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BOC Madaki Ft Stesh And Black Blinx – Ta Zo

BOC Madaki Ft Stesh And Black Blinx – Ta Zo Mp3 Download

  • Artiste Name: BOC Madaki
  • Song Name: Born Sinner
  • Released Date: 4 May 2020
  • Format: MP3 High Quality

The highlight track “Tazo,” by BOC Madaki Ft Stesh And Black Blinx, is taken from BOC Madaki’s No English album, which was released in May 2020.

Three outstanding hip-hop artists from Northern Nigeria get together for this collaboration, producing a lyrically and musically captivating song.

Tazo“‘s production establishes an upbeat and gritty tone right away. The beat provides a strong foundation for the vocal performances by fusing basslines and rich melodies with hard-hitting beats.


The energetic and captivating instrumental serves as the ideal platform for the three performers to display their abilities.

BOC Madaki Ft Stesh And Black Blinx - Ta Zo Mp3 Download 
BOC Madaki Ft Stesh And Black Blinx – Ta Zo Mp3 Download

Lyrically, “Tazo” is an assertion of confidence and skill. Each of BOC Madaki, Stesh, and Black Blinx’s distinct styles is evident in their verses, which are jam-packed with witty wordplay, cultural allusions, and introspective commentary.

The Hausa term for “Tazo“, which serves as the song’s title, establishes the theme by highlighting aspiration, hard work, and perseverance.


The song begins with BOC Madaki’s trademark cutting voice and complex lyrics. His words, which reflect on his journey and the challenges he has overcome, are forceful and insightful.

Stesh then contributes a verse that gives the song a distinct vibe. His rhythmic and fluid flow contrasts with BOC Madaki’s aggressiveness while keeping the song’s overall vibe consistent.

Black Blinx completes the trio with a strong performance; the music gains depth and weight from his deep voice and thoughtful delivery.

The song “Tazo” has a lively and energetic chorus that highlights the themes of overcoming obstacles and aiming for achievement.

As a rallying cry, the repeating hook makes the song inspiring and memorable. It unifies the verses and conveys an aspirational and resolute message.

One noteworthy feature of “Tazo” is its bilingual approach, which is in line with the idea of the No English album. The lyrics’ flawless blending of Hausa and English gives the song more authenticity and cultural depth.

This language fusion increases the song’s appeal by highlighting the performers’ origins and making it more widely accessible.

It is impressive how well each performer in “Tazo” did. The tune is made lively and captivating by the combination of BOC Madaki’s imposing presence, Stesh’s fluid flow, and Black Blinx’s potent delivery.

Their personal qualities come through while keeping a consistent sound, and their synergy is clear.

Finally, “Tazo” is a standout track from BOC Madaki’s No English album that highlights the artistry of Black Blinx, Stesh, and BOC Madaki.

The song stands out and speaks to themes of ambition and resiliency because of its upbeat sound, intriguing lyrics, and superb performances.

Tazo” demonstrates the collaborative nature of hip-hop in Northern Nigeria and further solidifies the artists’ standing as accomplished storytellers and lyricists.

Fans of the genre should not miss this song, which has made a big impact on Nigerian hip-hop culture.

  • Rating: 4.5/5

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