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Tim Dillon Biography

Tim Dillon was born in New York on January 22, 1985. Since he was a little child, Dillon has been passionate in both comedy and acting. Sadly, his attempt at a career as a child actor was unsuccessful. His comedic career really took off in 2010. Dillon is currently one of the richest comedians in America. We are honoring this funny man who has inspired us for more than ten years today. Learn about Dillon’s personal and professional life by joining us.

Tim Dillon Early life

Dillon was raised in and was born in Island Park, New York. He is of Catholic Irish ancestry. He was a little child when his parents separated. He claims that as a result, his mother, who was subsequently diagnosed with schizophrenia, reared him the majority of the time.


In 1994, he was given a brief part on the Sesame Street children’s television program on PBS. On The Joe Rogan Experience, Dillon admitted, “I was a child actress when I was a youngster and I failed. Twice I appeared on Sesame Street. With Snuffleupagu, I danced the polka.

Tim Dillon Background

On January 22, 1985, Tim Dillon was born in Island Park, New York. Dillon’s parents divorced when he was a little child, thus his mother raised him for the most part. Young Dillon was already interested in humor in school; he used to do little comedic bits there. He started working as a young actor in 1994. Dillon was given a part in the well-known children’s program “Sesame Street.”


Dillon’s acting career never really took off, despite the fact that he landed a terrific role. Following his high school graduation, Dillon enrolled at Nassau Community College. Dillon spent some time working as a New York tour guide after graduating from college. In 2010, after growing weary of not pursuing his passion, he returned to the entertainment industry. He began doing stand-up until he was given the opportunity to perform at the “Just for Laughs” festival in 2016. Following his performance at the festival, “Rolling Stone” magazine listed Dillon as one of the top 10 comedians to watch. Dillon’s career began to climb the hill after that.

In 2020, Dillon co-hosted the program “Bastard Radio” with Luis J. Gomez and Nick Mullen. The comedian launched his show, “The Tim Dillon Show,” in 2016, under the name “Tim Dillon Is Going To Hell.” Every Sunday, the program was broadcast as a video podcast on YouTube. In the program, Dillon discusses amusing and intriguing occurrences in his personal life, the entertainment business, politics, and the wider globe.

The Tim Dillon Show podcast

The Tim Dillon Show is a humorous video podcast that Dillon hosts where he talks about news stories, personal experiences, and topics that frequently have to do with politics, the media, and American culture. When the podcast was first released on the GaS Digital Network and featured co-host and fellow Long Island comedian Ray Kump, it was previously known as Tim Dillon Is Going to Hell. Ben Avery, a producer and buddy with whom Dillon frequently batted questions and ideas, would join GaS Digital after Dillon left. Avery cut ties with Dillon and the show in September 2022; as of November 2022, Avery collaborates with comedian Kyle Dunnigan.

Tim Dillon Personal life

After briefly residing in Austin, Texas, he is now a resident of Los Angeles as of March 2021.

Dillon, who is gay, came out when he was 25 years old.

In the past, he had issues with substance misuse. Dillon claims that he began taking drugs and alcohol at the age of 13, and by the time he was 18, he had developed a cocaine addiction. He has a long history of sobriety.

He also has a house in Austin, Texas, and a $4 million mansion in the Hamptons, New York, proving that he is an active investor in real estate. He later responded on his YouTube channel, disputing the reported value of the deal and asserting that it was actually close to $2.4 million.

Tim Dillon Politics

Dillon declared in 2016 that “I don’t think politically I line up with anything” and that “I’m politically all over the map, though I lean conservative” It all seems artificial to me. He claimed that despite disliking both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, he did not cast a ballot in the 2020 US presidential election. When lauding Bernie Sanders in 2016, Dillon said, “I think people should have health care, and I know a lot of people are angry at me about that.

Who is Tim Dillon?

Tim J. Dillon was born in Island Park, New York, on January 12, 1985. He is currently 38 years old and a citizen of the United States. He is of Catholic Irish ancestry. After his parents’ divorced, he grew up with his mother, who was subsequently diagnosed with schizophrenia. When they split up, he was just a young child.

Tim Dillon had a fondness for comedy when still a very young child. He was cast in a supporting role in 1994 on the PBS children’s program Sesame Street. He admitted, “I was a child actor as a kid, and I failed,” on The Joe Rogan Experience. Twice I appeared on Sesame Street. In the polka, Snuffleupagus and I danced.

Dillon worked as a mortgage broker during the subprime mortgage crisis and a marketer of office printers before he became a comedian. He started working as a tour guide in New York City after the market plummeted. He began performing stand-up about 2010.

Rolling Stone listed Dillon as one of the “10 Comedians You Need to Know” in 2017 following his participation in the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal in 2016. In 2020, Dillon co-hosted the Real Ass Podcast offshoot podcast Bastard Radio with Luis J. Gomez and Nick Mullen.

Dillon revealed his sexuality in a deep-secret declaration at the age of 25. He has never been married, is openly gay, and currently has no interest in dating anyone. The most fascinating part of Tim’s upbringing was when, at age 13, he first experimented with narcotics and, at age 18, he developed an addiction. He has maintained his sobriety for the majority of his adult life.

Why is Tim Dillon famous?

He began doing stand-up until he was given the opportunity to perform at the “Just for Laughs” festival in 2016. Following his performance at the festival, “Rolling Stone” magazine listed Dillon as one of the top 10 comedians to watch.

How many houses and cars does Tim Dillon have?

The well-known comedian lives in Los Angeles but owns a number of homes since he is interested in real estate. He drives and owns some of the most expensive vehicles.

How much does Tim Dillon make per year?

Tim earns money from many ventures each month, thus it is impossible for us to accurately determine his annual earnings. On Patreon alone, he earns $180,000 per month. It’s reasonable to assume that he earns more than $2 million in the US each year.

What investments does Tim Dillon have?

Tim likes to invest in real estate. He owns a residence in Austin, Texas, a $4.6 million mansion in Los Angeles, and a $4 million estate in the Hamptons, New York.

How many Endorsement deals does Tim Dillon have?

This knowledge is still unavailable to us. We’ll update our readers without a doubt.




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