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Peso Pluma Biography

Peso Pluma, a stage name for Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, a Mexican rapper, musician, and vocalist, was born on June 15, 1999. He improved his skill as a guitarist in his teen years by writing songs that were influenced by local Mexican music.

After having some success with his first two studio albums Ah y Qué? (2020) and Efectos Secundarios (2021), Pluma collaborated with Raul Vega on “El Belicón” in 2022, which went platinum in Latin America with an 8-Platinum rating thanks to sales of 480,000 copies. Following his breakthrough, he released the extended play Sembrando and the contentious duet “Siempre Pendientes” with Luis R. Conriquez, which was certified 5 Platinum in Latin and entered the Billboard Global 200.

His songs “AMG” and “PRC,” which he co-wrote with Natanael Cano, went on to rank on the Billboard Hot 100 and became huge hits in the Latin music scene. The first regional Mexican single to make it into the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, “Ella Baila Sola” by Pluma and Eslabon Armado reached number four in April. The song’s commercial success increased the singer’s notoriety on a global scale. In the week of April 29th, 2023, eight of the singer’s songs appeared on the Hot 100, making her the Mexican act with the most Spanish-language entries in the US.


Pluma is regarded as a significant contributor to the resurrection of the Corridos because of her distinctive musical style, which is dominated by corridos tumbados (corridos with influences from urban music, trap music, and reggaeton). Pluma is the most streamed musician in Mexico thanks to his wide popularity.

Peso Pluma Early Life and career

On June 15, 1999, Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija was born in the Mexican town of Zapopan, in the Jalisco region. His mother’s family was based in Badiraguato, Sinaloa. His father is of partly Lebanese ancestry, and both of his parents were born in Mexico. He learned to play the guitar at the age of 15 by watching YouTube tutorials while growing up in Guadalajara. When Pluma began keeping a diary, she admitted to being made fun of by her friends. He revealed how writing became his kind of therapy while describing his original approach to songwriting: “That’s where I’d write how I was feeling, then I noticed certain stuff would rhyme. I persisted in practicing, gradually improving.


2020–2021: Career beginnings

After years of co-writing songs, Pluma and his cousin Roberto “Tito” Laija Garcia collaborated on the two live albums Disco en Vivo and Disco en Vivo, Vol. 2, which will be released on February 21 and July 4, 2020, respectively. The sets, which were released by the indie label El Cartel de los ngeles, contained recordings of his concerts around Jalisco. His debut studio album Ah y Qué?, which had twelve songs and collaborations with El Choforo, Lalo Reyes, and Jorge Morales El Jilguero, was released on April 20 of the next month.

On October 7th, Pluma released his debut single, a live version of “Relajado Voy” featuring Decreto Real. Before opting to begin work on a new body of music, he followed up with the songs “Mil Historias” with Hector Rubio on November 13 and “El Petter” with Decreto Real on December 4.

The singles “Lo Que Me Das” and “Con Dinero Baila el Perro,” the latter of which has a music video, as well as songs with prior collaborators El Choforo and Hector Rubio, were released ahead of the release of Pluma’s second studio album Efectos Secundarios on March 19, 2021. A slowed-down sierreo song about an unforeseen split, “Por Las Noches” was released by Pluma on June 11 as part of his focus on developing his sound.[1][10] Before switching labels to Prajin Records under George Prajin, Pluma’s “Todo Es Playa,” a song about consuming marijuana, would become his final hit with El Cartel de los ngeles. The singer released the sociopolitical song “Sprial” on November 25 to signify this change.

2022: Breakthrough

On February 4, 2022, Pluma and Raul Vega collaborated on the tune “El Belicón,” a corridoanthem about the neighborhood drug culture. The music video for the song, which was directed by Barush and featured local performers Pluma and Vega in the guise of members of a drug cartel, went popular among the locals right away After being used on TikTok and Instagram, the song acquired popularity. Its music video received 10 million views on YouTube in a single month and received a lot of Spotify playlisting. “El Belicón” by Pluma made its chart debut in April at position 50 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs list, peaking at position 46 two weeks later.

On April 20, Pluma published Sembrando, an extended play that included “Signal” and five brand-new songs, in honor of his followers and the holiday. The singer described the EP as a six-part fictional, thematic story that was simultaneously created, with themes “specifically for that day (420)”. The EP’s release was credited with establishing the singer’s role in the development of corridos tumbados, a style of trap music that incorporates local influences from Mexico. He collaborated on the song “Sentosa” for the Latin American esports division of Garena Free Fire with Tornillos and Polo Gonzales. The singer released “30 Tiros” on June 3, an acoustic corrido about his career story, coupled with a music video companion shot by Barush and featuring women and extravagance.

On the song “Siempre Pendientes,” which was released on August 15, the vocalist and Luis R Conriquez worked together. The song’s lines, “JGL, traigo en las cachas orgullosamente” and “Cuido la plaza del seor Guzmán,” sparked outrage among news organizations for celebrating work for drug lord Joaqun “El Chapo.” Guzmán. When it was first released, a music video featuring Pluma and Conriquez clutching firearms in the desert was directed by Cesar Acosta and posted to YouTube. The video received 2 million views in the first day and was taken down from the site three days later as a result of backlash.

In place of Junior H, who abruptly withdrew from the event, Pluma performed the song live onstage at the 8 Music Fest in Culiacán on October 1. El Chapo’s image was displayed on a screen throughout his performance to mark the city’s 491st birthday, which drew criticism from the crowd, the event’s organizers, the city council, and online users for allegedly encouraging drug trafficking. The performance was publicly condemned by the El Colectivo de Mujeres Activas Sinaloenses, A.C. (CMAS AC), who said that it violated the celebration’s intention to signal “the beginning of the end of drug culture in Culiacán.”

On the association’s official Twitter account, they asserted responsibility from municipal president Juan de Dios Gamez to impose sanctions on the performer “to guarantee non-repetition”, attaching an excerpt from Article 254 of the State of Sinaloa Penal Code and indicating the application of up to two years in prison for the accusation. The city council defended itself by saying that, despite its disapproval of the drug lord’s picture being projected, the municipal government was “in favor of the freedom of expression of all artists,” taking into account the singer’s last-minute addition.

In a 2023 YouTube interview with Pepe Garza, Pluma defended himself in light of the incident, saying: “They attempted to defame me there, but [it’s] nothing that cannot be corrected. I continued to advance in my career. He specifically stated, “I am an artist, and we do nothing more than appear on stage and sing what we write.” He refuted claims that he had any direct connections to the cartel. The incident brought attention to the development of the narcocorrido ballad genre, which consists of songs with themes of marijuana and the illicit drug trade.

As Pluma’s first international hit in the Billboard charts, “Siempre Pendientes” peaked at numbers 27 in Hot Latin Songs, 155 on the Global Excl. U.S., and 174 on the Global 200. The song was the performer’s maiden entry in Mexico Songs; it debuted at number nine on the week of September 3 and spent 20 weeks on the charts.

In a joint effort with Tony Aguirre and Conriquez, Pluma has confirmed “El Gavilán” as his upcoming single, which is set to drop on October 21. By the end of the year, the song had climbed to number 41 on the Hot Latin Songs list. With Codiciado and Jaziel Aviles, he released “Ando Enfocado” on November 18.

On November 24, Natanael Cano and Gabito Ballesteros jointly released “AMG” with the performer. This was Cano and Pluma’s long-awaited debut collaboration as leading lights in the corridos tumbados subgenre. The song was written by Tito and is titled after the Mercedes-AMG G 63. A music video shows the group having a good time in a Mexican city’s nightlife was posted on Cano’s YouTube page, intercut with clips of Mexican brass musicians. On December 17, “AMG” made its Mexico Songs debut at position 25.

The artist collaborated with Alemán on “Delivery” on December 9 and experimented with changing his sound by emphasizing hip-hop beats. The song “Igualito a Mi Apá” by Fuerza Regida and Pluma was included on the album Pa Que Hablen, which was released on December 30.

2023: Mainstream success

As the performer’s first top-ten success, “AMG” went to number 10 in Mexico Songs on the chart for 14 January 2023. Following placements on popular Spotify playlists, the debut of the music video for “Igualito a Mi Apá” by Miguel, and the introduction of a new project called “PRC” by Pluma and Cano, the song climbed to number 3 in the ensuing week. With 5.8 million US listens, “AMG” became the singer’s first Hot 100 entry, debuting at number 92 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart that ended on February 4.

His debut number-one song, “AMG,” soared to the top of the Mexico Songs chart on February 25 and reached position 10 on the Hot Latin Songs list. He kicked off his annual national tour on January 20 at the Camara Sonora in Guadalajara, Jalisco.[58] On April 26, he wrapped off his tour of Mexico in front of a packed house at the Palenque ExpoGan in Hermosillo, Sonora.

“PRC” (short for polvo, ruedas y cristal) was published on January 23 and was written about a gangster’s typical day. It was the first music video to be released directly to Pluma’s official YouTube page and featured Cano and Pluma as on-the-job dealers. In the first week after its release, the music video had 10 million views. Several variations of the song’s opening phrase, “Me levanto, un bao y luego me pongo a forjar,” as well as the dance move Pluma first demonstrated in the music video, which caused controversy due to the fact that it was done by kids and its connotations, went popular on TikTok. On February 18, “PRC” became Pluma’s second Hot 100 success.[

On February 10, “El Azul” was jointly released by Pluma and Junior H along with a live performance video shot and edited by Johnny Ragr. The song, a battle corrido about working for El Chapo under the infamous 701 alias, gained notoriety after Spotify removed the line “Como el de aquellos botones” in late April because to its connection to the narcotic fentanyl. On March 4th, the song debuted on Mexico Songs at position 15. Rapper Nicki Nicole from Argentina remixed “Por Las Noches” on February 27. She added a new verse, more vocals, and a female perspective to the sierreo.

On March 2, a sneak peek of a music video by Pepe Garrido with Pluma and Nicole performing the serenade while a distressed guy sobs in the background was shown. With the phrase “Todo lo que yo te di y todo lo que me diste, fue para nada,” Nicole’s breakup with rapper Trueno sparked rumors, and the remix boosted the original version of the song’s revival on the charts, appearing on the Hot 100 dated 25 March.

El Hechizo, a duet with Colombian producer Ovy on the Drums, was released on March 9 to positive reviews along with a song video made by Cristian Aguilar. When the concert’s organizers ran into problems with the logistics and the local permit, they had to reschedule Pluma’s performance in León, Guanajuato from March 11 to March 30. Given the singer’s involvement in anti-narcoculture advocacy and his enormous popularity in the city where the majority of Mexican adolescent residents who live in poverty, there was speculation that the incident may have been a result of government intervention.

The lead song off Eslabon Armado’s sixth studio album, Desvelado, “Ella Baila Sola,” which Pluma collaborated on with the American Hispanic band, was made available on streaming services on March 16 after making its debut on TikTok. Pedro Tovar, the band’s lead singer, wrote the song as a sierreo about friends spotting a gorgeous female on the dance floor. Tovar gave Pluma a phone preview of the song while they were in an airport.

On March 17, Mexican singer-songwriter Yng Lvcas’ “La Bebé” Latin reggaeton track got a remix by Pluma, who said he wanted to go a different musical direction from his earlier works. Lvcas recorded the song with the singer in Querétaro with the intention of working with another Mexican artist. The music video for the song was released on March 23.

“Ella Baila Sola” debuted at number one on Latin Streaming Songs and Mexico Songs for the week ending on March 28 after its first full week of tracking, becoming both artists’ first number-one single on the latter chart. The song debuted at number two on Hot Latin Songs, number ten on Streaming Songs, and number 26 on the Hot 100. In its first week, the song received 16 million official streams in the US. The “La Bebé” remix received 6.8 million streams in the United States during that time period and peaked at number 77 on the Hot 100 chart.

Pluma amassed the most Hot 100 Spanish-language entries of any Mexican artist thanks to “AMG”, “PRC”, and “Por Las Noches” simultaneously charting with the introduction of “Ella Baila Sola” and “La Bebé”. The artist announced the Doble P Tour, which will stop in 17 U.S. cities as a celebration of his accomplishment. A special performance will take place on April 8 at Toyota Arena in Ontario, California. The US leg of the tour would begin on July 20 in Inglewood, California at the YouTube Theater, and end in Anaheim, California on October 20 at the Honda Center. Within 30 minutes of pre-sale, all tickets for the tour’s stops in Arizona were gone.

As the lead song for her upcoming regional Mexican album, Mexican-American singer Becky G enlisted Pluma for the track “Chanel” on March 30. The song was co-written by the team with Grammy-winning producer Edgar Barrera and Tito and told the tale of a lost romance. As “Chanel” was being released, Pluma received new Latin certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America. “El Belicón” was rated as 8 Platinum with 480,000 units sold, “Siempre Pendientes” as 5 Platinum with 300,000 units, and “PRC” was rated as 4 Platinum with 240,000 units sold. The performers of “Chanel” may be seen singing in a variety of minimalist outdoor settings in the music video, which was created by Ricky Alvarez and released on April 6.

The rapper from Colombia Blessd collaborated with the performer on the song “Las Morras” on April 4, and a music video for the song debuted on Pluma’s channel at the same time. On April 7, the singer collaborated once again with Junior H and Ballesteros on the song “El Tsurito,” releasing a live performance of the song to YouTube at the same time as its release on music services. The visual clip for “Ella Baila Sola,” which features a house party inspired by The Great Gatsby (2013), was also posted to YouTube concurrently with the release of “El Tsurito.”

The “La Bebé” remix succeeded “Ella Baila Sola” at the top of the Mexico Songs list for the chart period ending on April 8, and Pluma became the first Mexican artist to accomplish the achievements with four additional singles placing in the top ten. His second top 40 single, “La Bebé” soared 43 ranks to number 34 on the Hot 100. “Ella Baila Sola” received a 4 Platinum certification on April 13 thanks to sales of 240,000 units in the Latin American market.

For unexpected performances of “Chanel” and “PRC” on April 14, 2023 at Coachella, Becky G invited Pluma onstage during her set. Due to an increase in streaming, “Ella Baila Sola” overtook Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” to take the top spot on the Spotify Top 50 – Global daily chart on April 15. The singer dominated the top six spots on the Mexico Songs chart and placed five songs in the top ten on the Hot Latin Songs chart during that time, with “Ella Baila Sola” serving as the lead single for each.

In the 64-year history of the Billboard Hot 100, Pluma and Armado’s “Ella Baila Sola” became the first regional Mexican top-ten hit, according to a statement released by Billboard on April 17. El Azul’s record of six concurrent Hot 100 entries was extended when “El Azul” joined the chart at position 87.

On April 20, Pluma and Prajin began their own independent record company called Double P Records. Upon its announcement to the public, Tito, Vega, and Jasiel Nuez were signed. He emphasized that his label’s mission depended on “making union, being grateful, and being humble” in order to further the careers of its signees both inside and outside of Mexico. The singer, who is also the label’s CEO and director of A&R, launched “Rosa Pastel” with Nuez as his debut single to commemorate the start of the company.

The duo can be seen wandering through Amsterdam, Netherlands in a music video made by John Rodriguez where they trade verses on their influences and origins. His first American television appearance came when Pluma joined Becky G onstage to sing “Chanel” at the 2023 Latin American Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The singer’s performance of “Ella Baila Sola” made her the first Mexican act to reach number one on the Spotify Global weekly chart for the 20th of April. On the Hot 100 chart, “Ella Baila Sola” rose 10-5, breaking its previous record and becoming the first regional Mexican top-five success in the chart’s history, according to Billboard on 24 April. His record of eight concurrent Hot 100 entries in a single week was broken with the debuts of “Chanel” and “Igualito a Mi Apá” at positions 88 and 90, respectively. Also around same time, “Ella Baila Sola” became the first Mexican song to ever reach the top of the Global 200 list.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon requested Pluma to sing on April 29 as the first regional Mexican performance ever, all in the sake of promoting the song. Fans and Mexican audiences applauded the exceptional success as the representation of regional Mexican music to a wider audience, but critics questioned the exclusion of Eslabon Armado from the momentous achievement and the potential romanticization of narcoculture. The guest appearance was criticized by activist Bryan LeBarón, who said: “This type of music should be a warning sign that it is in the top positions in the world; it speaks of a culture of crime embedded in the people that is even considered aspirational.

Tovar complained on social media that he had not received an invitation from the show and that Pluma had not given him credit for the song, despite the fact that “the song is 100 percent mine.” While playing at the San Jose Convention Center in California, Pluma responded by saying: “I’m going to tell you one thing, me and my compa Pedro and my compas from Eslabón chat. There will always be gossip, but Pedro is the one who is to be credited for writing the song. Salutations to everybody who helped make it happen and for it to continue setting records, viejo.

“Ella Baila Sola” reached its Hot 100 high on May 1 at position number four. With 420,000 shipments monitored by the RIAA, “AMG” reached 7 Platinum, while “El Azul” attained 2 Platinum status.

Eladio Carrión, a rapper from Puerto Rico, worked with Pluma on the song “77” on May 5. Jose Ovi Jimenez directed the music video, which debuted on May 9 and included the song “Luxury Life,” which talked about leading a lavish life while working a lot. El Gordo y La Flaca reported on May 12 that the singer had purchased a 174-m2 condominium in the Andares neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro, Guadalajara for Mex$14,400,000 (US$800,000). Anuel AA, a rapper from Puerto Rico, alluded on social media on May 13 about a forthcoming collaboration with Pluma by uploading a picture of the singer performing at the Legends Never Die Tour stop in Inglewood.

On May 26, Pluma released the solo song “Bye” along with a music video shot and edited by Edgar Nito. The singer was a featured vocalist on the fusion song “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 55” by Argentine producer Bizarrap on May 31.

Peso Pluma Artistry

I’ve always listened to hip-hop, reggaeton, and rap, but I discovered that my voice was built to sing corridos because I would hear them played around family all the time, the singer recounted. There, more so than in any other genre, my voice shone.

Ariel Camacho and Valentn Elizalde, two deceased young Mexican vocalists, were two of Pluma’s main musical influences. He began singing their songs at a young age. He picked Canadian rapper Drake as his favorite artist, citing him as a reflection of growing up across borders. He was an enthusiastic hip-hop music fan. As musical influences, he has also mentioned the Weeknd, 21 Savage, Post Malone, Suicideboys, and Shoreline Mafia.

Numerous media sites have drawn comparisons between the singer’s success and that of Puerto Rican musician Bad Bunny after she rose to the top streamed artist in Mexico. While waiting for Rosala’s set at Coachella 2023, Pluma spoke privately with the rapper and stated, “There are really only good things to say about him, and I have a lot of admiration and respect for him.” Despite this, Pluma has frequently acknowledged Bunny as a creative inspiration. Bunny publicly denied the conflict by uploading a video of himself and Kendall Jenner singing along to “AMG” to his Instagram Stories.

Peso Pluma Before Fame

His first music releases were the CDs Disco en Vivo and Ah y Que? in 2020. In August 2021, he published a video of a road trip as his very first Instagram post.

Peso Pluma Family Life

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija is his real name.

Peso Pluma Associated with

On the 2022 song “El Gavilán,” he collaborated with Tony Aguirre, a singer of world music. At Coachella in 2023, he worked on a project with Becky G.

Peso Pluma Trivia

Spanish for “lightweight” or “featherweight,” peso-pluma is a fitting moniker for his lively, danceable rhythms. More images from his performances and promotional images for record covers are posted on his PesoPlumaOficial Facebook page, which has 130,000 followers. In his captions, he talks about how far he has gone and how nobody can predict what will happen next.

What nationality is Peso Pluma?

Peso Pluma, a stage name for Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, a Mexican rapper, musician, and vocalist, was born on June 15, 1999. He improved his skill as a guitarist in his teen years by writing songs that were influenced by local Mexican music.

Why is Peso Pluma so famous?

With over 24 million streams, his duet with the band Eslabon Armado, Ella Baila Sola, became the first single in Mexican music history to peak at number five on the Billboard Hot 100. The Billboard Global 200 charted it at No. 1 as well.

Is Peso Pluma actually Mexican?

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Peso Pluma, a Mexican singer who shot to the top of the charts from relative obscurity, performs at the AT&T Center. Sunday

What type of music does Peso Pluma make?

Peso Pluma, who is well known for his corridos, also has a reggaeton song to his credit. He appears on the remix of the song “La Bebe” by the Mexican artist Yng Lvcas. The music was initially made available by Yng Lvcas on his own in 2021. Due to Peso’s impact, it is now charting on the Billboard Hot 100 chart two years later.

Where is peso peso from?

A county in the U.S. state of Texas, Galveston County is situated close to Galveston Bay on the Gulf Coast. There were 350,682 people living there as of the 2020 Census. In 1838, the county was established. City of Galveston, which was established the following year and is situated on Galveston Island, serves as the county seat.

Where is Peso Pluma now?

Peso Pluma has 44 scheduled shows while on tour in two countries. The Rio Rancho Events Center in Rio Rancho will host their subsequent tour stop before they head to Dickies Arena in Fort Worth.


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