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Best International Scholarships For Nigerian Students 2024

Best International Scholarships For Nigerian Students 2024

International scholarships for Nigerian students are available in a wide range of complex programs. The main route to this assistance is via university scholarships.

Financial limitations frequently limit a Nigerian student’s access to exceptional education, novel experiences, and unparalleled exposure. However, what if these limitations are manageable?

Nigerian students have access to a wide range of financial aid programs, each with unique qualifying requirements and scholarship values. As a result, selecting the best choice for overseas students is typically difficult.

Ambitious scholars frequently find it extremely difficult to make the appropriate decisions due to the overwhelming variety of possibilities available to them.

The process of choosing the best fit becomes a big endeavor in the face of these abundant opportunities and demands careful thought.

Scholarships For Nigerian Students
Scholarships For Nigerian Students

Types of International Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Amid this diverse array of options, choosing the best fit becomes a major undertaking that needs considerable thought. Here are a few things to think about when looking for scholarships for study abroad.

1. Need-Based Scholarships

Scholarships are offered especially to those who can prove they require financial assistance to study overseas. They frequently go together with other requirements.

2. Merit-Based Scholarships

Academically gifted students are eligible for these grants. Merit-based scholarships abroad are awarded based on many factors, including grade point averages and results on standardized tests.

3. University-Funded Scholarships

Scholarships are provided by specific universities or colleges to entice outstanding international students. They range from extensive packages to exemptions of the tuition charge.

4. Government-Funded Scholarships

The complete cost of tuition, living expenses, and occasionally travel expenses are covered by scholarships funded by foreign governments.

5. Non-Government-Funded Scholarships

Scholarships are given out by philanthropists, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses to promote mutual understanding and intellectual advancement.

Scholarships For Nigerian Students
Scholarships For Nigerian Students

The Requirements for Nigerian Students Seeking International Scholarships

To be eligible for international scholarships, applicants must fulfill a variety of conditions that are specific to each financial aid program.

These requirements cover a broad range of scholastic accomplishments, character traits, and extracurricular activities. Which includes:

  1. Letter of acceptance from a recognized institution
  2. Proficiency in the English language (like IELTS or TOEFL scores)
  3. Proven academic excellence
  4. Personal essays or statements of purpose
  5. Letters of recommendation
  6. Deserve a financial need
 Criteria  Details
 Nationality  Verified Nigerian nationality; prepare your passport!
 Academic Performance  Present a minimum of a Second-Class Upper or its corresponding grade.
 Intended Major  Be aligned as certain scholarships are tailored to particular sectors.
 Language Proficiency  Get those TOEFL or IELTS scores. There may be alternatives in some nations.
 Financial Need  A lot of scholarships assess the need for money. Prepare to provide proof.
 Recommendations  Strong recommendations from instructors or business experts are crucial.
Scholarships For Nigerian Students
Scholarships For Nigerian Students

Best International Scholarships For Nigerian Students

1. Australian Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Numerous academic paths are available to students in Australia, each with associated expenses. Australia’s undergraduate program tuition costs range from $20,000 to $45,000 a year, depending on the school and subject.

The cost of postgraduate education also varies greatly, with average annual costs ranging from $22,000 to $50,000. Conversely, obtaining a doctorate requires spending between $18,000 and $42,000 every year.

These scholarships make pursuing higher education in Australia an affordable and rewarding endeavor by easing the financial burden and providing access to excellent instruction and distinctive cultural experiences.

Scholarships for Nigerian students in Australia and other foreign nationals mostly pay for living expenses, tuition, and occasionally even health insurance. Some may even offer study and travel aids.

Some Scholarships

(1). Yuill Bursary to support ANU College of Law students At The Australian National University

Location: Bruce, Australia

Qualification: Bachelors Degree

Type:  Fee waiver/discount

(2). Margaret Harrap Bursary At The University of Melbourne

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Qualification: Bachelors Degree

Type: Fee waiver/discount


2. New Zealand’s Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Studying in New Zealand requires taking a variety of financial factors into account for varying degrees of qualification.

Undergraduate tuition costs range from $22,000 to $32,000 annually on average, while postgraduate tuition can cost from $26,000 to $37,000. The cost of pursuing a doctorate might run anywhere from $6,000 to $9,000 annually.

Many scholarships in New Zealand provide financial support as well as opportunities for academic and cultural advancement for overseas students, including Nigerians.

These grants mostly cover travel expenses, lodging expenses, and full or partial tuition fees.

Despite being somewhat, scholarships for Nigerian students, play a crucial role in making education accessible in the country.

These scholarships serve as a bridge, allowing qualified international students to fulfill their academic goals in New Zealand without sacrificing their future ambitions or the quality of their education.

Some Scholarships


(1). Massey Business School Promising Student Assistance Bursary At Massey University

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree

Funding Type: Fee waiver/discount

Deadline: 31st/Oct/2024

(2). University of Canterbury Ethel Rose Overton Scholarship At University of Canterbury

Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree with Honors

Type: Fee waiver/discount

3. Canadian Scholarships for Nigerian Students

The cost of studying in Canada varies depending on the academic program. Undergraduate tuition in Canada typically costs between CAD 15,000 and CAD 35,000 per year, while postgraduate tuition can run between CAD 20,000 and CAD 40,000 annually.

On the other hand, the cost of a doctorate in Canada ranges from CAD 7,000 to CAD 15,000 per year on average.

Canada is unique among English-speaking nations in that it is reasonably priced while upholding excellent standards of education.

Scholarships for  Nigerian students in Canada pave the way to take full advantage of the low cost of higher education there.

Tuition waivers, living expenses, book supplies, and even health insurance are all included in Canadian scholarships.

Some Scholarships

(1). Stollery Family Educational Scholarships At MacEwan University

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree

Type: Fee waiver/discount

(2). Faculty of Engineering Memorial Scholarship At the University of Ottawa

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree

Funding Type: Fee waiver/discount

4. United States Scholarships for Nigerian Students

The majority of scholarships offered in the United States cover health insurance, book allowances, living expenses, and tuition.

There are several expenses associated with studying in the USA, and these vary based on the university and level of study.

In the United States, postgraduate studies often cost between $25,000 and $50,000 a year, while undergraduate tuition typically costs between $20,000 and $40,000.

On the other hand, the average annual expense of pursuing a doctorate in the USA is between $15,000 and $35,000.

Some Scholarships

(1). Kummer Vanguard Scholars Program At Missouri University of Science and Technology

Location: Jefferson City, United States

Type: Fee waiver/discount

(2). Leadership Work Grant: International Student Ambassador (ISA) Apprentice At Green River College

Location: Seattle, United States

Type: Fee waiver/discount

5. United Kingdom Scholarships for Nigerian Students

The cost of studying in the UK varies depending on the academic level. Undergraduate tuition in the UK often costs between £10,000 and £25,000 per year, whereas postgraduate tuition typically costs between £12,000 and £30,000.

In the UK, the cost of pursuing a doctorate is typically between £15,000 and £25,000 annually. The UK is frequently linked to greater education costs when compared to several other English-speaking nations.

This financial factor emphasizes how important scholarships are to many international students studying in the UK since they make it easier for them to make use of the nation’s educational offerings.

In the UK, scholarships often cover living expenses, tuition, and occasionally grants for study or travel.

Some Scholarships

(1). Sanctuary Scholarships At the University of Leicester Leicester, United Kingdom

Location: Leicester

Qualification: Masters

Type: Fee waiver/discount

(2). St Nicholas’ Educational Trust Scholarship At Newcastle University Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Qualification: Undergraduate

Type: Fee waiver/discount

How to Apply for International Scholarships

Scholarship applications need to be submitted methodically, one step at a time. Applicants can ensure accuracy and completeness by carefully attending to each requirement by segmenting the procedure into manageable parts.

  1. Research
  2. Planning Ahead
  3. Application Fees
  4. Online or Offline Entry
1. Research

Doing research is also the first step in applying for international scholarships. Learn as much as you can about the many types of scholarships that are offered, and make sure to take note of the deadlines for each one.

By being proactive, you can make sure you have enough time to prepare your applications and prevent last-minute scrambling.

2. Planning Ahead

Nigerian students need to apply for scholarships to study abroad with careful thought. Collect important papers, including grades, recommendation letters, personal essays, and results from any additional aptitude tests.

This thorough planning demonstrates your dedication to studying overseas and offers a strong basis for the next steps.

3. Application Fees

A small price may be required for some scholarship applications, but not for others. Set priorities for yourself while accounting for this cost, and use resources wisely to increase your chances of success.

4. Online or Offline Entry

With the advent of digital technology, applications are now primarily submitted online. But be on the lookout—some scholarships still need applications sent by regular mail.

Following the required mode guarantees that your application reaches the supplier without any hassles, saving you time and trouble.

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