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Ebuka Songs Biography

Ebuka was born in Nigeria’s Imo State’s Obinle region. He was raised in a godly environment, and it has always been evident in his way of living. His companion was aware of his talent for worship songs even though he was still a student.

He began his music career at Imo State University (IMSU), where he studied theater art. The young man is blessed since he has a constant desire to inspire people in the church through his worship skills.

“I will pray” is the name of a new song he just released. He claimed in an interview that this song delivers a straightforward lesson of prayer. that prayer is a powerful weapon in the struggle against satanic invasion, and that all Christians should take it seriously.

Ebuka Songs Biography
Ebuka Songs Biography

Ebuka Songs Early Life and Education

Imo State, Nigeria, is where Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary was born and nurtured. He had a natural knack for singing and was drawn to music at a young age. He had a deep feeling of religion and commitment to God because he was raised in a house that revered God.

Ebuka attended Imo State University (IMSU) after completing his secondary education and studied theater art there. He started taking music more seriously while attending IMSU and used his musical ability to lead worship at church and other events.

Ebuka Songs Music Career

Ebuka Songs Music Career
Ebuka Songs Music Career

Following his university graduation, Ebuka’s music career started to take off. In 2018, he dropped his debut single, “Midnight Cry,” which instantly went viral on Christian radio stations and social media. The song’s lyrics exhort listeners to keep their lights burning and wait for the second coming of Jesus Christ in a stirring ballad on the necessity for Christians to be cautious and vigilant in their faith.

Other popular songs by Ebuka since then include “The Value of Life,” “Soaked Worship,” “A Cry for Help,” and “Father Me.” His songs stand out for their compellingly spiritual topics, moving lyrics, and soulful voice.

Ebuka’s most recent song, “I Will Pray,” which he described in an interview as a plea for all Christians to take prayer seriously, was published in 2022. The hymn exhorts listeners to rely on God in difficult and tempting circumstances and to seek His face in prayer.

Ebuka Songs Personal Life

A [calculate_years datestring=”03/10/1992″] is an Ebuka.-year-old gospel artist who has made it his mission to follow God’s direction. Despite his success in music, he doesn’t waver from his religious convictions and uses his position to inspire and encourage others.

Ebuka has maintained his privacy about his personal life despite his success and recognition. He is still unmarried and hasn’t made any public displays of his love connections on social media or in public.

Ebuka is dedicated to using his talents to encourage and raise others, and his two main interests are his faith and music. He has become a well-liked figure in the Christian world with his inspirational message and sincere music, and his followers anticipate hearing a lot more from him.

Top Songs From Ebuka Songs

  • I will pray
  • Midnight cry
  • The value of life
  • Soaked worship
  • A cry for help
  • Father me
  • Outpouring
  • Fellowship

Social Media Presence

Ebuka Songs Net Worth

Ebuka Songs’s net worth is currently largely unknown. However, he is likely making a fair living from his job as a gospel musician given his growing fame and the success of his music.

Who Is Ebuka Songs?
Who Is Ebuka Songs?

Who Is Ebuka Songs?

Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary is a performer better known as Minister Ebuka or Ebuka Songs. He is a gifted and accomplished Nigerian gospel musician who also writes songs. His birthplace is in southern Nigeria, although he grew up in Imo State.

What is Ebuka Songs’s net worth?

His net worth is not well recognized. Please return soon since I’ll be updating this piece.

How Old Is Ebuka Songs?

In March 2023, he will turn 30 years old.

Where is Ebuka Songs From?

Although he was born and reared in Imo State, Nigeria, he is a southern Nigerian.


Gospel performer Ebuka Songs is gifted and motivating. He is dedicated to sharing the gospel through song and has a deep love for worship. Numerous people have been affected by his music, and he is still on the rise in Nigeria’s music scene. If you enjoy gospel music, you should listen to Ebuka Songs’ music and keep up with him on social media to learn about his newest releases and live appearances.

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