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Biography Of Maja Brukner

Maja Brukner Biography

Namely, Maja Brukner, who is an actress, claimed to her friends that she divorced precisely because of the violence she suffered in her marriage.

“SHE SUFFERED VIOLENCE IN MARRIAGE” Nenad Pagonis and Maja Brukner divorced after 9 years – she confided in her friends about the reasons

Nenad Pagonis, a kickboxer, was detained last night in Novi Sad after his ex-wife Maja Brukner claimed that he had beaten her.


By the way, as “Blic” unofficially learned, Nenad Pagonis is suspected of domestic violence.

Because of this, he was detained by order of the duty prosecutor of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Novi Sad.

Maja Brukner Biography
Maja Brukner Biography

Maja Brukner Divorce After 9 Years

Nenad and Maja divorced a few years ago after nine years of marriage, from which they had two children.


Their relationship was very turbulent, and he once called her out publicly on Facebook, stating that she was an uncommitted mother.

– I think that this world began to fall apart the moment they convinced a woman that it is okay to live for her employer and not for her children, husband, and family! Of course, men who did not manage with “strong” women and became worthless later took the blame.

Children, instead of learning at home with motherly love, are left to institutions where the people who are supposed to teach them do something for a pittance, so that (with honorable exceptions) they don’t care how old the child is and what he has learned, and the material that he will 90% of being unnecessary in life – the boxer wrote then and added:

– The lack of a mother in the first years of life due to her business obligations is often replaced by a television or mobile phone, which does not have any quality cultural and educational programs for children, but only kitsch junk that leads to lobotomy.

The strength and progress of a nation depend on its culture and education. Our children’s culture and education are dictated by television, primarily due to the lack of mothers and then fathers. No offense to angry feminists, I’m just thinking out loud – he finished.

Maja Brukner Biography
Maja Brukner Biography

Maja Brukner, singer: Turbo-folk is still heard, lobotomy and brainwashing rule

She has a voice, attitude, and energy and with her band attracts the attention of even those audiences who have never listened to rock or blues. Although she is a graduated actress, she found her true “self” in musical waters.

She is supported in this by her husband Nenad Pagonis, multiple world champion in kickboxing and musicians, with whom she was in a band for a while.

From her mother, Dr. Svenka Savić, a professor at the University of Novi Sad, she inherited courage and empathy for people from the margins, so she dreams of an association of her own in the future.

With our fellow citizen Maja Brukner, we talked about family, music, performances, notable participation in the “Nishville” festival, and her little ones Vladimiros and Tessa…

In which part of NS did you grow up? What are your memories of your childhood, your family, and Novi Sad then?

– I had a healthy, carefree, beautiful childhood. I grew up in Novi naselje, where there was always a good team and many children.

Although mother worked very hard, she was very dedicated and attentive. She is a liberal woman, so I had all the freedom in the world.

As a child, I constantly dragged some animals, hung out with boys, got dirty on the street, and went to all live sports.

Mom loved me a lot, took care of me, and pampered me. She took me everywhere, I remember ballet performances, for which she always dressed me up and made buns for me.

My sister Sara is 11 years older, we have only recently become close since we are both mothers.

Your mother, in addition to being a linguist, is a great fighter for gender equality. Do you also find yourself in that story?

– Pelcer failed, I watched her and grew up with her, so I support those basic principles.

She was a pillar, both father and mother, and looking at her, now from this perspective when I am also a mother, I understand what kind of person she is. Both as a mother and professionally.

She taught me a lot and passed it on to me, most of all empathy towards people who are on the margins.

I think that, at some point, I will also have an association, an organization in which I would engage socially.

She also passed on to me that right-mindedness and combativeness, to come out, to say… I learned that courage from her, but I am far from her, it is not easy to measure up to her.

To follow up on the previous question: from your experience, and observing the women around you, where do you think women are today? Have they progressed compared to before, are they professionally accomplished, are they successfully fighting the “battle” between family and work…?

– Women are in serious trouble. When they get pregnant, they have to justify themselves or even get fired.

When they return to work, they need time to get into a flow again, not to mention the possibility of advancement at work.

A normal woman wants to fulfill herself in every field: to cook, to take her child to training, to hang out with her friends, to spend time with her husband…

We live in a backward, patriarchal time, where women find it very difficult to progress. We need to create an atmosphere so that women can be in leadership positions and give them support.

I guess you loved music since childhood. What did you listen to and did you sing as a child?

– I didn’t sing as a child. I finished junior music school, piano, but I didn’t sing. I was not an extrovert, but a shy child. And I listened to all sorts of things.

During a period of need for acceptance in society, I also listened to folk songs. I loved domestic rock, such as Atheist Rap, Rambo Amadeus, and Dirty Theatre.

As I matured over time and sought myself out, I especially began to appreciate female vocalists with masculine energy, such as Janis Joplin, Pink, or Beth Hart.

To me, they are complete personalities – they have something to say, they know how to behave, and they have gossip.

So how did you start singing?

– It was only in later years that I relaxed and realized that I have some talents that I can share, otherwise, something always bothered me.

At the Academy, I had a wonderful professor, Marija Simonović, who taught us voice technique, and convinced me that I sing well and have a beautiful voice, and until then I was not even aware of it. She gave me the most confidence.

She encouraged me to practice, and make songs, but I wasn’t mature then. In society, I was never the one who sang. My musical story started quite by accident, after finishing the Academy.

I met a guy who invited me to his band’s rehearsal, I went and blew them away by singing. That band was not in any expansion, but we made a good story.

We wanted to push the author’s story, which now, from this position, was quite naive. It was a cardinal mistake that we didn’t sing songs that people know, so everything went slowly.

At one time, you also recorded two original albums, one of which was for PGP RTB.

– Yes, despite that, I don’t know how we managed to sign with PGP. At that time there were not many female vocalists in pop-rock, Ivana “Negativ” had already started to wane and that was probably the main reason.

We got some status there and continued to work, and we changed our name to Hands Up.

The second one was never released, we posted it on the website and YouTube. But I knew that this was not it, that it could be better.

You currently sing in two bands: the blues group SoulShine and the rock group Crni Paun. Are those two directions the ones you find yourself in the most? Where can the people of Novi Sad hear you?

– At one point, I felt that I had outgrown those songs and that I needed a more mature sound. I didn’t sing for a while, even for a few years I had some sort of blockage.

And then I met Nenad, who, by the way, really likes music and plays the guitar. We practically connected through music.

With him, I entered that world again, he got me into one of his teams and that’s how the dice fell into place. We were both members of that band, and then he left the story, and I stayed and became the frontman.

It’s the band Crni Paun, which still exists, but now I’m more dedicated to another band. I was invited by the team of the band SoulShine, where I discovered the blues, fell in love, and finally felt like I belonged.

I went from rock to blues, which is a calmer, more subdued, different kind of singing. I even sing songs by artists I’ve never heard of in my life, and now I’m delighted.

We are not a club band, we play because we love it, this is not a primary job for any of us. On our website, you can follow where the gigs are. We’ve only been around for a year, and now we’re stuck.

You participated in the “Nishville Festival” with SoulShine. What experiences do you have and how did the audience react to you?

– When we applied for participation, we didn’t think we had any chance, because it’s not easy to get in there. I think we have chosen a good repertoire.

Now we play covers, and we also want original music. And, well, they called us. Some Romanians played before us and there weren’t many people, mostly they were passing by, walking around.

We get on stage, start playing and, literally, after the second song, I open my eyes and see madness – a crowd of people are standing and listening to us.

When we went down, people approached us and asked who we were, and where they could listen to us.

What have you done so far in the field of acting? You played in Kokan Mladenović’s musical “Marathonians Running the Lap of Honor”. What was that experience like?

– I worked quite a bit, but you never know. Maybe it was just a way for music to take over my whole being. In one period I was in Belgrade, just when we were doing that play.

There I met my wonderful friend Kalina Kovačević, with whom I lived for a year.

I had a minor role that I got at the audition, and Kalina had the main role. “Marathonci” was great, but I was not drawn to stay in Belgrade. I also did some plays at the Youth Theater. For now, I found myself more in music.

Nenad and you saw each other for the first time on Stranda. There is no doubt that it is a special place for you. What are your other favorite city destinations?

– Now we really like Kamenički Park, we often go with the children. Limanski Park, as well as the Health Path on Fruška Gora, we go for a walk.

A few years ago, you moved to the outskirts of the city, to a house you built yourself. What are the benefits of living on the outskirts?

– Large space, soundproofing, and children are outside non-stop. They play lastish, ball, they play in the canal, among bugs, and animals, and they get dirty.

How old are Tesa and Vladimiros? What are their interests, are there any talents already visible? Maybe they inherited their sportsmanship from their mother or their mother’s talent for acting and singing.

– Vladimiros is three and Tesa is four and a half years old. Tesa is very gifted in music, she has a good ear and is learning to play the violin, but she also goes to athletics.

What kind of music do you play for your children?

– Tesa loves everything we play for her. Nenad plays ACDC and Atomic Shelter for her, and she can hear everything from me, from Bach to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Bob Dylan. Tesa also sings with me.

From your experience, what is the musical taste of Novi Sad people? How are they doing, at least where you perform? Is it different from when you were a girl?

– Nothing has changed in the last 25 years, turbo folk are still heard, and lobotomy and brainwashing rule.

No one has seriously dealt with that topic. You don’t even have anywhere to hear another kind of music.

Now the club “Trema” has reopened, it’s run by our friend Sale, he wants it to be a cultural place and I believe he will push it through, so I’m putting my hopes in that place.

Now we also have that “House of Culture”, so we’ll see what happens there. I think that kids hate to mess around, to create.

On the other hand, there are tons of talented, wonderful people who can’t make it.

The music scene is in serious trouble, but I hope someone will address it.

Is there enough audience for the genres that your bands promote?

– Well, it turns out that there is. Because people don’t know our songs, but they keep listening, and after the gig, they come up and say: “What is this? It’s really good!”

What plans do you have for the future?

– I would like to “tighten” the repertoire with this band and push it, we now have two new members. The plan is to book participation in some festivals and have serious gigs.

And I hope for some authorial moment, I want that because I think we have serious potential. I strongly believe in this.

Maja Brukner Biography
Maja Brukner Biography

Maja Brukner Instagram

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