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BOC Madaki Ft Lemuel Knight – Yardstick

BOC Madaki Ft Lemuel Knight – Yardstick Mp3 Download

  • Artiste Name: BOC Madaki
  • Song Name: Yardstick Ft Lemuel Knight
  • Released Date: 4 May 2020
  • Format: MP3 High Quality

Yardstick,” BOC Madaki Ft Lemuel Knight, is a standout tune from BOC’s No English album, which debuted in May 2020.

This song is a stunning duet that showcases both singers’ lyrical abilities, resulting in a track that is both introspective and assertive.

The staging of “Yardstick” immediately establishes a serious and introspective tone. The rhythm features a mix of hard-hitting drums and melodic parts, resulting in a gritty yet refined soundtrack.


This instrumental basis allows the lyrics to take the spotlight, accentuating the song’s contemplative and motivating themes.

BOC Madaki Ft Lemuel Knight - Yardstick Mp3 Download 
BOC Madaki Ft Lemuel Knight – Yardstick Mp3 Download

Lyrically, this track is an analysis of one’s standards and the yardsticks used to determine one’s level of achievement.

Thought-provoking phrases and striking imagery abound throughout BOC’s lyrics, which explore his path and the challenges he has surmounted.


His style is assured and captivating, engrossing listeners in his story and inspiring them to consider their standards of success.

Lemuel Knight’s addition gives the song an extra dynamic dimension. His part adds a new angle and more nuance to the song’s subjects, balancing out BOC Madaki’s style.

Lemuel Knight has a direct and powerful delivery; his flow fits in perfectly with the beat and enhances the track’s overall coherence.

The chorus of the amazing track is especially memorable because it has a strong melody that highlights the main idea of the song.

It acts as a potent refrain, highlighting how crucial it is to establish and uphold personal standards. The chorus’s repeated use of “Yardstick” serves as a helpful reminder of the standards we set for ourselves, which makes the song inspirational and relevant.

The bilingual approach of this song is one of its most notable features. Lemuel Knight and BOC Madaki transition between Hausa and English with ease, giving the song another dose of authenticity and cultural depth.

This linguistic fusion draws attention to their shared cultural heritage while also enhancing the song’s appeal and accessibility to a larger audience.

Both artists give outstanding performances. BOC Madaki has a confident, seamless flow to his verses that glide over the beat, and Lemuel Knight’s delivery is equally engaging.

Because of their obvious chemistry, respect for one another, and synergy, “Yardstick” is a particularly notable duet from the No English album.

In summary, “Yardstick” is a strong and reflective song that showcases the abilities of Lemuel Knight and BOC Madaki.

Together, the song’s sound, lyrics, and delivery make for an engaging listen that inspires listeners to consider what success means to them personally.

The mighty track is a noteworthy addition to BOC Madaki’s catalog and the larger Nigerian hip-hop scene. It is included on the No English album and further solidifies Madaki’s reputation as a gifted storyteller and poet.

  • Rating: 4.5/5

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