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Ola Of Lagos Biography

He and his siblings were all raised as Muslims. Ola, a resident of Lagos, had a difficult childhood and had to start working hard at a young age.

Ola of Lagos finished primary and secondary school in Ogun State, Nigeria, for his education.

Ola Of Lagos Early Life and Education

Ola of Lagos is claimed to have been born on June 19 in the late 1990s to Mr. and Mrs. Akinwande, while it is unknown what year he actually was born. His parents were not wealthy, and as a result, he was raised in a lower class household. His basic and secondary schooling was completed in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Ola Of Lagos AGE

Ola is a late-twenties man from Lagos.

Ola of Lagos Birthday

On June 19, which is also his name day, Lagosian Ola celebrates his birthday. The renowned car spotter had a party with friends and family on June 19, 2021, to commemorate his birthday the previous year.

Ola of Lagos State of Origin

Where is the origin of Ola in Lagos? In Lagos State, in the southwest of Nigeria, Ola of Lagos was born.

Ola of Lagos Height and Weight

How tall is Ola of Lagos? Ola of Lagos is approximately 62 kg and 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Ola Of Lagos Career

If you’ve ever heard the proverb, “from grass to grace,” the tale of Ola of Lagos is a good illustration. Ola of Lagos, who was born and reared in Lagos State, began her career as a cleaner in the Lekki neighborhood. He does, however, seem to really admire vehicles. Working in a place like Lekki gave him the privilege of witnessing how the powerful people of Nigeria flaunted their wealth.

If you are a Nigerian, you probably know that residing in Lekki, Lagos State, and owning real estate there are signs that you have money in the bank. Ola of Lagos commuted to work in the Lekki neighborhood, where he was constantly in touch with the opulent and exotic vehicles ridden by the wealthy in Nigeria.

Ola of Lagos, being creative, started sharing images of the cars he encountered right away on his social media profiles, mainly Instagram. He persisted in doing this till his fan base kept expanding.

A favor would smile on him, as he caught the attention of popular blogger and former Nollywood actor Tunde Ednut. On his Instagram channel, Tunde Ednut started posting some of his photos and videos.

The right time for Ola of Lagos’s breakthrough arrived when Tunde Ednut made the decision to help his supporters. Tunde Ednut stated that he would award a lucky winner with the same amount of money if his Instagram following reached 2 million. Due to the intense rivalry for the prize, Tunde Ednut decided to conduct a raffle to determine the winner. Fortunately, Ola of Lagos emerged as the winner of the lottery.

Lagos’ Ola took home the grand prize of 2 million NGN. Another fortunate event occurred when Davido, called the Omo Baba Olowo, chose to add color to the situation while he was online. He provided Ola of Lagos with a free trip to the Dubai auto show.

Ola of Lagos posted a screenshot of the $2 million transfer on his Instagram page with the caption: “That Homeless Cleaner Boy has won $2M and a Trip to Dubai… After God, na You both, Sir Tundeednut and OBO…

Since that time, Ola of Lagos has made tremendous progress in his social media influencer career. He represents several prestigious automakers as a brand ambassador.

Ola Of Lagos Personal Life

In the middle of turmoil, Ola of Lagos recently proposed to Omobolanle, his girlfriend.

Ola of Lagos surprised Omobolanle Mi in a recent song video by Adekunle Gold by asking her to marry him. On his Instagram page, he posted this touching scene, emphasizing that it was only a scene from the music video and not a real-life proposal.

Ola Of Lagos Family, Parents, Siblings and Religion

The family of Mr. and Mrs. Akinwande welcomed Waris Olayinka Akinwande into the world. He goes by the name Ola of Lagos. Ola’s living parents are pleased with his artistic endeavors. Ola of Lagos, along with his siblings, were raised in a Muslim household. Ola of Lagos had to learn to hustle at a very young age because he had a difficult childhood. Ola posted a video of him and his mother praising and praying for Tunde Ednut for helping them raise their son to be who he is now.

Ola Of Lagos Relationship, Dating, Engagement, Engaged

Ola of Lagos is not in a relationship, but it is believed that he is.

Ola of Lagos Girlfriend

Do we have any images of Ola of Lagos’s girlfriend, who she is, or what her name is? Ola from Lagos hasn’t revealed his girlfriend’s identity yet. The well-known auto enthusiast forbids his partner from using social media.

Ola Of Lagos Married, Marriage, Wedding

Has Ola of Lagos married anyone? Ola from Lagos hasn’t been married yet because he hasn’t had a traditional or white wedding.

Ola of Lagos Wife

Who is the wife of Ola of Lagos? Who is she called? Ola of Lagos doesn’t currently have a wife.

Ola of Lagos Children, Child

Ola of Lagos does not currently have any children of his own because he has not yet been successful in getting his girlfriend pregnant.

Ola Of Lagos Endorsement Deals

  • Giftback Africa
  • Suji Motors
  • Pramajeed Securities
  • mecho Auto Tech

Ola Of Lagos Net Worth

He is thought to be wealthy $500,000 thanks to his multiple agreements with major brands.

Ola Of Lagos Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @ola_of_lagos
  • YouTube: Ola of Lagos
  • Twitter: @ItsHimOlaa

Who is this Ola of Lagos?

Akinwande Waris Olayinka, also known as Ola of Lagos and an Instagram influencer, has made the top 10 list of most talked-about African figures.

What did Ola of Lagos do?

Ola of Lagos has developed his brand through a number of initiatives, such as his social media presence, automobile reviews, and partnerships with renowned fashion houses and famous people. He also serves as the head of CEO OOL Autos, a high-end vehicle and OOL Clothing dealership in Lagos, Nigeria.

Does Ola of Lagos own a car?

Ola of Lagos: From Cleaner to Car Influencer Thank God, he displays his Mercedes that are all white. Ola of Lagos hails God and displays his all-white Mercedes automobiles as he transitions from cleaning buses as a cleaner to being a car influencer. Ola of Lagos, who was born Waris Olayinka Akinwande, discusses his “Grass to Grace” journey on his Instagram page.

What is the education of Ola of Lagos?

His parents were not wealthy, and as a result, he was raised in a lower class household. His primary and secondary education was completed in Lagos State, Nigeria

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