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Guillermo Ochoa Biography

Guillermo Ochoa, a football player nicknamed as “Memo” for his talent, exceptional skill, and fantastic saves, has drawn a lot of attention as a result of his performance on the field.

The pinnacle of his career was his effort against the Brazil national team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. He will be a member of the Mexico national team that will play in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Guillermo Networth

Football (soccer) player Ochoa, who is Mexican-born, is thought to be worth $5 million. Outstanding goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa is currently available as a free agent.

He has excelled while playing for the Mexican national team, where he is also a member.

Guillermo Ochoa Family

His full name is Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Magaa. He was a Mexican native. He married Karla Mora, and the two of them now have a son and two daughters.

He once dated the on-screen character Dulce Mara.

Guillermo Salary

Ochoa will reportedly make $4.4 million annually while playing in Liga MX, making him the highest-paid player from Mexico in the competition.

Guillermo Ochoa Wife

Guillermo Ochoa is now seeing someone, but he hasn’t yet tied the knot. He had a romantic relationship with Mexican actress and singer Dulce Maria in 2006.

They did not stay together for very long because it was already the end of 2007. He met Karla Mora while playing soccer for Ajaccio in the French Ligue 1 thanks to Maria.

Karla is a model that resides in Mexico and works there. Lucciana and Luciano Ochoa were welcomed into the world by their parents, despite not yet being married.

The birth of their daughter occurred in February.

Guillermo Ochoa Age

At the time of this writing, his age is 37 years old


Does guillermo ochoa have a wife?

He married Karla Mora and he has two daughters and a son.



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