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Farida Sobowale House of Phreedah Biography

Successful Nigerian entrepreneur and socialite Farida Abdulkabir (born in 1980), also known by her professional name Farida Sobowale, hails from Lagos State. The House of Phreedah Bodycare and Spa is her proudly owned business.

She has established a sanctuary where clients can enjoy opulent treatments and revitalize their bodies and minds thanks to her passion for wellness and beauty.

Farida Sobowale has made her business a destination for individuals looking for excellent beauty services in a tranquil setting through her commitment and experience.


Farida Sobowale Age

A woman of mystery and accomplishment, Farida Sobowale is reported to be in the latter half of her forties, a time in life when experience and knowledge meet. Although the precise age may never be known, her passage through these key years shows a life rich in varied experiences and a richness of information.

Farida Sobowale’s story develops as she navigates the world of late adulthood and demonstrates growing maturity and a commitment to her pursuits. Farida Sobowale’s presence now, in her late 40s, radiates with a special blend of vitality and knowledge, making her a beacon of inspiration for people looking to embrace the richness of life’s latter chapters. This is similar to how the sun throws a warm glow throughout its descent.

Farida Sobowale Early Life & Education

Nigerian woman Farida Sobowale was born in the thriving metropolis of Lagos, which is tucked away in southwest Nigeria, in 1980. Her parents, who are generally referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Abdulkabir but whose names are unknown to the general public, raised and mentored her during her formative years.

Farida Sobowale also experienced the benefits and drawbacks of having siblings, albeit the specifics of her siblings’ lives are not discussed in the public. Unfortunately, there is a need for further details about Farida’s academic career.

Farida Sobowale Career

Farida Sobowale has successfully woven her goals into the very foundation of House of Phreedah, making it into a thriving company that goes above and beyond typical businesses. This business has developed under her direction into a wellness oasis where pleasure and renewal coexist.Farida Sobowale’s vast knowledge and comprehension of self-care, together with her unrelenting commitment to excellence, are what distinguish House of Phreedah. As a result, customers can now experience a refuge unlike any other within these walls, finding comfort and renewal.

The House of Phreedah, under Farida Sobowale’s competent guidance, has developed into a flourishing firm that goes above and beyond what is expected of conventional businesses. This business, which doubles as a wellness retreat, offers a distinctive setting where restorative and enjoyable activities coexist together.

House of Phreedah stands apart from the competition due to Farida Sobowale’s remarkable awareness of self-care and constant dedication to perfection, which makes sure that patrons may actually find refuge and renewal inside its walls.

Farida Sobowale Personal Life

Farida Sobowale, 43, wed Demola Odulaja, a well-known member of Lagos society, on June 2, 2023. Numerous celebrities and socialites attended this lavish wedding, which cost N100 million.

Farida Sobowale made the decision to cut connections with those close to her and wed Demola Odulaja, whom she thought to be her genuine love, despite the fact that her previous marriage had ended in divorce. She made it clear that her decision was completely motivated by passion.

On August 17, 2023, word spread that Farida Sobowale had drove her automobile to Lagos’ third mainland bridge where she planned to plunge into the river to terminate her life. Fortunately, those who were there at the moment were able to save her. Farida Sobowale officially apologized to her three children for putting them in such a difficult circumstance despite this traumatic event.

Farida Sobowale Marriage Crash

According to reports, Sobowale’s marriage just broke up. Sobowale is a well-known businessman in Lagos’ skincare sector. Her spectacular wedding took place roughly two months ago. Demola, her husband, reportedly left their house.

Farida Sobowale Suicide Attempt

Farida arrived to the extension in her Lexus SUV, descended, and, according to reports, was about to jump into the lagoon when she was stopped by onlookers. In a viral video that SaharaReporters saw, the socialite from Lagos, who was dressed in all black, wailed while being restrained by some others who were preventing her from plunging into the lagoon.

Net Worth

A very driven and gifted businesswoman, Farida Sobowale is thought to be worth $200,000 overall. She has started a number of businesses that have the potential to greatly increase her financial situation thanks to her unwavering dedication and creative mentality.

Farida Sobowale Social Media

  • Instagram: House of Phreedah Body Care (@houseofphreedah)
  • Facebook: House Of Phreedah
  • Twitter: House Of Phreedah (@HouseOfPhreedah)
  • LinkedIn: House Of Phreedah

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