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Dong Nguyen Biography

Vietnamese game designer and programmer Dong Nguyen works in these fields. He gained notoriety after discontinuing the well publicized Flappy Bird game in 2014. The same year saw the publication of further Flappy Bird iterations, remakes, and parodies, however they were not created by Nguyen. Nguyen founded dotGEARS game studios and continued to create new games.

Vietnam’s little town of Hanoi is where Dong Nguyen was born. His upbringing was in Van Phc. When Dong was 16 years old, he began coding on his own while playing the video game Super Mario Bros. at the time. His love for creating video games began at an early age. Dong attended Vietnam National University to study computer science. When Dong was 19 years old, he received an internship with Punch Entertainment, one of the largest video game companies in Vietnam, while also studying programming at the nearby university.

Later in life, when using an iPhone, he began playing Angry Birds and soon discovered it was not as simple as he had thought. He therefore intended to create a safe app that everyone could use. As a result, he created Flappy Bird. And he had a great opportunity with the App.


Dong Nguyen Profile summary

Real Name/Birth Name Dong Nguyen
By Name Dong Nguyen
Male/Female Male
Main Profession Programmer, developer
Citizenship Vietnamese
Born In Hanoi, Vietnam
Date of Birth 1985
Age as in 2022 37 years old
Heights 1.62 m
Heights in Feet 5 feet and 3 inches
Heights in cm 162 cm
Weight 59 kg
Weight(s) in pound 130 pounds
Marital Status Single
Children No
Net Worth $4 million

Dong Nguyen Personal Life

Dong has always had a deep love for video games and computers. He grew up in Hanoi with his parents and attended elementary school. He worked as a developer and programmer full-time.

He wanted to create a basic software one day, but it turned out to be the well-known Flappy Bird, which brought in a huge sum of money and made him wealthy. His daily salary was almost $50,000. Using his talent, he also creates a number of apps and games.

Dong Nguyen Age, Height, and Weight

Dong Nguyen was born in 1985, making her 35 years old as of today, January 24, 2021. He weighs 59 kilograms and stands 1.62 meters tall.

Dong Nguyen Early Life & Education

Dong Nguyen was born in Vietnam on January 1, 1985, and as of 2023, he will be 38 years old. He was raised in a loving home in Hanoi during his formative years.

Dong likes to keep his personal life secret, therefore nothing is known about his parents and siblings. At a young age, he developed a love of computers and programming, and he quickly demonstrated extraordinary talent in the field.

As he grew older, Dong’s love for game development became clear, paving the way for his future career.

In order to foster his academic interests, Dong Nguyen pursued his education and probably attended neighborhood schools in Vietnam. It is unknown exactly how he received his education or which universities he attended.

But during this period, his technical prowess and inventiveness in the game industry started to bloom.

Dong Nguyen Career

Dong began his professional life as a programmer and created some applications. He was simply a regular kid going about his business. One day he made the decision to design a straightforward, old-school game that anyone could play and enjoy. However, the outcome was unexpected. Instead, Dong created “Flappy Bird,” a game that became extremely famous.

The bird character in the game needs to be prevented from being hit by the green pipes by simply scrolling up and down. It depends; the bird may fly higher if you tap more quickly. Compared to its previous form, the game was simple and straightforward to develop. With the aid of dotGEARS, Dong’s game development company, he created the game.

Dong released the game on the iOS App Store for free with the hopes of making a few dollars when he created it. Earlier, the game wasn’t well received, and millions of other Apps, including Flappy Bird, were also lost. But to his astonishment, the game Flappy Bird went viral and had a major explosion after almost eight months. It was developed by a huge number of people, and it kept growing daily. It began to be downloaded widely, to the point where the young programmer began to make $50,000 every day. And Dong grew wealthy.

Dong abruptly announced that he would take down the game in a Tweet. Nobody could believe it, as Dong tweeted, but more than 10 million users eventually downloaded the game. Dong claimed that he intended to create something that was really easy to use and play with to unwind. Instead, millions of players have developed an addiction to the game. Additionally, when the game gained popularity, several people tried to claim that Dong had stolen ideas from Nintendo. Dong noticed a lot of hateful remarks and messages; perhaps as a result, the game was taken off.

Dong never gave a clear explanation for his actions, but perhaps he had witnessed something horrific; otherwise, it would be difficult to give up a daily salary of $50,000.

Dong Nguyen Net worth

A $4 million estimate for Dong Nguyen’s net worth has been made.

Dong Nguyen Achievements and Awards

The ‘Flappy Bird’ game that Dong created has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Additionally, it received 90,000 ratings in just nine months. It immediately rose to the top of the list of applications.

Dong Nguyen Social Media

Dong Nguyen was raised in the village of Vn Phc, close to Hanoi. Super Mario Bros. introduced him to video games as a child, and at age 16, he started creating his own. At the age of 19, he got an internship at Punch Entertainment, one of the few video game businesses in Vietnam, while pursuing a degree in programming at a nearby university.

What is Dong Nguyen famous for?

Developer and programmer Nguyn Hà ông, better known as Dong Nguyen, hails from Vietnam and is well known for creating the well-known smartphone game Flappy Bird, which was eventually rooted to a myriad of other games after its removal in 2014.


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