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Elva Josephson Biography

Elva Josephson was born in Beach Haven, New Jersey, on April 17, 1973. She is an actress most recognized for her roles in A Little Sex (1982), Author! Author! (1982), and The Blue Lagoon (1980). Since 1998, she has been wed to Dimitry Grossman. They have two youngsters.

Elva Josephson has kept her birthplace and date a secret. Similarly, neither her birthplace nor date can be found online with any degree of confidence. Therefore, we are unable to determine the actress’s precise age. She is also of American nationality and Caucasian descent, according to a website.

Moving on to the family members of the famous actress, she has not revealed who her parents are. Similar to this, her siblings and other family members are not mentioned online.

The actress has eschewed social media and kept a significant aspect of her life private. As a young girl, she became interested in acting and modeling. With beautiful beauty and a sweet voice, she started her career as an actor at an early age.

The famous actress has not provided any details about her educational background. Similarly, a source said she went to a high school in the area. She started getting modeling opportunities while still a high school student.

Elva Josephson Profile summary

Real Name Elva Josephson
Nicknames Elva Leff
Professions Actress
Age 51 years old as of 2022
Birth Place United States of America
Hobbies Reading
University Information on Education is not yet known
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Elva Josephson Height and Weight

She enthralled her audience as an actor thanks to her alluring appearance and body. She also had a good physique, as seen by her height and weight. She also possessed gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes.

Elva Josephson Early Life

On April 17, 1973, Elva Josephson was born in Beach Haven, New Jersey. Her parents are musician Herbert Josephson and Mary Winifred Cowie.

Elva’s upbringing is largely unknown, other than the fact that it was spent at Haven Beach, New Jersey. She grew up with her three siblings, David Brett Josephson, Alena Josephson, and Jamie Josephson-Chance.

Elva Josephson Career

Elva Josephson is a stunning American model and actress. After appearing in the 1980 movie The Blue Lagoon, she gained a huge fan base and a celebrity following.

The 1982 movie Author! Author! also featured her. Her acting skills and inherent beauty were praised by many spectators. Her acting and talent enthralled her audience. She rapidly became a popular among the audience thanks to her appealing aura and persona.

She also made an appearance in the 1980 movie Hardhat and Legs. She played the title role in the movie. As a result of the critical acclaim for all three of her films, she kept climbing the popularity ladder.

But after just three movies, she decided not to appear in any more. She quit her job in the film industry and started concentrating on her personal life. Why she quickly departed the film business is unknown. She nevertheless rose to a new degree of fame and celebrity during her brief acting career.

Elva Josephson Net Worth

She hasn’t made any recent disclosures about the famous actress’s net worth. Similarly, we are unaware of her financial condition or source of income. Thus, it is unknown how much money the famous actress is worth.

Elva Josephson Boyfriend, Dating

She has also been a mother, which is relevant to the well-known actress’s marital status. She almost certainly has a boyfriend or a husband. Additionally, our team is always looking for fresh details regarding her romantic state.

Elva Josephson Personal Life

Elva is a woman with a strong personal life and a soft appeal. She and Dimitry Grossman have been happily married since 1998, and they enjoy raising their two adorable children together.

She is renowned for being incredibly secretive and values her family above all else.

Elva Josephson Social Media

Elva Josephson Filmography


Elva Josephson is an American actress best recognized for her outstanding performances in American films like Author! Author! (1982) and The Blue Lagoon (1980).

The American actress, who will be 51 years old in 2022, made her cinematic debut in the Lee Philips-directed television film Hardhat and Legs in 1980. She is regarded as an underestimated actress in Hollywood.

She has stayed out of the spotlight and the media during her years in the film industry, making it obvious that she has always kept all of her information about her family, relationships, and position a secret from the public.

As of 2022, Elva Josephson’s net worth was about 7-8 million USD, with television movies and series serving as the bulk of her revenue.

She gained fame for her role as Young Emmeline in the 1980 film The Blue Lagoon, directed by Randal Kleiser. where renowned American actress Brooke Shields portrayed the role of grownup Emmeline.

Elva Josephson Age – How old is Elva Josephson today?

In 1973, on April 17th, Elva was born. She will be 52 years old in 2023.

How old was Elva in the Blue Lagoon?

At the time of her appearance in the movie, Shields was 14 years old. Kathy Troutt, the movie’s 32-year-old stunt coordinator, carried out all of her naked scenes.

When was Elva Josephson born?

Elva Josephson was born in Beach Haven, New Jersey, on April 17, 1973. She is an actress most recognized for her roles in A Little Sex (1982), Author! Author! (1982), and The Blue Lagoon (1980).


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