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Martin Garrix Biography

Martijn Gerard Garritsen, commonly known by the stage names Martin Garrix, Ytram, and GRX, was born on May 14, 1996. He is a Dutch DJ and record producer who has been placed first on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list for three years running—2016, 2017, and 2018. His hits “Animals,” “In the Name of Love,” and “Scared to Be Lonely” are his best-known works.

Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, and Creamfields are just a few of the music events where Garrix has performed. His first significant festival, Ultra South Africa, featured him as the headlining act in 2014. At the age of 17, he made history by becoming the youngest DJ to headline the 2014 Ultra Music Festival. At the Spanish clubs H Ibiza (2017) and Ushuaa Ibiza (in 2016 and 2018), he served as the permanent DJ. In 2016, months after leaving Spinnin’ Records and prior to signing with Sony Music, he launched the label Stmpd Rcrds.


Martin Garrix Early life

The son of Gerard and Karin Garritsen, Garrix was born Martijn Gerard Garritsen on May 14, 1996 in Amstelveen. Laura, his younger sister, is his sibling. He developed an early interest in music and picked up the guitar at the age of 8.

After hearing Dutch DJ Tisto perform at the Athens Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony in 2004, he declared his interest in becoming a DJ. The song “Traffic” in particular served as inspiration for him, which led him to download the specialized digital audio workstation FL Studio and begin creating.

He received his diploma from the Herman Brood Academy, an Utrecht-based producing school, in 2013.

Martin Garrix Philanthropy

With all ticket sales going to the nonprofit organization Fuck Cancer, which is committed to early detection, prevention, and providing support to those afflicted by cancer, Garrix served as the event’s headlining act in May 2016 in Los Angeles.

Over 62,000 people attended a special charity performance by Garrix in Mumbai in November 2016 to kick off his India tour. The charity event, which took place at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse, aimed to educate Indian children. Magic Bus, which will assist the education of 10,000 kids nationwide, received the earnings from the event.

The non-profit organization SOS Children’s Village in South Africa, which “builds families for orphaned, abandoned, and other vulnerable children around the world,” recognized Garrix as a “international friend” on February 24, 2017. In an interview with Billboard, he declared, “It is terrible that so many children don’t have the support of a loving family.” Following the 2017 earthquake in Mexico, Garrix gave $10,000 of his pay for performing at Ultra Mexico.

While on tour for Ultra South Africa on February 28, 2019, Garrix stopped by the SOS Children’s Village in South Africa. During his visit, 100 enthusiastic kids and teenagers, some as young as three, and their SOS mothers were treated to an hour-long DJ set by Garrix.

Garrix performed in his native Netherlands in September 2019; all ticket sales went to the War Child Holland Charity. He raised more over $270,000 throughout the concert. He shared the screen with other famous people in a June 2020 PSA for War Child, an organization that helps and empowers the most vulnerable areas, focusing on children and their families.

Martin Garrix Book

On August 23, 2018, Martin Garrix published a snapshot of the cover of his book Martin Garrix Life = Crazy, which featured images from both his professional and personal lives. Louis van Baar was the photographer who captured the images used in the book. October 2018 saw the publication of the book.

Martin Garrix Career

Garrix shared a photo of the cover of his then-upcoming book Martin Garrix Life = Crazy on August 23, 2018, which featured images from his work and personal life.When Martin Garrix was 14 years old, he worked as a disc jockey at his high school dance, which marked the start of his Electronic Dance Music (EDM) career. He released his debut tracks, “BFAM” (with Julian Jordan) and “Just Some Loops” (with TV Noise), after meeting Tisto and having him as a mentor.

He released “Error 404” (co-written with Jay Hardway) in 2012 as his debut song on “Spinnin’ Records.” On Tisto’s own label, Musical Freedom, he released ‘Torrent’ the following year (with Sidney Samson). His first big success, “Animals,” which was made available as a digital download on June 16, 2013, was also his first solo effort. In several European charts, the song came in first. It also assisted Garrix in breaking the record for the youngest artist with a song that reached No. 1 on the Beatport electronic music shop.

Wizard, his second collaboration with Hardway, was made public on December 2, 2013. Later, the song was featured in the 2014 movie “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.” The song “Helicopter,” which Garrix and Firebeatz worked on together, spent two weeks at the top of the Beatport chart. He made his debut as the headlining act at the Ultra Music Festival in early 2014. He deviated significantly from his typical large room sound when he dropped his debut progressive house tune, “Forbidden Voices,” on February 6, 2015. He collaborated with Usher on the song “Don’t Look Down” that same month. He performed the Ed Sheeran-featuring song “Rewind Repeat It” at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami in 2015.

He left “Spinnin’ Records” in the middle of 2015 due to a dispute around the ownership of his music. He established “STMPD RCRDS” in the beginning of 2016, and with the label, he published his most recent song, “Now That I’ve Found You.” His promotional song “Opps,” which was made public on June 13, 2016, was chosen as the theme song for the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo. On July 26, 2016, he and “Sony Music” signed a contract.

There For You, a song written by DJ Garrix and singer Troye Sivan, was performed at the 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California. He will now be Justin Bieber’s opening act in the July 2017 performance of “Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park.” Additionally, he has appeared twice as a musical guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” first in 2016 and then again in 2017.

Martin Garrix Awards & Accolades

The “2013 Dance Music Awards” named Martin Garrix “DJ of the Year,” “Best Electro/Progressive Track,” and “Newcomer of the Year.” He received the “The Buma Award” for “Best International Song” and the “MTV Clubland Award” in 2014 for the song “Animals.” The MTV Millennial Award for “Beat Guru,” the MTV Europe Music Award for “Best Electronic” and “Best Word Stage Performance,” and the NRJ Music Awards for “Best International DJ” and “Best Live Performance” were all given to him in 2016.

Martin Garrix Beyond Fame

In celebration of Red Nose Day, a charity event put on by Comic Relief, Martin Garrix joined Kat Deluna, North of Nine, and Halsey in a video telling a joke. A year later, he gave a performance at a Los Angeles charity event for the non-profit group “Fuck Cancer,” which promotes early cancer detection, cancer prevention, and support for those who have been afflicted by the disease. When he visited India in November 2016, he took part in a special charity performance in Mumbai, with all the revenues benefiting “Magic Bus,” an organization that supports the education of 10,000 children throughout the nation.

On February 24, 2017, “SOS Children’s Village in South Africa” designated him as a “international friend.”

Martin Garrix Personal Life

Gerard and Karin Garritsen welcomed Martijn Gerard Garrix into the world on May 14, 1996 in Amstelveen, a municipality in the province of North Holland, the Netherlands. Laura is his sister. He received his MBO diploma in “artistic pop music” from the “Herman Brood Academie” in 2013. Model Charelle Schriek and he are dating right now.

Martin Garrix Trivia

1) One of the heroes of the upcoming documentary “What We Started” is Martin Garrix.
2) Over the years, he has written for various musicians as a ghostwriter.

Who is Martin Garrix?

In Amstelveen, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands, on May 14, 1996, Martijn Gerard Garritsen was born. He was raised there. When he was younger, he would control the music at gatherings with his friends. With the song “BFAM,” which he co-produced with another DJ connected to Spinnin’ Records named Julian Jordan, he really gained his start.

How old is Martin Garrix?

Martijn Gerard Garritsen, who will be 27 in 2023, was born Martin Garrix on May 14, 1996.

What’s Martin Garrix’s net worth?

Martin had about $15 million in total assets in 2015, and some projections put him at up to $25 million this year.

Martin Garrix, who was only 19 years old in 2015, made it to Forbes’ list of the top ten most remarkable electronic DJs.

He performs about 120 shows annually, with each engagement costing about $130,000. Due to his ongoing tour appearances, he made $17 million in 2016.

What’s Martin Garrix’s height and weight?

Martin is a tall man, standing at 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall and weighing 72 kilograms (159 pounds).

What’s Martin Garrix’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

Martin is of unknown ethnic ancestry and has Dutch nationality.

What’s Martin Garrix’s profession?

At the age of 14, Martin Garrix got his start as an Electronic event Music (EDM) star by working as a DJ at a high school event. After meeting Tisto and having him as a mentor (with TV Noise), he released his debut singles, “BFAM” (featuring Julian Jordan) and “Just Some Loops.” ‘Spinnin’ Records’ released his first song, ‘Error 404’ (co-written with Jay Hardway), in 2012.

The next year, Tisto released ‘Torrent’ (co-written with Sidney Samson) under his own record company, Musical Freedom. His debut single, “Animals,” which was also his first solo effort, was released as a digital download on June 16, 2013. In Europe, the song topped various charts. Additionally, it assisted Garrix in becoming the ‘youngest person in history’ to have a song chart at No. 1 on the electronic music store ‘Beatport.’

His second effort with Hardway, “Wizard,” was made public on December 2, 2013. The song was subsequently featured in the 2014 movie “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.” A song by Garrix and Firebeatz called “Helicopter” topped the Beatport chart for two weeks. He made his debut as the headlining act at the “Ultra Music Festival” in early 2014. ‘Forbidden Voices,’ his debut progressive house track, was released on February 6, 2015—a break from his customary large room style. He collaborated with Usher on the song “Don’t Look Down” that same month. In 2015, he and Ed Sheeran played “Rewind Repeat It” at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

He left “Spinnin” Records in the middle of 2015 owing to a dispute over music ownership. Early in 2016, he established the label “STMPD RCRDS,” and with it, he published his most recent song, “Now That I’ve Found You.” The 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo’s theme song was chosen to be his promotional single “Opps,” which was released on June 13. He reached an agreement with “Sony Music” on July 26.

At the 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California, DJ Garrix and singer Troye Sivan performed their joint track, “There For You.” At the ‘Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park’ concert in July 2017, he will perform with Justin Bieber. Also in 2016 and 2017, he had two musical guest appearances on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Who is Martin Garrix dating?

In 2018, Garrix began seeing model Charelle Schriek.

Does Martin Garrix have any kids?

Martin is still without a child of his own.

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