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BOC Madaki Latest Single And Feature Songs In 2023

BOC Madaki Latest Single And Feature Songs 2023 Mp3 Download


  • Artiste Name: B O C Madaki
  • article Title: BOC Madaki Latest Single And Feature Songs
  • Released Date: 2023
  • Format: MP3/Audio High Quality KBPS

A famous rapper from Northern Nigeria, BOC Madaki, is still making waves in the music industry in 2023 with his latest songs and collaborations.

In 2023, BOC Madaki’s artistic development will be characterized by his dedication to tackling timely social issues and establishing an intimate connection with his listeners.


His contributions to the Nigerian music scene are significant and long-lasting since his music both reflects his Northern Nigerian background and offers comments on current events.

BOC Madaki, who is well-known for blending Hausa and English in his rhymes, has played a significant role in popularizing Northern Nigerian hip-hop.

Among BOC Madaki Latest Single And Feature Songs in 2023 were “Lit,” “Rashi,” and “On A Monday.” These songs highlight his skill with lyrics and his ability to touch on a range of subjects, from social challenges to personal development.


Notably, his partnerships have drawn a lot of notice as well. For example, his versatility and ability to merge multiple styles flawlessly are highlighted in songs like “Hustle” featured by Spendcity, “Matsala” featured by DJ AB in Your Fav DJ Ab’s Album, and “Muje Zuwa” featured by Mixter Phee & “Bamujin Kira” with Ayuba Weezy.

Others include Nanle Ft BOC Madaki & J Rlex, along together with the great Odumodu blvck on their joint heavy project titled The Drop Album.

BOC Madaki’s work with Spendcity on “Hustle” and DJ AB on “Matsala” is another example of his ability to craft catchy songs that connect with listeners.

Songs like “On A Monday,” “Lit,” and “Rashi” have further cemented his standing as a prominent figure in the Northern Nigerian music industry.

BOC Madaki’s music delivers a rich tapestry of sounds and messages that reflect his Northern heritage and modern hip-hop influences, appealing to both die-hard followers and newcomers.

This article concerns the newly dropped singles and feature collaboration involving the great BOC Madaki in 2023. Every trace of the star rapper will be reflected in this article; believe me, he deserves the credit and quality standard.

Below are the officially recorded tracks in the year 2023 that involve the talent input of the great rapper, each track should be considered separately and carefully.

BOC Madaki Latest Single And Feature Songs 2023 Mp3 Download
BOC Madaki Latest Single And Feature Songs 2023 Mp3 Download

BOC Madaki Latest Single And Feature Songs 2023

1. BOC Madaki – Lit
Mp3 Download

2. Ayuba Wezzy Ft BOC Madaki – Ba mujin Kira
Mp3 Download

3. Mixter Phee Ft BOC Madaki – Muje Zuwa
Mp3 Download

4. Spendcity Ft BOC Madaki – Hustle
Mp3 Download

5. DJ AB Ft BOC Madaki – Matsala
Mp3 Download

6. BOC Madaki Rashi
Mp3 Download

7. BOC Madaki Ft Dr. Kozzo – On A Monday
Mp3 Download

8. Nanle Ft BOC Madaki And J Rex – A Sabo
Mp3 Download

9. B O C Madaki & Odumodu blvck The Drop Ep Album
Mp3 Download

B O C Madaki & Odumodu blvck The Drop Ep AlbumMp3 Download
B O C Madaki & Odumodu blvck The Drop Ep Album
Mp3 Download

Check Out Odumodu Blvck x BOC Madaki The Drop Listening Party Video Below:


2023 has seen BOC Madaki continue to establish his standing as a prominent member of the Nigerian hip-hop industry through a series of noteworthy tracks and collaborations.

Acclaimed for his skillful fusion of Hausa and English, BOC Madaki’s latest works have demonstrated his poetic ability and profound cultural heritage, while simultaneously touching on modern subjects that appeal to a wide range of listeners.

Recent works of BOC Madaki further demonstrate his adaptability and dedication to cultural authenticity.

In addition to enhancing his reputation in the music business, his ability to slickly blend traditional sounds with contemporary hip-hop components has won him a significant following in Nigeria and beyond.

His 2023 music is evidence of his continued artistic development and commitment to his trade.

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