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BOC Madaki No English Mixtape Album

No English Mixtape by B O C Madaki

BOC Madaki No English Mixtape Album Mp3 Download

BOC Madaki’s No English Mixtape album, which was released on May 4th, 2020, is a noteworthy addition to the Nigerian hip-hop landscape and emphasizes the diverse cultural heritage of Northern Nigeria in particular.

With a distinctive fusion of Hausa and English, this CD offers a profound blend of poetic virtuosity, cultural pride, and socio-political critique.

BOC Madaki No English Mixtape Album Download Zip
BOC Madaki No English Mixtape Album Download Zip

1. Production and Sound

No English has outstanding production value, with a wide variety of beats that combine modern hip-hop components with traditional African sounds.


Strong percussion, melodic layers, and sporadic usage of traditional instruments define the beats.

This combination produces a soundscape that is simultaneously contemporary and nostalgic, honoring the beginnings of BOC Madaki while appealing to a wider, more international audience.

2. Lyrics and Themes

One of No English’s standout qualities is how rich the concept is. The album addresses a wide range of subjects, such as cultural pride, social justice, political commentary, and introspection.


BOC Madaki’s lyrics are clever, insightful, and often rife with clever wordplay. The inclusion of Hausa in the English language not only improves the cultural authenticity of the record but also makes its subjects more relatable to a broader audience.

3. Key Tracks

1.Young M.O.S.E.S“:  With its reflective lyrics and strong message about persistence and leadership, this song establishes the mood for the entire record.

BOC Madaki emphasizes themes of direction and overcoming adversity by drawing comparisons between his path and that of the biblical hero Moses.

2. “VIP” ft. Khris Flamez: This single celebrates prosperity and the high life, with powerful music and confident lines from BOC Madaki and Khris Flamez. The catchy tune and dynamic performances make it the album’s outstanding hit.

3. “Tazo” ft. Stesh and Black Blinx: This collaboration highlights the lyrical abilities of all three performers, with each adding their distinct flair to the music.

The concept of overcoming obstacles and striving for success is underscored with powerful lyrics and a memorable chorus.

4. “Legacy”: A reflective and profound track, “Legacy” delves into the concept of leaving a lasting impact. BOC Madaki’s earnest delivery and thoughtful lyrics make this song a highlight, encouraging listeners to contemplate their legacies.

5. “Yardstick” ft. Lemuel Knight:  This song, which has a catchy tune and reflective vocals, examines the metrics used to quantify achievement.

The song gains depth and becomes more accessible and inspirational thanks to BOC Madaki and Lemuel Knight’s collaboration.

6. “BOC Skit” (PMB Speech):  President Muhammadu Buhari’s speech is incorporated into this powerful interlude of a play.

It functions as a pause for sociopolitical contemplation, giving the story of the record more background and nuance.

4. Dual Language Method

One of No English’s most unique aspects is that it is bilingual; BOC Madaki’s skillful blending of Hausa and English not only demonstrates his linguistic dexterity but also upholds the album’s cultural authenticity.

This method enhances the listening experience by providing a window into the artist’s background and ensuring that the album resonates with a broad audience.

No English Mixtape Album by B OC Madaki is the first buzzing project he dropped, featuring dope heads such as Morell,  Dj Ab, BHP, Stesh, Cman, Idreal, Lemuel Knight, Shambee Puzzle, Khris Flamez, & Black Blinx.

BOC Madaki No English Mixtape Album Download Zip
BOC Madaki No English Mixtape Album Download Zip

BOC Madaki No English Mixtape Album Track List

1. B.O.C – Good Morning

2. B.O.C – Maestro Mp3 Download

3. B.O.C – Harara Ft. Morell Mp3 Download

4. B.O.C – Born Sinner Mp3 Download

5. B.O.C – Skit Mp3 Download

6. B.O.C – Bindiga Mp3 Download

7. B.O.C ft BHP – No English Mp3 Download

8. B.O.C ft Idreal – Gari Da Nika Mp3 Download

9. B.O.C – Nimbus Cloud Mp3 Download

10. B.O.C Ft. DJ AB – Kai Mp3 Download

11. B.O.C – Zafi Mp3 Download

12. B.O.C Ft C.Man – Chill Bros Mp3 Download

13. B.O.C – King Kunta Mp3 Download

14. B.O.C Ft Lemuelknight & Shambee Puzzle – Yardstick Mp3 Download

15. B.O.C – Hip Hop Mp3 Download

16. B.O.C Ft Stesh & Black Blinx – Ta Zo Mp3 Download

17. B.O.C – Young M.O.S.E.S Mp3 Download

18. B.O.C Ft Khris Flamez – VIP Mp3 Download

19. B.O.C – Legacy

Stream No English Album Below;


No English is proof of BOC Madaki’s skill and his dedication to utilizing music as a medium for social critique and cultural expression.

The album stands out in the Nigerian hip-hop scene thanks to its superb production, rich thematic content, and skillful lyrics.

BOC Madaki develops a distinctive and genuine sound that honors his roots while appealing to a wider audience by fusing Hausa and English. No English is a cultural statement and a celebration of Northern Nigerian identity, not just an album.

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