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Who Is Mai Rakumi – The Story Of Alhaji Mubarak Haruna

Mai Rakumi – The Story Of Alhaji Mubarak Haruna

Jama ‘are Constituency Hon. Mubarak Mai Rakumi

With the growing appetite among people seeking elective offices all over the place, we deemed compelled to put forward a clear impression about the novel aspiration of Alh. Mubarak Haruna, popularly addressed as Mai Rakumi. Hoping to give people a sense of hope and restoration of confidence with the new trends of MAI RAKUMI’s political pendulum.
Hon Mubarak at a glance, is a native of Abuja quarters, who was born in late ’87 and began his foundation school at Islamiyah Primary School, subsequently went to Gov’t Secondary School Azare, Unity college Bauchi and then later moved to Federal Gov’t Kiyawa, where he completed his secondary education. Thereafter, proceeded to the University of Maiduguri for his bachelor’s degree in Sociology & Anthropology, and graduated as one of the best students in the department. While at the University, he partook actively in politicking by standing election as NUBAS President Uni-maid Chapter. After graduation, he was mobilized and deployed to Jigawa state precisely Federal University Dutse for his NYSC, which he completed in early 2014. Hon. Mai Rakumi later obtained his master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Peace and conflict resolution studies from the National Open University of Nigeria, (NOUN).


He began his working career with Oxfam international, a non-governmental organization targeting hunger clampdown and malnutrition. Following his engagement with rural communities while at Oxfam, further brings to his light the grievous conditions bewildering our rural dwellers, and that upended his passion for touching people’s life faithfully. After a while, he took a new appointment at Federal Mortgage Bank Abuja as a supervisor and later got promoted to senior supervisor and then to assistant manager. The compassionate Mubarak opted out to vie for the state assembly seat, as a route to contribute his portion to the growth and impactful sustainable developments of his principal residence.

As people began to overwhelmingly patronize the political market to shop for who to vote for, the harvested piece, ventilate some information on the capacity, morality, and competency of Hon. Mai Rakumi, and to serve as a reference for comparison with other peers. These characteristic perceptions are some of the frontline criteria an electorate should consider before settling on who to vote for. His faithfulness and commitment to serving people were demonstrated with his numerous laudable communal interventions in the area of education by providing hundreds of exercise books to primary pupils, youth engagements through organizing football competitions, drilling boreholes, completing mosques, supplying medical consumables to many health care centers, and outposts within Jama’are, among many others, are worth stating and commending. As an electorate, the qualities of a leader with the capacity and competency to bring the needed change in our constituency should be our topmost priority.


By and large, the state assembly is perceived as an institution of governance, as such growing emphasis must be put on who to represent us in order to maximally explore and bring dividends of democracy to the doorsteps of the people. Unfortunately, lack of attendant competent representation from Jama’are over the years, resulted in us having barely close to none-meaningful tabled legislative proposals for the constituency. Jama’are has suffered serious neglect in the past, thus, the need to come together and build bridges for prosperous growth and sustainable development, particularly in the areas of education, healthcare, agriculture, human and economic empowerment.

Where do we start? Mind you we have revert from our past system of politicking, where we are being continually pooled by deceitful candidates, who only targeted our emotions by taking control of our minds through their attitude, conduct, and on spot motivations, just to make us mad enough to accept and believe with their proposals. Maybe a poverty-stricken childhood should get our sympathy, but it shouldn’t get our vote. Because our vote is our weapon, it must be kept with routine surveillance. Therefore, we present you with a credible, imminently qualified, well-exposed, and compassionate Hon Mai Rakumi who by far outweighs other candidates with a passion to serve selflessly, and the ability to communicate and derive forward the development of jam’aare. Having identified this uniqueness in him, we hold no doubt that Hon. Mai Rakumi, is best suited to represent us in the state assembly. So, let’s look at the facts. Don’t be swayed or carried away by political bombast, let’s come together and make democracy derive the change we are all yearning for. Remember age is just a number, and quality takes supremacy over quantity. Please let’s use our vote to trade-off, reverse the trend, and change the narrative for a better Jama ‘are a representation.

Brought to you by, the media and strategic communication office of Mai Rakumi Campaign team…..

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