Man Converts Aeroplane To Long And Big Car – See How Much He Spend

Man Converts Aeroplane To Long And Big Cars – See How Much He Spend

A man with the name Frank Deangelo transformed an aeroplane to a big, long car with the support of his team members.

The transformed luxury car came with gigantic tyres of 24inches with cameras almost all angles for full control.

Mr Frank added that the Lemo-car chopped up 4 cars and $1 million (#410, 820, 000) in transforming it to the current state.


Social media was amazed by a man called Frank as he was able to transform a big aeroplane into a car. The car video went viral on Ridiculous Ride page on Facebook as people were so surprised how an aeroplane is transformed into a 42ft long car.

The luxury ride have swallowed 4 functional cars before it was able to be manufactured.

Frank revealed that he has extra passion for cars that’s why he channel into achieving his dreams by creating a 42ft long, 11ft and 6 inches high.


The car is nicknamed “jet-Lemo” been one of the few best creative cars in the world is getting the attention of many at the moment.

The was added with features that makes it operate as an aeroplane.

Frank discloses that if he will sell the car he is selling at $5 Million (#2,042, 100, 000).

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