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Adewale Egbedun Biography

Rt. Hon. Adewale Egbedun is a Nigerian politician and businessman who hails from the state of Osun. He attended the Federal Polytechnic Offa Staff Secondary School for his secondary schooling and the University of East London for his undergraduate studies. He is a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member and a first-term politician.

The Hon. Adewale Egbedun imports vehicles and large equipment. He is wed, resides in Osogbo, and serves as the CEO of Savis Construction Limited.
Abiola Ibrahim, who represents the Irewole/Isokan Constituency, proposed Adewale as the candidate, and Areoye Ebenezer, who represents the Atakumosa East/West Constituency, seconded the idea.

Adewale Egbedun Personal Details

Full Names: Adewale Egbedun
Date of birth: Nil
Age: 38 years
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: University of East London
Occupation: Politician, Entrepreneur
Position: Speaker of the 8th Osun State House of Assembly
Politician Party: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

Adewale Egbedun Early Life and Education

There is presently no known information regarding Adewale Egbedun’s early life, including his birthdate and place of origin. It is clear, however, that he had a good education that prepared him for his upcoming political pursuits.

Adewale Egbedun Political Career

Adewale Egbedun’s political career gained momentum after he won the race to represent the Osun State House of Assembly. His commitment to representing his constituents and advancing the PDP’s principles became clear as a new lawmaker.

Election as Speaker

Adewale Egbedun’s election as Speaker of the 8th Osun State House of Assembly is a noteworthy accomplishment. The fact that he is in this position shows how much his coworkers trusted and believed in his leadership. His nomination by Abiola Ibrahim and Areoye Ebenezer’s seconding of the motion strengthened his candidacy and proved the support he had from other MPs.

Egbedun plays a significant role in the legislative process as Speaker, making sure that the House runs smoothly and that constituent concerns are reflected. He is a strong candidate for this crucial post due to his political savvy, leadership abilities, and commitment to public service.

Adewale Egbedun Party Affiliation

One of Nigeria’s well-known political parties, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is where Adewale Egbedun is a member. His membership in the PDP is evidence of his support for the party’s goals and conformity with its guiding principles and programs.


The appointment of Adewale Egbedun as Speaker of the 8th Osun State House of Assembly underscores both his distinguished political career and dedication to the residents of the Odo-Otin State Constituency. Egbedun has proven his capacity to effectively lead and represent the interests of his constituency as a rookie lawmaker and PDP member. Without a question, his commitment to excellent legislation, effective governance, and the general advancement of his district will serve as a lasting legacy of his time as Speaker.


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