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Bonko Khoza Biography

South African actor Bonko Khoza is best known for portraying Mqhele in the television series The Wife. Viewers feel a tremendous sense of loss when he says that he won’t be reprising the part.

Despite the fact that he is no longer visible on the show’s little screen, people are still interested in learning more about who he actually is. Read Bonko Khoza’s biography to learn more about him, including his age, career, wife, and net worth.

Bonko Khoza Early Career

He first found success in the arts when he was a teenager and received the regional drama award for the play “Captain Hook.” The actor makes the decision to enroll in The Market Laboratory for Performance and Theatre in order to advance his professional development.

Bonko Khoza Networth

The actor has made R1 500 000 through his performing roles and voiceover work. Recently, the actor’s wife has been showing off her million rand car on social media, making many green with jealousy.

The fact that the couple is in their bag needs no explanation.

About Bonko Khoza On The Wife

The actor, who has been portraying Mqhele, Hlomu’s husband, on television for the past two years, has announced that he will be leaving the program.

Despite being a criminal, he succeeds in capturing the attention of a stunning journalist.

Shows Bonko Khoza Was Featured On

The actor has previously been on television, and both films and television programs have highlighted his work.

The cult classic Necktie Youth and the film Roots, in which Bonko is starring, have both been nominated for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival’s Best Actor prize.

He was chosen for a role in an episode of Roots and the American drama Beautifully Broken because of his talent. The actor will appear in the movies The Mauritanian and the television show Professionals in the year 2020.

Bonko Khoza Wife

The actor and Lesego wed in 2021 after one year of marriage. Fans love it when the couple posts constant couple goals on social media.


bonko khoza leaving the wife?

“I know that the actor who takes over [as Mqhele] will build from where I left off, so I’m looking forward to joining the 5AM club to see how the incredible love stories between the brothers and their wives play out this season,” explains Bonko.

Who Is Replacing Bonko Khoza?

Wiseman Mncube takes over as the new Mqhele in Season 3 of telenovela The Wife.

Where is Bonko Khoza from?

South African character actor Bonko Khoza is well-known for playing Mqhele Zulu in the Showmax original series The Wife.

Which channel does The Wife play?

Meet Hlomu, The wife

In the recently released Showmax Original Telenovela, The Wife, rising actor Mbalenhle Mavimbela portrays the desired character of Hlomu. To stream Showmax starting on November 11, 2021, add it to your DStv service.



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