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Qing Madi Biography

Qing Madi, popularly known as D Glitch, is a gifted singer and songwriter from Nigeria who is currently experiencing rapid success. She started to get media notice after her debut single, “See Finish,” was released.

Qing Madi Biography
Qing Madi Biography

Qing Madi’s Early life and career

Chukwuma and her siblings were raised mainly by their mother. She started acting at an early age, taking part in talent events at school and singing in the adult choir at her church.

“See Finish” (2022), Qing Madi’s debut single, gained significant traction mostly on TikTok. She has three singles as of 2023 and has been becoming more well-known in the music business after her performance at the Homecoming event in Lagos, Nigeria. The musical styles of Qing Madi include R&B, Pop, Soul, and Afrobeat.

Spotify declared in 2023 that Qing Madi had been selected to serve as the June 2020 Spotify Africa Equal Ambassador.

The single “Ole” by Qing Madi, featuring Bnxn, was released on July 21, 2023. The song appeared on several Apple Music charts. and reached its highest point on Turntable Official Nigeria Top 100 at Number 12. It entered the Official Charts Afrobeats Chart on August 19 and peaked at number sixteen.

Qing Madi Music Career

Qing Madi Music Career
Qing Madi Music Career

The song “See Finish” received thousands of plays across a number of music streaming sites, including Apple Music, and eventually rose to position 87 out of the top 100 Nigerian songs on the platform.

The song “See Finish,” which was published on Audio Mack on October 14, 2022, was created by Ramoni. Up until now, it has received more than 600,000 plays on the music app.

We can assume that Qing Madi will have more big successes in the future because of the amazing job she performed announcing her entry into the Nigerian music scene.

Qing Madi’s Net Worth

Qing Madi Net Worth
Qing Madi’s Net Worth

An estimate of $50,000 was made of Qing Madi’s net worth. She makes money through performances.

Qing Madi Family

Her parents are yet to be known, we will update this content when she reveals her family members.

Qing Madi

She is in her early 20s.

Qing Madi
Qing Madi

Qing Madi Songs

1. See Finish

2. See Finish (Speed Up)

3. See Finish featuring Lyrical Saike

Qing Madi – See Finish (Official Video) – YouTube


Who Is Qing Madi

A leading example of this is Qing Madi, a Nigerian rising sensation at the moment. With the release of her most well-known song, “See Finish,” which has received a lot of plays across many music platforms, the 16-year-old is gradually establishing herself in the Afrobeat scene and is predicted to be Nigeria’s next “big thing.”

She discusses her life, how she became viral in Nigeria at an early age, her musical influences, and her future goals with The Guardian Life.

Tell us about yourself and the creative inspiration behind your name.

Qing Madi, also known as Chimamanda Pearl Chukwuma, is my name. Born on July 1st, 2006, I am a 16-year-old Nigerian singer, composer, and dancer. I am a prodigy from a family of four that was born and reared in Benin City.

My name was inspired by feminism and independence; a Qing is a woman who is independent and does not require anyone to tell her where she should live. a dominating woman.

Tracing your steps into music, where would you say the passion came from?

Growing up, Kendrick Lamar was the biggest inspiration I had; he is a lyrical prophet who introduced me to poetry.

However, my mother gave me the greatest passion I could have asked for. Even at a young age, her confidence in me helped me to comprehend who I was.

Qing Madi Biography
Qing Madi Biography

What did your parents feel when you indicated an interest in music and how are they supporting you now?

My mother, who raised and trained me, is extremely proud of me and is overjoyed that our prayers and labors have been answered.

What was the inspiration behind “See Finish” and how did it feel going viral in Nigeria?

The inspiration for “See Finish” originated from a real-life experience that inspired me to use music as a means of self-expression. It was a genuine song that just flowed from me; as soon as I heard the music, I felt compelled to interact with it.

Hearing others sing my lyrics back to me made me feel strange since I knew that they could actually relate to it. I felt fulfilled most of the time when I received direct messages telling me how my music had made others feel better about themselves and discover the beauty of being by themselves.

How are you balancing music with school as well as being a teenager?

Although I haven’t started college yet, I’m doing a great job juggling music and being a teenager.

It doesn’t feel all that different because I’ve never been the kind to hang out with people frequently. However, I find it scary because I can never know whether the vibe is real. Now that everyone wants to be in my circle.

You performed at arguably the biggest concert in Lagos, Homecoming. What was that experience like for you at such an early stage of your career?

I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to play there; it was incredible to reconnect with my identity as well as to interact with the audience and sing to them.

With all the fame and attention at a young age, what activities do you engage in that make you feel like a kid again?

Talking to my best friend usually helps me feel normal again, therefore it’s therapeutic for me.

Are you working on anything now and what should your fans be expecting from you moving forward?

I’m working on a body of music that will be my debut as a signed artist, with newly discovered sounds and perhaps some collaborations. I hope my fans share my excitement as I’m extremely excited.

Is Qing Madi a Nigerian?

Born in Nigeria’s Edo State, Benin City, she rose to fame with the smash song “See Finish.” Following the release of “Ole” featuring BNXN, which peaked at Number 1 and Number 3 on Uganda Apple Music and Nigeria Apple Music, respectively, she gained notoriety.

Qing Madi Biography
Qing Madi Biography

Which school did Qing Madi attend?

Qing Madi completed her secondary school at Benin City, the capital of Edo State, at Negbenebor International School.

When did Qing Madi start singing?

The Nigerian artist began her career at the age of seven and has about ten years of experience under her belt. She is a master of her craft.

Who is Qing Madi signed to?

Sony Music Entertainment Inc., also shortened to SMEJ or just SME, is the Japanese division of Sony Music. It is also referred to as Sony Music Japan.

What language did Qing speak?

Despite being the official language of the Qing Dynasty in China, only members of the Manchu ethnic group could speak it. The final emperor was unable to speak Manchu fluently, and the number of speakers began to decline in the middle of the Qing Dynasty.

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