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Kelvin Kiptum Biography

Born on December 2, 1999, long-distance runner Kelvin Kiptum represents Kenya and has established himself in the marathon. At the Valencia Marathon in 2022, where he made his marathon debut, he ran the fourth-fastest time in history, becoming just the third person to do so.

Kelvin Kiptum Impressive Performances in the Marathon

Kiptum’s winning performance at the Valencia Marathon was an impressive 2:01:53, shattering the race record by more over a minute. It was by far the fastest marathon debut ever. Given that he defeated the pre-race favorite and reigning world marathon champion Tamirat Tola, his accomplishment was all the more remarkable.

At the 2023 London Marathon, Kiptum proved that his impressive debut was no fluke, continuing his performance. He trounced Geoffrey Kamworor, the runner who came in second, by nearly three minutes and set a new track record of 2:01:25, the second-fastest time in history. After the 30 km mark, Kiptum separated from the pack and ran an all-time record second half of 59:47, breaking Eliud Kipchoge’s previous mark of 2:02:37.


Kelvin Kiptum Early Career

In March 2019, Kiptum competed in his first international event, placing fifth with a time of 59:54 at the Lisbon Half Marathon. He achieved a new personal best in the race in December 2020 by placing sixth at the Valencia Half Marathon in 58:42. He completed two half marathons in 2021, placing first in Lens, France, in 59:35 and seventh in Valencia, Spain, in 59:02.

Kelvin Kiptum Promising Future

As he continues to set records and establish himself as a world-class runner, Kiptum’s success in the marathon has made him someone to watch in the future. He stands out from other runners thanks to his outstanding marathon debut, and his ability to continuously run fast times is evidence of both his talent and commitment to the sport. Fans of long-distance running will be keenly looking to see what Kiptum may accomplish next since additional races are on the horizon.

Kelvin Kiptum Personal Details

Kiptum was 23 years old in 2022, and little is known about his parents. He stands at least 1.80 meters tall. His net worth’s specifics are unknown.

Kelvin Kiptum height and weight

John Kiptum 5 feet 11 inches (180.56 cm) in height. The approximate weight of Kelvin Kiptum is 65 kg (143.3 lbs). Black eyes and Black hair distinguish Kelvin Kiptum. The US shoe size for Kelvin Kiptum is 12.

Kelvin Kiptum Age and Ethnicity

In 2023, Kelvin Kiptum, who was born on December 2, 1999, in Eldoret, Kenya, will be 23 years old. He is a citizen of Kenya.

Kelvin Kiptum is of African heritage and is of Black African ethnicity. Since June 13, 2019, Kelvin Kiptum has been a Golazo Sport Partner, and as of June 13, 2020, he has been a Nike Sportswear Partner.

Kelvin Kiptum Family

Born in an athletic household to a Kenyan father and mother, Kelvin Kiptum was nurtured with a strong sense of sportsmanship, and both of his brothers are also talented athletes.

Who is Kelvin Kiptum?

Famous Kenyan long-distance runner Kelvin Kiptum won the 2023 London Marathon.

Where Is Kelvin Kiptum from?

Kenyan native Kelvin Kiptum is from Eldoret.

Kelvin Kiptum Pictures

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