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Biography Of Narayan Sakar Hari Bhole Baba

Narayan Sakar Hari Bhole Baba Biography

Originally from Bahadur Nagri village in the Etah area of Uttar Pradesh, Narayan Sakar Hari started his schooling there.

Following his postgraduate studies, he worked for the intelligence agency for a while before deciding to become a spiritual man.

He became Narayan Sakar Hari after renouncing his previous name of Surajpal and founding an ashram in the village of Patiyali when he set out on his spiritual quest.


Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’ Biography
Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’ Biography

Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’ In a White Suit

Narayan Sakar Hari, in contrast to other spiritual gurus, is frequently spotted wearing a white suit, tie, and shoes. He occasionally wears kurta pajamas.

Speaking to his congregations, Sakar Hari himself says that when he was employed, his thoughts often turned to spirituality, which led him to serve devotees selflessly and ultimately follow this road.

Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’ Biography
Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’ Biography

Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’ Spiritual Pursuits

In the 1990s, he resigned from the intelligence department, fully devoting himself to his spiritual endeavors.


According to some accounts, he was a member of the UP Police before choosing to retire of his own volition and take on the job of a preacher and spiritual guide.

Narayan Sakar Hari emphasizes that offerings, Dakshina, and gifts made during his gatherings are given to devotees instead of being retained for personal use.

Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’ Biography
Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’ Biography

The principles of Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’

In terms of philosophy and conviction, Narayan Sakar Hari describes himself as a follower of Hari and asserts in his talks that he is the universe’s supreme teacher.

He claims that as their guru, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shankar have all accepted him.

Who Is This Self-Styled Godman Behind The Hathras Stampede, Bhole Baba Aka Narayan Sakar Hari?

At the end of a satsang organized by self-styled godman Bhole Baba in the Hathras area of Uttar Pradesh, there was a horrific stampede that left over 80 people dead and numerous others injured.

The terrible event has shocked the entire nation, and authorities are moving quickly to assist the impacted families.

The incident happened after Narayan Sakaar Hari, also called Sakaar Vishwa Hari or Bhole Baba, had concluded a satsang.

Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, ordered officials to get to the scene right away and give the victims all the help they needed as soon as he heard about the stampede.

To evacuate the injured and offer medical attention, emergency services were called in.

Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’ Biography
Narayan Sakar Hari ‘Bhole Baba’ Biography

Who is Narayan Sakar Hari Bhole Baba?

For many years, Bhole Baba—real name: Narayan Sakaar Hari—has been a well-known figure in the spiritual community.

Although his students follow him not only in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan but even in Uttar Pradesh, the preacher and his followers are hardly seen in the media.

Bhole Baba had no religious instructor, a devotee claims, and shortly after he retired from duty voluntarily, he experienced a ‘vision’ of the deity, which ignited his interest in spiritual activities.

He conducted’ every Tuesday, and last week, in the Mainpuri district, he arranged an event akin to the one that preceded the Hathras incident.

Bhole Baba, who was born in the Patiala tehsil of the Etah district, claims to have worked for the Intelligence Bureau (IB) in the past.

It is said that 26 years ago, he quit his work as an Intelligence Bureau (IB) employee to devote himself to spiritual activities.

He now has millions of followers all over the nation, especially in Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and western Uttar Pradesh.

Bhole Baba avoids social media and doesn’t have any official accounts on any site, even though he is a well-known figure. It is said that he has a lot of grassroots impact because people in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, come to his seminars every Tuesday.

Large audiences have attended Bhole Baba’s settings in the past, and thousands of followers continued to flock to him even after the COVID-19 pandemic imposed limitations. Typically, his presentations include prayers, preaching, and other spiritual pursuits.

It is said that Bhole Baba has a lot of grassroots influence because his disciples come to his sessions every Tuesday in Aligarh. Typically, he does prayers, sermons, and other spiritual exercises during his sessions.

Where is Narayan Sakar Hari Bhole Baba?

He is currently untraceable, and authorities in Uttar Pradesh, the northern Indian state where Tuesday’s tragedy took place, stated they were still looking for him.

Who is Bhole Baba, the person connected to the catastrophe of the Hathras stampede?

Hathras stampede in Uttar Pradesh: Few people are aware of the background of Narayan Sakar Vishwa Hari, popularly known as Bhole Baba, the self-styled preacher who presided over the disastrous Satsang on Tuesday.

He was a Uttar Pradesh Police constable named Suraj Pal Singh before taking on his spiritual identity.

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