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Nigeria Ranked Globally The Most Crypto Loving Country After Crash

Nigeria Ranked Globally The Most Crypto Loving Country

Nigeria has been ranked as the most crypto loving nation in the world based on the increasing number of Nigerians searching the Google for crypto related trading, CoinGecko has revealed.

According to CoinGecko survey, the World crypto market crash in April which most cryptocurrencies lost over 65% of their value from the top, leading to massive depreciation in trading, investor interest and venture capital investment.


The crypto search history of each nation was compiled to give an overall search score, indicating that the countries at the top of the list appear to be most eager to delve and get involved in the crypto trading.

The CoinGecko research displayed a significant rise in eagerness among Nigerians after the crypto market crash in April, apparently, the Nigerian population searched the term cryptocurrency, invest in crypto and buy crypto most among the 15 countries part of the survey.

Nigeria is at the top of 15 countries most interested in cryptocurrencies, It dominates the world despite crashing rates of cryptocurrency. The countries are Ireland, US, Australia, Canada, Lebanon, Kenya,Trinidad Tobago, Cyprus, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, Georgia and UAE.


Report shows that People in Nigeria have obtained cryptocurrencies despite the value fall of naira to dollar. most Nigerians see it as a safe for their funds.

Meanwhile, the federal government has banned the use of cryptocurrency in Nigeria in 2021 which prompted the creation of e-naira which will stabilize the value fluctuations of dollar to naira and ease the ease the burden transactions in the country.

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