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Favour Ori Biography

A lot of young individuals have played a big part in the technology revolution that has recently swept over Africa, according to the biography of Favour Ori. Favour Ori, a 21-year-old software engineer from Nigeria’s Abia State, is an example of a young entrepreneur.

FavCode54, a non-profit IT firm founded by Favour Ori, aims to give the next generation of Africans the skills and tools they need to become masters of software development. Favour created FavCode54 out of a passion for assisting young Africans in learning how to code and connecting them with appropriate digital opportunities.

FavCode54 wants to make Africa a tech hub by giving people the technical skills they need to flourish in the continent’s tech industry. The business provides anyone who are interested in learning how to code with a selection of courses and training programs. People of all skill levels, regardless of whether they have any prior programming experience, can use these programs.

Favour Ori Age

Favour Ori is a 21-year-old Nigerian software engineer and business owner from the Abia State. He has already had a big impact on Africa’s tech sector at such a young age.

Favour Ori Career

Favour Ori’s profession was launched by his love of technology and his desire to aid African youth in learning how to code. Because of this desire, he founded FavCode54, a nonprofit tech firm that provides tools and training to the future generation of Africans so they may become software development professionals. He is reportedly currently the CEO of Payday.

Favour Ori Net Worth

Favour As FavCode54 is a non-profit organization and Ori has not disclosed his personal net worth, his wealth is not known to the general public. His contribution to the development of a new generation of tech-savvy youth who will steer the continent’s technology transformation, however, cannot be quantified in monetary terms.


Favour No matter what their background or level of education, Ori thinks everyone should have the chance to learn how to code. As a result, in order to enroll in FavCode54’s training programs, individuals do not need a degree or any prior programming experience.

Over 5000 students are currently enrolled in FavCode54, and enrollment is growing daily. With access to top-notch learning tools and materials, students can take classes online in a seamless learning environment. The organization also matches its students with skilled mentors and trainers who have worked for tech giants like Facebook, Google, Apple, IBM, Instagram, and Snapchat as well as graduates or current students of Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

Favour Ori significantly helps the expansion and advancement of the ICT sector in Africa through FavCode54. A new generation of tech-savvy young people who will drive the continent’s technology transformation are being produced thanks to his work.

Africa is on its approach to becoming a significant player in the global tech business thanks to Favour Ori’s commitment and dedication.

It is encouraging to see Favour Ori’s dedication and commitment to providing young Africans with the essential tech skills. His work with FavCode54 is proof of the influence of creativity and youth in advancing technology in Africa. We can anticipate big things from Favour Ori as long as he keeps making important contributions to the tech sector.


To sum up, Favour Ori is a young businessman who is using his talents and love of technology to improve Africa. His work with FavCode54 is motivational and an example of the influence that youth and innovation can have. Favour Ori is laying the foundation for a better future for the continent by providing young Africans with the essential tech skills.

Where is Favour Ori from?

Favour Ori is a 21-year-old Nigerian software engineer and business owner from the Abia State.

Who is the CEO of PayDay Africa?

Favour Ori
We’re happy that this round of funding will create the groundwork for the continuing expansion of our platform as we spread our services to a wider audience, said Favour Ori CEO and Founder of Payday in response to the fundraising.

Who is the CEO of PayDay?

Favour Ori, Mr.
PayDay’s CEO, Mr. Favour Ori, has provided advice on how companies might prosper, particularly in a country with a difficult operating climate like Nigeria.

Where is Favour Ofili from in Nigeria?

From Port Harcourt to the world, a star is made.

Following her victories in the 200 and 400 meters at the junior continental competition, Ofili was named the best female athlete.

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