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Suman Talwar Briefing About His Life

Suman Talwar is an Indian actor who has appeared in Telugu, Tamil, Canadian, and Hindi films. He was a prominent actor in Telugu films in the 1980s.

Suman was a rising star in Telugu film and television. His films ran for 100, 200, and 300 days, respectively.

Suman first expressed interest in politics by endorsing the Telugu Desam Party, led by then-Prime Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, in 1999. he joined the Bharata Janata Party in 2004 with his supporters.


Suman Talwar Biography

Suman Talwar, born August 28, 1959, is an Indian actor best known for his roles in Telugu, Tamil, Canadian, and Hindi films. In the 1980s, he was one of the most prominent actors in Telugu cinema.

Suman began his career as a police officer in the Tamil film Neechal kulam (1979), produced by T.R. Ramanna.

Over the course of his nearly 40-year career, he has appeared in over 150 films in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.


Suman was a mythological character in Telugu, similar to Venkateswara, Shiva, and Rama. He received the Nandi Award for Best Actor in 1993 for his performance in the film Baba Baba Maridi.

He returned to the screen as a villain in the Tamil films Shivaji (2007) and Kulvi (2008). (2008). In the Malayalam film Sagar aka Jacky, he played the main antagonist.

Suman also appeared in the independent Hollywood film Death And Taxis, which was released in 2004. In 2009, he also received the Asianet Film Honor Special Jury Award.

Suman Talwar Networth

What is Sulmar Talwal Networth? Suman is estimated to be worth between $1 Million – $5 Million.

Suman Talwar Nationality

What is the nationality of Sulman Talwar? Suman is from Mangalore (or Mangaluru) an Arabian Sea port and a major commercial center in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Suman Talwars Career

Suman Talwar was the most sought-after hero in the Telugu and Tamil film industries three decades ago. He appeared as a hero in over 150 films in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and English.

Suman Talwars Education

Suman received his Bachelor’s Degree in English literature from Besant Theosophical High School in Chennai, and he studied music and Sanskrit at H.A.S.

Suman Talwars Family & Siblings

Suman was born in what is now Madras, Nadu, to a Truu-speaking family. His mother Kesari Chandra was the principal of Ethiraj College for Women in Chennai. His father, Susheel Chandra, worked at I.O.C. Chennai.

Suman Talwar Relationship

Suman is married to Sirisha Talwar but unfortunately, there is no other information about when and where they got married.

Suman Talwars Social Media Handle

Suman Talwar goes by the handle @sumantalwars on Twitter and (@joyrondalo) on Twitter

Suman Talwars Children

Who are the children of Suman Talwar? Akilaja Prathyusha is the daughter of Suman Talwar and she is a classical dancer

What is the age of Suman?

The age of Suman Talwar is 64 Years as of 2023 update.

What is the cast of Suman?

Suman was born in a Tulu-speaking family in Madras of present-day Tamil Nadu. His mother, Kesari Chandra, was the Principal of the Ethiraj College for women in Chennai. His father, Susheel Chandra, worked for I.O.C. Chennai.

What is the name of Suman Daughter?

Actor suman garu with his daughter Akilaja prathyusha


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