propulsion and lander modules’ ability to generate power, are all within normal ranges. Our trip to the moon has officially started. We shall be closely monitoring and managing the boat from the Isro Telemetry, Following, and Order Organization in Bengaluru.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Member Of Communist Party

He actively supports the rights of workers and underrepresented groups and is a member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Veera has committed his life to the pursuit of social justice and equality, and his work has had a profound influence on the lives of several individuals. He has gained a great deal of respect and appreciation from both his peers and the general public because of his commitment to public service and his unshakable adherence to his values. Veera is still a strong voice for change in Tamil Nadu, whether she is organizing protests, supporting labor unions, or denouncing injustice.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Constituents and Politicians

His never-ending efforts have been directed at enhancing infrastructure, healthcare, education, and overall development for the population he serves. Both his constituents and his fellow lawmakers greatly respect and admire Veeramuthuvel for his commitment to serving his town

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Networth

There isn’t much information currently accessible on P Veeramuthuvel’s pay. However, the media will compile all pertinent information on the lander Vikram after he successfully touches down. We therefore humbly ask that you be patient while we gather data about this Project Director from numerous sources. Project Director is typically regarded as the highest-paying position inside the Indian Space Research Organization. The normal salary range for a project director is between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 2.5 lakh.

P Veeramuthuvel ISRO Family Photos

You can download or screenshot the following images of P Veeramuthuvel. He became well-known after using his telescope to find Chandrayaan 2 debris on the moon. His talent was noticed by ISRO, and in 2019 he was given charge of Chandrayaan 3. His mother is a stay-at-home mom, and his father, Palanivel, works as a technician for Southern Railway. He earned his mechanical engineering diploma from a private college, continued his studies for his degree in Tambaram, and then joined IIT Chennai.

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