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Kaylow Biography

Kaylow, whose real name is Kelello Segoana, is a 37-year-old South African singer-songwriter who was born on March 19, 1986.

He was raised in Potchefstroom, North West, and is well-known among other vocalists for his booming voice.

Since his debut, he has had a huge impact on the music business.

Many people adore his songs since they are renowned for always having profound lyrics.

Kaylow Profile

Name Kaylow
Other names Kelello Segoana
Born 19 March 1986 (age 35 years)
Soweto, South Africa
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Profession Vocalist, songwriter
Home town Potchefstroom, North West
Label House Afrika Records
Genre House
Years active 2010 – date

Kaylow Early Life

Kaylow is a gifted vocalist from South Africa who was born on March 19, 1986, in Potchefstroom, North West.

Since he has never spoken about it, it is currently unknown how he spent his childhood.

It is assumed that he has chosen to dodge the subject on purpose.

At the same time, little is known about Kaylow’s family.

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There is no way to know if he also has siblings. He has prevented the entire populace from accessing this data.

Kaylow Education

Kaylow’s appearance and behavior make it obvious that he is intelligent. Although his educational background and source are unknown, his brain-bending and heartfelt lyrics are unquestionably the work of an intelligent mind.

No one is certain whether he continued his schooling at a university after high school or abandoned it to focus on his music career.

Kaylow Home town

North West Potchefstroom is where Kaylow is from. Several South African radio stations have played his tracks. In 2010, he began performing music professionally. He has since collaborated with other well-known figures.

Kaylow Career

With his extensive experience in the field, Kaylow has recorded and produced a lot of current music. The lyrics of his songs reflect his love of music. He insisted that he has always written poetry from the heart, just as he sings directly from the soul.

In 2010, Kaylow began performing professionally. He draws inspiration from R&B, as evidenced by the songs Nothing Better and Sthandwa Sam. He has collaborated with numerous well-known musicians during his more than 13 years in the business, including HHP, Nastee Nev Vinny da Vinci, Dj Christos, and Tim White.

Kaylow Discography

In his career, Kaylow has been able to effectively produce two albums with several popular singles. Among the songs on his album are the following:

  • War For You (Roots Album Mix)
  • Give Me Life
  • Noma
  • Down for Each Other
  • Happiest Man
  • Mr Bae
  • Nothing to Do With This
  • Khululeka
  • Second Best
  • The Soul Cafe
  • Greatest Love
  • Nothing Better
  • They Keep Trying-Rocco Deep Mix
  • Don’t Say We’re Thru
  • Sthandwa Sam
  • Walk Away
  • Cry, 4 Love
  • Reach Out
  • Dysfunctional Head
  • Close My Eyes I’m in Love with a Stranger

Kaylow Social Media

His social media profile is a crucial aspect of Kaylow’s life. To keep his admirers interested, he frequently uploads photos and videos of his activities.

He occasionally releases freestyle videos of his studio performances. He has more than 15,000 followers on Instagram. He has nearly 27k followers on Twitter, where he is actively active. His accounts on Twitter and Instagram have both been confirmed.

  • Instagram: @kaylowofficial
  • Twitter: @kaylowofficial

Kaylow – In Love#Drops24thJune #MothersBirthday

♬ original sound – STHEMBISO KHOZA

Kaylow Personal Life

Kaylow has kept his personal life very private, making it impossible to identify him from any woman. Everyone would assume that he would be engaged by now because he is in his mid-30s, but it seems like he is still enjoying his music and doesn’t want any distractions.

Although he is quite private about it, several people have disputed that he is dating anyone.

Kaylow, a local musician, has been rushing around since the beginning of the year. He has reached the highest point of the local music outlines thanks to his well-coordinated efforts.

In one particular collaboration, he worked on “Jola” with former “Idols SA” judge Unathi Nkayi. The song has received a ton of attention and exposure on Mzansi radio programs.

After hanging out in the studio, could the two be more than just friends? Maybe it’s a secret for their upcoming music video, on the other hand?

After publishing a series of images with Unathi in which the two appeared to be more than just friends, Kaylow’s more than 29K Twitter followers began to think as much.

This may be a case of life imitating art because the chorus to their well-known song chorally declares, “We’re dating.”

Unathi recently got married to Thomas Msengana, a unique radio persona. In 2019, the pair parted ways, but not before she attacked her ex on social media for allegedly “sexting” a woman in Johannesburg.

We’ll have to wait till they make it public before determining whether she has found love with the artist or musician.

Kaylow Net Worth

Over the years, Kaylow has become extremely wealthy by doing what he enjoys. He has received numerous requests to perform live, and he has made a sizable sum of money through internet song downloads.

His net worth is thought to be around $100,000.

Kaylow Label

He has a recording contract with the company House Afrika Records as an artist. Tim White, Vinny Da Vinci, and Glenn Van Loggerenburg are the label’s owners.


Who Is Kaylow?

Kaylow is a gift to the South African music scene with her deep, soulful voice.

Over time, house music has changed from being solely about the beat to having more meaningful lyrics.

Singers of R&B and soul have suddenly discovered a means to draw in new club patrons without alienating their loyal following.

One of those musicians is the up-and-coming soul singer Kaylow, real name Kelello Segoana; his CD provides a nice mix of both genres.

The Soweto-born singer makes his debut with the album “Reach Out,” which transports you from the dance floor to the arms of your loved one before addressing the hurt of heartbreaks.

“Music is my passion, and the most exciting thing about my work is seeing the impact it has on people’s lives. If I can positively impact someone’s life, then I’m happy,” the singer states.

“I write from the heart, and I see my music as the expression of the heart.”

His compositions, including “Greatest Love,” “Nothing Better,” and “Sthandwa Sam,” exhibit an R&B influence.

“Greatest Love” has a vibe that is reminiscent of American soul musician John Stoddard. I think this song is really lovely and will be popular among women. Hello, sweetheart!

Boys2men, Dru-Hill, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight, Maxwell, Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Lauryn Hill, MusiqSoulChild, Tyrese, Blackstreet Boyz, and India Arie are just a few of the artists he cites as influences, both old and modern.

Despite having only begun his professional recording career approximately five years ago, Kaylow has had the good fortune to collaborate and share stages with artists such as Tim White, HHP, Nastee Nev, Vinny da Vinci, and Dj Christos.

Despite his exposure to such greats, he remains grounded in the belief that perseverance is the most crucial component of success.

“One needs to be driven, industrious, and composed to succeed in the music business. He adds, “One must be willing to learn and accept guidance when necessary, as well as having a solid, hardworking staff behind them.

Kaylow has a record deal with House Afrika, owned by the illustrious three of Tim White, Vinny Da Vinci, and Glenn van Loggerenberg (also known as DJ Strat3gy).

By October 10, 2014, his debut album, “Reach Out,” will be available in stores.

What is Kaylow’s real name?

Kaylow, whose full name is Kelello Segoana, is a South African singer, songwriter, and record producer. She was born on March 19, 1986. His voice is highly soulful, and as of 2022, he has published two albums and an EP with multiple hit singles.

What type of music does Kaylow make?

His music creates a unique sound all his own by fusing funk, jazz, blues, and other genres with R&B, Soul, and other genres. The lyrics of Kaylow’s upbeat and introspective song delve into themes of love, grief, and self-discovery.

Which country is Kaylow from?

The South African house scene benefits greatly from Kelello “Kaylow” Segoana’s impeccable soulful voice and dignified demeanor. Kaylow was born in Soweto in 1986. In 2009, he released his debut recordings, and his song “Difference” by Darque became popular in London.

How many albums does Kaylow have?

Kaylow, whose full name is Kelello Segoana, is a South African singer, songwriter, and record producer. She was born on March 19, 1986. As of 2022, he had published two albums and an EP with multiple successful singles. He has a highly soulful voice.


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