Rakiya Moussa Poussi Biography, Early Life And Career, Education, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Marriage And Family


Rakiya Moussa Poussi Biography

Rakiya Moussa Poussi was born in Njamena, Niger. The famous Kannywood actress and singer is a Niger/Nigerian star and actress.

Rakiya Moussa Poussi Education

Rakiya studied Primary and Secondary all in the Republic of Niger before she started her career as a dancer.

Rakiya Moussa Poussi Early Life

Since she was young, the actress chose to dance and hopes to be one of the most famous dancers in Niger. Her truth and thoughts have started to create waves around Niger and many young people are celebrating her.

Rakiya Moussa Poussi’s acting experience was very good in Niger before she came to Nigeria. The actress has also improved a lot in her dancing skills lately as she was featured on top trending songs by the a-list Hausa singers.

After arriving in Nigeria, Rakiya Moussa Poussi joined the Kannywood industry as a dancer. But later became an actress.

Rakiya Moussa Poussi Parents/Family

Rakiya Moussa has also been recognized in many musical films. Rakiya Moussa Poussi, daughter of the famous Nigerian singer Moussa Poussi.

Rakiya Moussa Poussi Career

The Nigerian music industry is where it’s happening and the money is booming thats why the gorgeous actress decided to join the industry. There is also more praise in Hausa songs and videos in Northern Nigeria.

Rakiya Moussa Poussi was first featured in the music video of singer Hamisu Breaker. After she broke up to fame the likes of Adam A Zango, have also followed suit by featuring Rakiya Moussa in their music videos.

Rakiya has now graduated to become one of the most famous Hausa singers in the Nigerian Kannywood industry. Although she is acting but she is famous in Hausa music because of her dancing skills.

She is also a singer and has released her own songs also. Not much is known about her exact date of birth but she is said to be in her early twenties.

Rakiya has a lot of motivation, energy and dancing. Wishing her the best in dancing and acting.

Rakiya Moussa Poussi Boyfriend

She is said to be dating one of the famous Hausa singer named Hamisu Breaker.

Rakiya Moussa Poussi 2023 Videos

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Rakiya Moussa Poussi Social handles

i. Rakiya Moussa Instagram Page ⇒ HERE

Rakiya Moussa Poussi Photos


Where is Rakiya Moussa Poussi From?

Rakiya Moussa is from Njamena, Niger.

Who is Rakiya Moussa Poussi Boyfriend?

Rakiya Moussa’s boyfriend is Hamisu Breaker.

Who Is Rakiya Father?

Rakiyas father name is Moussa Poussi.

How Old is Rakiya Moussa Poussi?

Rakiyas age is not officially known but she is in her early twenties.

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