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Face Of Hope Taraba State Assembly 2023

Face Of Hope Taraba State Assembly 2023

By: Zing Youth Advocates For Good Governance

Leadership is a systematic process deliberately planned to foster peace and sustain progress. It is a partnership between the leader and the led to create the synergy for mutual benefits; hence human and infrastructural development.


In political leadership, inclusiveness is key to achieving results. The electorates and the elected must partner to proffer solutions to problems and build a the nation.

However, from available records, it has been and still a difficult task for political office holders to partner or involve the masses in policy making by gathering facts and information earlier before concluding such decisions.

Youths are the worst hit having seduced them as the “leaders of tomorrow”…..still tomorrow never come.


In view of this, leading Zing youth group, has long taking a bold step to change the narrative by endorsing its Candidate against the 2023 general election in person of Hon Kasimu Haruna

Why the endorsement?

“leaders of today”. Since then, they have worked assiduously to inspire and groom emerging young leaders to actualize their political aspirations.

We the Youths Are left behind depending non performing politicians for the sake little money we said the time of this Olden awkward politics is over we want to lead a gigantic Movement to actualize Hon Kasimu Haruna of PRP to represent us in the Taraba state house of assembly.

We will remain united in the bid to share power with the elder leaders in politics.

As youths are eager to grab power to destructively offer over 60% fresh ideas to develop Nigeria, the resultant effects will be unprecedented.

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