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Biography Of Peter Salasya

Peter Salasya Biography

Currently serving as a member of parliament for Mumias East Constituency, Peter Kelerwa Salasya is a politician from Kenya.

Having entered Parliament during the general election on August 9, 2022, he is a first-time MP.

He is the second last-born kid of a family of seven, having been born on January 15, 1989. When the future MP-elect was in Form Two, his father John Salasya passed away in 2007.

Peter Salasya Biography
Peter Salasya Biography

Peter Salasya Education

The humorous 32-year-old attended Shianderema Primary School in 2005 when he enrolled in Lubinu Boys High School after taking the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam.

He enrolled at Egerton University, Nakuru Campus, after completing his high school studies, and he earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree there in 2013.

Salasya is also a graduate of Sigalagala National Polytechnic with a Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management.

Salasya worked as the operations officer at Diamond Trust Bank until 2017, when he decided to try his hand at politics, following the completion of his postgraduate studies at the university.

This writer was unable to find out whether Salasya was married or had children at the time of publication.

Peter Salasya Biography
Peter Salasya Biography

Peter Salasya’s Political Career

As a first-year student at Egerton University, he ran for Director of Academics, marking his first foray into leadership. He didn’t succeed.

In his third year at the university, he tried his hand at leadership and never gave up. He ran for vice chairman of the student council this time around, but he was unsuccessful as well.

His early dream was to be a pastor or a leader, therefore this did not diminish his passion to lead.

Soon after graduating in 2014, he started his first job selling bicycles. A little while later, he also tried his hand at teaching.

Before entering politics, he worked as an operations director at the Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) after graduating from college.

The lawmaker allegedly started his career in national politics during the 2017 General Election campaigns, pushing a handcart about with his followers.

Even though he didn’t perform well, he still managed to receive the third most votes in the election, behind only David Wamatsi in second place and Benjamin Washiali in first.

He didn’t even have a house when the elections of 2022 began, which gave his rivals political fodder.

Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa intervened and turned the semi-permanent structure into a permanent home for the politician after his followers had to raise funds to assist build it.

The 32-year-old received 12,140 votes to win the Mumias East contest. Wamatsi of the Amani National Congress (ANC) received 9,043 votes, while Dr. Benson Mapwoni Makokha, the preferred candidate of Washiali, received only 5,118 votes.

15 fascinating facts about Peter Salasya, the MP for Mumias East

The Mumias East Constituency’s current member of parliament is Peter Kalerwa Salasya.

In the general elections of 2022, he won under the Democratic Action Party (DAP).

The 32-year-old Member of Parliament received 12,140 votes, which was more than enough to overcome the second-place candidate, Mr. Wamatsi of the Amani National Congress (ANC), who received 3097 votes.

The challenges that Honorable Salasya faced before his election as a Member of Parliament attracted the attention of the public.

He truly embodies the idea that aspirations may come true for everyone, no matter what their background or social standing.

Here are some facts about him that you may not be aware of:

1. Shianderema Primary School was his school.

At Shianderema Primary School in Kakamega, he completed his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in 2005.

2. Later, he registered for secondary school at Lubinu Boys High School.

3. His father passed away in 2007.

The father of Hon. Salasya passed away when he was in form two.

4. During his undergraduate studies, he was enrolled in Egerton University.

5. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

6. He participated in politics on campus.

He was the final candidate when he ran for the post of Director of Academics as a freshman and was not successful.

7. He was employed by Diamond Trust Bank as an operating manager.

He was employed at Diamond Trust Bank before deciding to run for a seat in parliament; he quit the company in 2017 to pursue his political career.

8. He made his debut as a candidate for the Mumias East Constituency Member of Parliament in 2017.

Dignified In 2017, Peter Salasya ran for an MP seat but was not successful despite receiving 254 votes. Out of the nine candidates running for the same seat, he was the last one.

9. He has a Higher Diploma in Management of Human Resources.

from the National Polytechnic of Sigalagala.

10. At Siglalagala National Polytechnic, he served as a volunteer teacher.

He used to receive a KSh 13,000 monthly stipend from the polytechnic.

11. His fans pushed a handcart during his campaign.

12. When he was sworn in as MP, he barely had 500 Kenyan shillings in his pocket.

13. When Hon. Salasya became an MP, he took off on his first plane.

14. He was once a resident of a mud home.

Hon. Salasya was taken aback when his supporters surprised him during the general election campaign of 2022 by tearing down his mud house and erecting a semi-permanent home.

15. He was born into a seven-person family.

Within a family of seven, Hon. Salasya is the second child.

Peter Salasya Biography
Peter Salasya Biography

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