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Ishita Kishore Biography

Daughter of a retired Air Force officer, Ishita Kishore works for the multinational firm Ernst and Young. Her older brother is a lawyer, while her mother previously worked as a private school teacher. The younger of her two siblings, she.

Ishita Kishore has previously played football at the national level before taking part in the Subroto Cup in 2012. She graduated with honors in Economics from Delhi University’s Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC). She is from Uttar Pradesh, and by selecting PSIR as her Optional, she passed the UPSC exam.

While she was in high school and college, she participated in a range of extracurricular activities. She presided over Interact, a Rotary-sponsored organization, and took part in fictitious UN conferences at school functions. She was active in the Literary Society and Economic Society while in college. She also served as an intern with the non-profit CRY.


Ishita Kishore Age

Ishita is 27 years old and was born in the year 1996. Knowing that young children are exerting effort to succeed is a motivational fact.

She mentioned in an interview that she committed 9 hours to studying and worked on her weaker areas. She concentrated on overstating her mastery in every subject related to the UPSC IAS test.


Ishita Kishore Early Life and Education

Ishita Kishore, who was born on April 7, 2004, came from a middle-class family that valued education highly. She was naturally curious in the world and had a knack for solving problems from a young age. She pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from UPSC CSE Topper where she excelled academically and distinguished out as a talented student due to her curiosity.

Ishita Kishore Career

Ishita got right to work applying her newfound expertise after graduating. She started her career by working as a research assistant at a prominent organization for economic research. She quickly rose to prominence within the company thanks to her bright mind and aptitude for analyzing large data sets, and she became an essential member of the research team.

Macroeconomic analysis, policy evaluation, and forecasting are Ishita’s areas of specialization. She has established herself as a go-to expert for both policymakers and business executives thanks to her ability to spot important economic trends and provide smart recommendations. She has worked on a number of high-profile initiatives and conducted research on how government policies affect economic stability and growth.

Ishita Kishore Caste

The winner is a Scheduled Caste member who practices Hinduism. She was raised with a strong religious background that prepared her well enough to maintain her academic focus. She graduated from high school in 2014 with a background in commerce.

She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from a reputable college shortly after completing the fundamental course. A renowned college for giving young minds an excellent education is Shri Ram College of Commerce. Following her academic career, she began working as an intern for two businesses before joining EY as a Risk Analyst. After March 2019, she made the decision to pursue a steady job and started studying for the IAS Exam.

Ishita Kishore is ideal for the position of IAS officer because she participated in many extracurricular activities while in school, which helped her develop an open mind. For social welfare, she joined an NGO. She was popular with kids because she used to assist them with their academics.

Ishita is skilled in sports because she possesses the knowledge necessary to compete at the highest level. If we talk about her leadership abilities, she was a Rotarian and an active participant in the Indo-China Youth Delegation, among other things. The young girl will be given responsibilities, and the ministries are hopeful she is strong enough to handle them.

Ishita Kishore State

The idea that South India’s educational attainment is significantly higher than that of other regions was a lie. Ishita Kishore’s successful event has established its validity. The gifted young woman was born in the Telangana state city of Begumpet. Ishita was brought up in Bihar. She then relocated to Delhi in search of employment.

Do you want to know the girl’s motivation for working hard and wanting to work in the IAS? Sanjay Kishore, her father, was a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force. In 2004, he breathed his last. Now let’s talk about her mother, Jyoti Kishore, a former teacher. Her parents have given her every piece of advice they could and have encouraged her choices.

In addition to Ishita, several toppers are displayed in the picture above. These students have experienced a big boost of achievement thanks to the lengthy road of UPSC. India’s citizenry are thrilled to hear about the UPSC candidates’ performance.

Ishita Kishore UPSC Strategy

Ishita Kishore stated that she used to study for at least eight to nine hours per day in order to get ready for the exam. According to her comments to the news outlet PTI, getting the top score in the civil services test was like a “dream come true” for her. She also stated that as an IAS officer, she would work to further women’s emancipation.

The UPSC civil services exam has strict criteria on consistency and discipline. Enter the amount of hours you think are suitable. Never compare yourself to anyone else. Additionally, you need to keep reviewing your plan if you want to be successful.

Ishita Kishore Tips for UPSC Aspirants

If you’re going to make the important decision to sit for the civil services examination, you must put in the hours and work, regardless of how good your academic performance is. The civil services test requires significant and diligent preparation to pass. The trip was pretty drawn out. I made an attempt to spend 40 to 45 hours per week on preparation. One of the most important factors and tools for a candidate to succeed in this exam is consistency and discipline. One must also periodically review their study schedule on a regular basis.

Ishita Kishore Net Worth

Ishita Kishore’s exact net worth is unknown, although it can be assumed that her accomplishments and expertise in the subject of economics have surely resulted in financial rewards. She probably received a sizable payment for her services to numerous research projects and consulting work due to her rising fame. Her commitment to her work and ongoing quest for knowledge also make her a desirable candidate for high-profile jobs and rewarding opportunities.


Ishita Kishore’s rise from a recent economics graduate to a rising star in her industry is a testament to her tenacity, wit, and desire to make a difference. She has gained not only notoriety but also established herself as a role model for aspiring economists all over the world thanks to her knowledge and contributions to the subject of economics. Ishita Kishore will surely have a successful future and have a significant impact on the field of economics as she advances in her profession.

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