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Logos Olori Biography

Popular Nigerian composer and musician Logos Olori. Olamilekan Emeka Taiwo, who was born on March 30, 1999, is well known for his distinctive voice and fashion. We shall go into his biography and examine some fascinating facts about him in this article.

Logos Olori Profile

Real Name:                           Olamilekan Emeka Taiwo


Stage Name:                                 Logos Olori

Date of Birth:                           30 March 1999

Age:                                                   24 years


State of Origin:                        Lagos State

Occupation:                              Musician, Songwriter

Tribe:                                               Yoruba

Religion:                                     Christianity

Logos Olori education

After completing his basic and secondary studies, Logos Olori earned his west African senior school diploma as well as his first school leaving certificate. He earned a degree from the state polytechnic in Lagos.

Logos Olori career

Asake and Logos Olori collaborated on the “Mr Money with the Vibe album” when Logos Olori first began his career as a producer.

Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Davido, and Wizkid are just a few of the artists who have influenced him musically.

One of the two artists signed to the DMW 2.0, Logos Olori will appear on Davido’s “Timeless” album, it was confirmed.

Logos Olori songs

Here are a few songs by Logos Olori:

  1. Only you
  2. Logos party
  3. Palliative
  4. Irregular
  5. Dissolve Me
  6. Shine
  7. Influencer baby

Logos Olori Brother

There isn’t any proof that Logos Olori has a sibling. He has not mentioned having siblings in any of his interviews or public appearances.

Logos Olori Social Media

Singer Logos Olori can be followed on a variety of social media networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok at @logosolori.

Logos Olori Record Label

Logos Olori, a singer from Nigeria, is a part of the DMW 2.0 record company. Together with the singer Morravey, he received a recording contract.

Is Logos Olori Asake’s Brother?

Asake, a musician from Nigeria, is not related to Logos Olori. Asake is not the same guy as Logos Olori; his real name is Ahmed Ololade Asake.

Ajegunle, a neighbourhood of Lagos state in Nigeria, is where Logos Olori was born and reared. He began his musical career as a producer and was influenced by Davido and Wizkid of Nigeria as well as American superstars Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.

Logos Olori was a struggling independent artist before he was signed to DMW 2.0. But Davido noticed his talent and signed him, along with singer Morravey, to his new music record label DMW 2.0.

Popular songs by Logos Olori, including “Shine” and “Influencer Baby” with DJ Spencer, have been released. In Davido’s most recent album, “Timeless,” he recently made his debut as a featured artist on the song “Picasso.” It’s anticipated that this will be Logos Olori’s big break in the music business.

Logos Olori is active on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok in addition to his music career, where he has amassed a devoted following. He interacts with his fans on social media and uses it to promote his songs.

Logos Olori net worth

It is not yet known what Logos Olori’s net worth is.


In conclusion, Nigerian musician Logos Olori is a gifted artist who has established himself in the music business. He is renowned for his distinctive sound and style, and his music is becoming more and more well-liked. We are interested to see what is ahead for him.

Is Logos Olori Asake’s brother?

Wahala!!! “Logos olori, Davido’s new signee, is Asake’s biological brother with the same parents.”

Which state is Logos Olori from?

Olamilekan Emeka, also known as Logos Olori, was born on March 30, 1999, and is a native of the state of Lagos.

Who is Lagos Olori?

Olamilekan Emeka Taiwo, also known as Logos Olori, is a Nigerian musician. In the Lagos state neighborhood of Ajegunle, he was born and nurtured. Olori Logos is of the Yoruba ethnicity, but his mother is Igbo from Nigeria. His name “Emeka” is a name given to a male child in Igbo land because of this.

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