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Muhammad Auwal Albani Zaria Biography

Muhammad Auwal Adam, commonly known as Albani Zariapronunciationi, was a Nigerian Islamic scholar with a focus on hadith who died on February 1, 2014. He was born on September 27, 1960. Islamic law, public relations, telecommunications technology, and ICT.

He was the founder of the Salafi movement in Nigeria as well as a well-known Islamic scholar. In his formative years, he worked as a tailor, and he frequently referred to himself as a “specialized tailor.” He was the first academic to use the term “Salafiyah” to describe the generation of Islamic intellectuals and students in Nigeria. Many modern Nigerian scholars regarded Albani as the finest Salafi scholar in Nigeria.


Muhammad Auwal Albani Zaria Early life and education

Albaniy was born and raised in Muchia Sabon Gari, Zaria, but his family is from Kano State in northern Nigeria. Prior to attending Barewa College, he completed his primary school in the region. He majored in mass communication at Bayero University in Kano. He graduated with a degree in information technology from Adamawa State’s Federal University of Technology Yola. He was a postgraduate student at the ABU Zaria’s Department of Electrical Engineering before he passed away.

This is in addition to his study of Islamic sciences, particularly hadith, for which he spent decades reading and analyzing hundreds of volumes. Given his expertise and position in Northern Nigeria, he was given the moniker “Albani” in honor of Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani. His students, many of whom have since achieved academic eminence, are dispersed throughout the nation, mainly in the Northern States and in particular from the states of Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Plateau, Bauchi, and other North and Southern Nigeria as well as several Western African nations.


Muhammad Auwal Albani Zaria Professional Certifications

Sheikh Albani Zaria’s proficiency in computer science and telecommunications was furthered by his holding a number of certificates, including A+ / A Plus, N+ / N Plus, computer networking technician, computer repairing and maintenance technician, and Microsoft Engineer.

Sheikh Albaniy studied in the Islamic University of Madina under eminent professors despite not being a registered student.

Sheikh Albani Study in Madina

Nevertheless, the Gulf War prohibited him from enrolling as a registered student at the university. In Saudi Arabia, he pursued independent study under eminent academics such Professor Ali Nasir Al-Faqihi, Shaykh Salih Bn Salih Bn Uthaimin, Shaykh Zarban Al-Gamidy, Shaykh Muslih Al-Harithiy, and Shaykh Tuwaijiri.

Notably, he chose the name “Albani” as a result of his vast studies in Islamic Sciences and great knowledge of the Hadith. This is a tribute to Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani, a distinguished academic.

The achievements of Sheikh Albani’s pupils serve as evidence of the influence of his teachings and mentoring.

Many of his pupils have gone on to become successful academics themselves. They can be found all across Nigeria, but are most prevalent in the states of Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Plateau, and Bauchi, as well as other parts of Northern and Southern Nigeria.

His influence also spread to several West African nations, where his lectures continue to have an impact on the lives of future academics.

An enduring legacy has been left by Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albaniy Zaria due to his commitment to learning, his pursuit of education, and his comprehensive mastery of Islamic studies.

Assassination of Sheikh Albani Zaria

On February 1st, tragedy hit the city of Zaria when gunmen brutally murdered Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albani and one of his wives.

The event happened as they were making their way home from their regular nightly Tafsir lecture.

The happenings on that awful day provided insight into Sheikh Albaniy’s actions before the unfortunate catastrophe.

Sheikh Albaniy spent the entire day at his school in Zaria’s Gaskiya layout, teaching and leading lessons.

He gave a well-planned speech at Markazu-Salafiyya on Maje Road in Tudun Wada, Zaria, in the evening. The talk, which covered the Hajj chapter from the Book of Sahihul Bukhari, went from about 8:15 until 9:30.

After the talk, Sheikh Albaniy left for home with one of his wives, a few of his kids, and other people.

It should be noted that Sheikh Albani Zaria liked to drive alone and avoided using convoys. Unfortunately, making this choice exposed him to possible attackers who were familiar with his tendencies, which proved to be fatal. After the lecture in Tudun Wada, the attackers intercepted them during this travel.

Tragic outcomes resulted from the attack’s unfolding series of events.

Assassination Scene

Sheikh Albaniy stopped at a Central Store along Zaria Gaskiya and went shopping. The assailants passed his car as it approached Magume Junction.

They started the attack by shooting his wife and breaking the windscreen. Sheikh Albani fearlessly addressed the attackers after seeing this act of violence and refused to back down in the face of danger.

The attackers started firing indiscriminately in the following confusion. While praying “Laila ha illallahu” (from Allah we are and undoubtedly return to Him), Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Albaniy was shot and killed.

Efforts to Save Albani

It was attempted to save Sheikh Albaniy, but his wounds proved fatal.

When they arrived at St. Luke’s Hospital, doctors declared Sheikh Albani Zaria dead. The community was shocked to learn of his premature death and was left to deal with the loss of a well-liked and respected leader.

Abubakar Shekau, the head of Boko Haram, claimed responsibility for the death in a frightening turn of events, bringing further sorrow and rage to the already shattered town.

The multifaceted Life of Sheikh Albani Zaria

Sheikh Albani Zaria’s passing caused a stir not only in Zaria but also in Nigeria and elsewhere. The late Sheikh made contributions in many fields, making him a respected person.

Through his teachings, he inspired innumerable people and promoted knowledge, understanding, and personal development.

His contributions as an Islamic scholar, advocate for world peace, employer, human rights defender, and philanthropist will never be forgotten.

His influence will continue to alter the lives of people he inspired via his teachings and deeds.

While his departure is lamented by many, it is important to promote the principles of peace, justice, and compassion in his memory.

Goodbye Sheikh Albani, Humanity has Failed You

The date of February 1st, 2014 will live on in the minds of the revered Islamic scholar’s devotees as well as truth-seekers and Abusers everywhere.

As we said goodbye to the late Sheikh Albani Zaria, it was a day marked by grief, agony, and bereavement.

This prominent academician, who was a native of Zaria and was an accomplished member of the Islamic community, was well-known across the world.

Tragically, he was brutally murdered by unidentified gunmen while he and his son, together with one of his four wives, were traveling back from his weekly Islamic gathering on the weekend, where he taught from Saheehul Bukhaariy.

Sheikh Albani Zaria’s departure leaves a huge void for both Zaria and the entire country of Nigeria. The late Sheikh was a complex person who was well-known for his work as an educator, peace activist, employer, human rights activist, philanthropist, and, most importantly, a committed Islamic reformer.

As a result, Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albaniy Zaria’s premature death has had a significant effect on both the local and worldwide societies.

Muhammad Auwal Albani Zaria Teachings

Geographical bounds were irrelevant to the teachings of Sheikh Albani Zaria, who attracted devotees from all over the world. His dedication to peacefully and forward-thinkingly disseminating the teachings of Islam won him recognition and esteem from all around the world.

His lectures extended beyond strictly religious topics as well. He highlighted the value of justice, equality, and compassion, having an impact on many people outside of the religious community.

It is essential to consider the legacy that this outstanding scholar has left behind in light of these qualities.

Muhammad Auwal Albani Zaria Death

Auwal was a teacher on Saturday, February 1, 2014, at his school in Gaskiya Layout, Zaria. At Markazus-Salafiyya, Maje Road in Tudun Wada, Zaria, that evening between 8:15 and 9:30 p.m., he gave the customary evening tafsir lecture from the Book of Sahihul Bukhari, in the chapter of Hajj. He then drove himself, one of his wives, and a few of his kids. He never rode in a convoy and always drove alone.

About a kilometer from his house along Gaskiya Layout in Zaria, he made a halt to shop at a Central Store. The assassins caught up with him as he approached Magume Junction, cracked his windscreen, and shot his wife. When Sheikh Albaniy noticed this, they began shooting erratically as he descended to face them. While praying Laila ha illallahu, Muhammad Auwal Albaniy of Zaria collapsed. He was saying “Laila ha illallahu” the entire way. “From Allah we are and to Him we shall undoubtedly return,” is the translation of the Arabic phrase Inna lillahi wa’inna ilaihi-raji’unn.

The husband and kid perished at the scene, while someone who lived nearby transported the man to St. Luke Hospital in Zaria’s Wusasa neighborhood, where he was later declared dead.[6] Abubakar Shekau, the head of Boko Haram, claimed accountability for the shooting.

Legacy of Sheikh Albani Zaria

The late Sheikh was unmatched in his commitment to education. Numerous people have been motivated to seek knowledge, delve into the depths of Islamic wisdom, and pursue intellectual development as a result of his teachings.

He was a gifted instructor who had a special talent for demystifying difficult ideas so that students of all abilities could understand them.

He promoted a thorough understanding of Islamic ideas and customs by placing emphasis on the study of Saheehul Bukhaariy.

People from all walks of life were moved by his teachings and call for peace. promoting peaceful cooperation in the area.

We must remember the amazing traits that made Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albani Zaria who he was despite the pain and suffering.

Special note should be made of his employment role. Many people derived their livelihood from the late Sheikh, who also gave others in need of work possibilities.

In doing so, he improved towns, empowered people, and made sure they could live honorable lives.

Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge the late Sheikh’s hard efforts to advance human rights.

He won the respect and admiration of many people with his unflinching dedication to fighting for justice and equality.

Sheikh Albani Zaria actively campaigned to ensure that everyone’s basic rights were upheld and spoke out bravely against oppression. His voice became a symbol of hope for the oppressed, educating people about the value of empathy and compassion.

Sheikh Albani Philanthropy

Sheikh Albani Zaria invested a significant amount of money in charity projects because he understood the value of giving back to society.

To help those in need, he backed programs that were centered on healthcare, education, and reducing poverty.

His kindness made a difference in many people’s lives and inspired gratitude and compassion among the locals.

Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albaniy Zaria will be remembered mostly as an ardent reformer of Islam.

Reforms by Sheikh Albani Zaria

An enduring legacy of his is his persistent dedication to modernizing Islamic rituals and advocating a liberal understanding of the religion.

Within the Islamic community, the late Sheikh’s lectures encouraged critical thinking while challenging stale beliefs.

By placing a strong emphasis on the values of social justice, inclusion, and tolerance. The path to a more rational understanding of Islam was paved by Sheikh Albani.

Generations throughout the world continue to be inspired by his contributions and teachings, which cut beyond time and space.

It is agonizing to lose such a brilliant scholar and defender of justice and peace. But his legacy will always serve as a beacon for people who are looking for wisdom, compassion, and constructive change.

Who is Sheikh Albani Zaria?

Sheikh Albani Zaria, also known as Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Albani Zaria, was a well-known member of the Islamic community. He was born on September 27, 1960, in Muchia, Sabon Gari, Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria.

He initially wanted to be a writer but decided to follow his mother’s advice and become a cleric instead. His educational background and achievements are impressive.

What did Albani Zaria study?

He attended Bayero University in Kano to study mass communication. He graduated with a degree in information technology from Adamawa State’s Federal University of Technology Yola. He was a postgraduate student at the ABU Zaria’s Electrical Engineering Department when he passed away.


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