Pro Rider 1000 Biography, Real Name, Age, Country, Family, Height, Weight, YouTube, Instagram, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Nationality

Pro Rider 1000 Biography

Pro Rider was a well-known YouTuber from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India who ran a channel named “PRO RIDER 1000.”

His channel largely concentrated on producing expert bike riding videos, and he had a sizable fan base with hundreds of thousands of followers.

The number of subscribers to his YouTube channel was over 1.2 million. He released a video just 16 hours before his terrible demise, in which he mentioned that he and his pals would be traveling to Delhi. He had inserted a disclaimer and advised his viewers not to ride recklessly while producing professional videos while on a bike.

Pro Rider 1000 Age & Early Life

Agastya’s admirers have talked extensively about the horrible event that took his life. Agastya had a sizable following in India and the surrounding nations, and his tragic demise made individuals who were previously unaware of him aware of him. Through his YouTube channel, PRO RIDER 1000, the incident also helped to increase awareness of his work and contributions to the biking community.

Agastya’s supporters continue to grieve his passing and pay tribute to him on social media and other platforms even if he didn’t have an official Wikipedia page. Although his exact age was not given, it can be assumed from the information that is known that he was in his 20s when he passed away.

The abrupt and terrible death of Agastya has had a significant effect on both his followers and the larger motorcycling community. Many of his supporters have used phrases like “gone too soon” to express their shock and sadness over his passing.

Pro Rider 1000 Family

Agastya Chauhan was born in Dehradun, where he spent his formative years, to Jitendra Chauhan (his father) and Mrs. Chauhan.

His father was a wrestler in the past and has won several medals for his wrestling, while his mother is a homemaker.

When they received the news of his son’s passing, Jitendra was on his way to the Delhi Airport to transfer his daughter abroad.

Pro Rider 1000 Girlfriend

Although Agastya was not married, information about his relationships is unknown.

Pro Rider 1000 Height, Weight

Agastya Chauhan was approximately 80 kilograms and 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Pro Rider 1000 Nationality

Pro Rider 1000 was of Indian descent. He resided in Delhi while attending college there.

Pro Rider 1000 Net Worth

The amount Agastya is worth is unknown.

Pro Rider 1000 YouTube

On August 16, 2020, Agastya Chauhan launched his “PRO RIDER 1000” YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has 1.22 million subscribers. There were 189 videos he uploaded.

Pro Rider 1000 Instagram

In addition to being active on Instagram as Agastya Chauhan, he also had the Instagram handle @pro_rider_1000. According to his bio,

What is Pro Rider 1000 real name?

AGASTAY CHAUHAN (@pro_rider_1000) • Instagram photos and videos

Who is Agastya Chauhan?

A terrible road accident claimed the life of Agastya Chauhan, a well-known bike rider and well-liked YouTuber, shocking his admirers and followers. His admirers are horrified as a result of the latest accident.


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