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Best Fully-Funded Postgraduate Scholarship For African Students: 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship

Best Fully-Funded Postgraduate Scholarship For African Students: 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship

African students pursuing postgraduate degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects can apply for financial aid through the ESISMAD Project African Scholarship.

With this scholarship for African students, needy students may concentrate on their academics as it pays for their living expenses, housing, and tuition.

Candidates must have a strong dedication to community service, leadership ability, and superior academic performance.


The ESISMAD Project aims to produce competent workers who can progress science and technology in Africa. A personal statement, recommendation letters, and academic records must be submitted as part of the application process.

Under the direction of the Pan-African Partnership, the African Union and the European Union are implementing the Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme called (ESISMAD Project African Scholarship for African Students 2024).

The Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development oversees the program, which is directly managed by the European Commission through the Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency.


The Department for Human Resources, Science, and Technology of the African Union Commission collaborates with the program.

Best Fully-Funded Postgraduate Scholarship For African Students
Best Fully-Funded Postgraduate Scholarship For African Students

Best Fully-Funded Postgraduate Scholarship For African Students

As a result of the program’s integration of HEIs from various regions, provisions must be made for appropriate procedures to facilitate the exchanges, including arrangements for curriculum comparison and recognition of study abroad periods.

Thus, the program is anticipated to improve higher education’s harmonization and standardization following the African Union’s Higher Education Harmonisation Strategy.

It will significantly advance regional integration and offer particular lessons for the implementation of the Pan African Quality and Accreditation Framework.

2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship For African Students

Application Deadline: June 15, 2024
Funding Type: Fully Funded
School to study: Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, Cairo University, University College Cork (UCC), University of Nigeria Nsukka, Wits University
Type: Postgraduate
Course to study: View courses
Sponsor: European Commission
Gender: Men and Women

1. Courses Of The 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship For African Students

  • Solar Energy Physics
  • Materials Electrochemistry and Energy Technologies
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Materials Science

2. Benefits Of The 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship For African Students

  • Cost of a round-trip airline ticket plus a visa.
  • Participation expenses include, if relevant, tuition, registration, and service fees.
  • Insurance protection (covering travel, health, and accident, respectively).
  • A stipend for settling in.
  • A stipend for subsistence each month.
  • A payment for the expenses of the study connected to a 10-month or longer student mobility program.
  • A monthly stipend equivalent to one month’s subsistence will be awarded to female recipients of master’s and doctorate scholarships each academic session.

3. Goals Of The 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship For African Students

The program’s particular goals are to:

  1. Boost students’ employability.
  2. Enhance African higher education’s quality and alignment with the continent’s development agenda.
  3. Bolster the modernization and globalization of African universities.
  4. Foster the growth of an African research and higher education landscape.

4. Requirements For The 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship For African Students

For scholarships under the ESIMSAD project in the areas of Materials Science, Solar Energy Physics, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Electrochemistry and Energy Technologies, and Physical Chemistry, applications are only being accepted from nationals of African nations.

Applicants can increase their chances of receiving the ESISMAD Project African Scholarship for postgraduate study by fulfilling these requirements:

1. Academic Excellence:

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in a relevant STEM subject. excellent academic history and a high GPA, or comparable.

2. Admission Proof:

Evidence of enrollment or admittance to a postgraduate program at an accredited university.

3. Recommendation Letters:

A minimum of two recommendation letters from experts in the field who can vouch for the applicant’s leadership and intellectual abilities.

4. Personal Statement:

A strong personal statement detailing academic accomplishments, professional aspirations, and how the award will support these objectives.

An explanation of the applicant’s dedication to volunteer work and their goals for the advancement of Africa.

5. Research Proposal:

A comprehensive research proposal emphasizing the importance and possible influence of the subject meant for a postgraduate program.

6. Curriculum Vitae (CV):

A current resume that includes information about your education, employment history, publications, extracurricular activities, and publications.

7. Proof of Citizenship:

A copy of a national identification card or passport is required to confirm African citizenship.

8. Financial necessity:

Proof of financial necessity, either through statements or documentation.

9. English Proficiency:

Provide evidence of your English language skills (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) if your prior degree was not in the language.

5. Procedure for Selection

Four (4) African partner universities jointly manage the ESIMSAD scholarships, which allow qualified staff members and students to pursue postgraduate courses, research, Ethiopia: Addis Ababa University, Addis Ababa

6. Required Application Documents

The language of all documents must be English. Additional required documentation may be required by each host university (e.g. Pre-Acceptance Letter, particular credentials, language test, etc)

1. Master’s Degree-Seeking

a. Compulsory Documents:

  • Two (2) reference letters:
  • One of the references must be from your last project supervisor.
  • Motivation letters: 1 per Host University. You can apply up to a maximum of 2 Host Universities. If you apply for 2 Host Universities, you must upload 1 motivation letter per Host University (The 2 letters must be different!).
  • At most 4-page Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcript of Records of your Bachelor’s Studies
  • Bachelor’s certificate
  • Passport or National ID

b. Additional Documents:

  • Certifications in languages. Only if mandated by the host university are they obligatory.
  • A marginalized group supporting records. These are only required if you declare yourself to be a member of an underprivileged group.
  • Supporting documentation for target group 2. These are only required if you apply under Target Group 2 (a letter verifying your enrollment in your home university’s postgraduate program).
  • Everything else you think is necessary to assess your profile.
  • Pre-acceptance letter from the university that is hosting. A pre-acceptance letter is required by all host universities to be considered for an ESIMSAD scholarship. When submitting your ESIMSAD application, if you do not include this document, your application will be rejected.
2. Doctorate Degree-Seeking

a. Compulsory Documents:

  • National ID or a passport
  • Certificates of bachelor’s and master’s degrees along with their transcripts of records.
  • Limit curriculum vitae to four pages.
  • One letter of motivation per host university. Applying to two host universities at most is permitted. You must upload one motivation for each host university if you apply to two. The two letters have to be distinct!
  • Proposal for an ESIMSAD research project. You must attach two ESIMSAD research project proposals—one for each host university—if you apply to more than one host university. The template available in the Downloads area at the upper right corner of this page, titled “Previous Intra-Africa/ACP Award Declaration,” must be used.

b. Additional Documents:

  • Certifications in languages. They are only necessary if specified by the host university.
  • A marginalized community endorsing records. These are only required if you declare that you are a member of an underprivileged group.
  • Any further files you deem necessary to assess your profile
  • Pre-acceptance letter from the university that is hosting. A pre-acceptance letter is required by all host universities to be considered for an ESIMSAD scholarship. Your application will not be reviewed if you submit your ESIMSAD application without uploading this document.
  • Letters of recommendation: You need to have a letter of recommendation from your master’s supervisor.

7. How To Apply For The 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship For African Students

  • To apply, go to the European Commission at
  • Download and read all of the essential materials from the Download Section before applying.
  • Prepare all relevant documents in a single PDF file with your full name for uploading to the online application form.
  • Please upload a separate signed Visit to the ESISMAD website for additional information on the previous intra-Africa award declaration (pdf).

Importance Of The 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship For African Students

1. Financial Support:

Covers tuition, accommodation, and living expenses, reducing the financial burden on students.

2. Academic Advancement:

Makes high-quality STEM education more accessible, encouraging academic achievement.

3. Research Opportunities:

Gives money and materials to creative research projects that will help Africa’s scientific and technical development.

4. Leadership Development:

Provides programs for the development of leadership skills, enabling students to assume leadership roles in their future careers.

5. Career Prospects:

Increases professional opportunities and employability by promoting higher education and skill development.

6. Community Impact:

Encourages participants in development and community service initiatives, fostering social responsibility and constructive social change.

7. Network Building:

Establishes a network of professionals, professors, and other students among scholars, encouraging cooperation and assistance.

8. Promotion of STEM:

Encourages the expansion of STEM education in Africa, which is essential to the innovation and prosperity of the continent.

Tips On How To Easily Get 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship For African Students

You can improve your chances of receiving the 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship and developing your academic and professional career by paying attention to these pointers.

1. Understand Eligibility Criteria:

Before applying, carefully read the scholarship requirements to be sure you meet all the requirements.

2. Maintain Strong Academic Records:

Maintain a stellar GPA and exhibit scholarly prowess throughout your undergraduate career.

3. Prepare a Compelling Personal Statement:

Write an engaging, succinct, and clear personal statement outlining your academic accomplishments, professional aspirations, and how the scholarship will help you reach them.

4. Develop a Strong Research Proposal:

Write a thorough and creative research proposal that emphasizes the importance and possible implications of your study.

5. Secure Strong Recommendation Letters:

Obtain reference letters attesting to your potential and ability from respectable academic or professional referees.

6. Showcase Leadership and Community Service:

To show that you are committed to having a good influence, highlight your leadership positions and your participation in community service initiatives.

7. Demonstrate Financial Need:

Clearly state your financial circumstances and your need for scholarship support, along with any supporting evidence that may be needed.

8. Prepare a Comprehensive CV:

Make sure all pertinent academic, professional, and extracurricular experiences are included in an up-to-date CV.

9. Proof of English Proficiency:

If appropriate, provide your TOEFL or IELTS test results as evidence of your English language skills.

10. Submit a Complete and Error-Free Application:

Make sure your application is accurate and full before submitting it. Verify that all necessary papers are attached.

11. Apply Early:

To prevent last-minute problems and to give yourself enough time to acquire all the materials, start the application procedure early.

12. Stay Informed:

Check the ESISMAD Project website frequently or get in touch with their office to learn about any modifications or further details about the application procedure.


To summarize, the 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship for African Students is a transforming opportunity for bright individuals in STEM professions.

This Scholarship for African Students provides comprehensive financial aid, including tuition, housing, and living expenses, allowing students to focus on their studies.

Aside from financial assistance, the Scholarship for African Students also funds creative research, leadership training, and community service, promoting holistic development.

By providing this Scholarship for African Students, the ESISMAD Project hopes to cultivate future leaders who will make important contributions to the continent’s scientific and technical progress.

The 2024 ESISMAD Project African Scholarship for African Students is an important investment in the academic and professional development of Africa’s greatest brains.


What is an African Scholarship?

It is a scholarship based on the political, social, intellectual, and economic advancement of African knowledge. Native American Knowledge Integration in Higher Education to Promote African Scholarship.

What is the intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme of the European Union?

The Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme seeks to enhance people’s skills and competencies in various fields, particularly those related to climate change and the green transition, with the ultimate goal of supporting Africa’s economic, social, and human growth.

Which scholarships are available now in Nigeria?

  • Queen Elizabeth Prize for Innovation in Engineering.
  • Bank of Industry (BOI) Rural Area Programme On Investment for Development (RAPID)
  • MTN Nigeria Scholarships.

How to apply for a Commonwealth scholarship in the UK in 2024?

Scholarship recipients must begin their studies in the UK in September or October of 2024. The online application system of the CSC is mandatory for submitting applications.

Applications or supporting paperwork not submitted through the online application method cannot be accepted by the CSC.

What is the EU funding African projects?

The EU will invest €150 billion in the continent of Africa between 2021 and 2027 as part of the Africa-EU Global Gateway Investment Package.

“I’m very glad to launch a new era of cooperation with the African Development Bank Group,” stated President von der Leyen.

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