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Bryson Lashun Potts, known professionally as NLE Choppa, is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He rose to fame with his 2019 single “Shotta Flow”, which was certified platinum by the RIAA and peaked in the top-40 of the Billboard Hot 100. His debut EP, Cottonwood, was also released in 2019.

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  • Artiste Name:  NLE Choppa
  • Song Name: Champions
  • Duration: 3:35Mins
  • Released Date: 04 – 02 – 2023
  • Format: MP3 High Quality

Quotable Lyrics

Ayy, man
Everybody stand up if you ever had your back up against the wall and had to fight back (d.a. got that dope)
This yo’ anthem (Yeah)


[Verse 1]
My view from the top of the moon (Space)
I can see the whole world sittin’ in my hand, amazin’ view (Let’s go)
We finna break the rules (Let’s go)
And we gon’ make ’em too (Make ’em too)
I can’t fall or slip, I gotta stand tall, that’s what a leader do (A leader do)
Follow me, I’m leadin’ you (One, two, three, let’s go)
Ayy, we finna turn up
Crank up the heat in here, they finna burn up
Told ’em I’m comin’, I’m here
Tell ’em they time up
I said it one, I’ma say it again, “This here be my year” (This here be my year)
I ain’t gon’ show no fear
I know that I’m built, too equipped for what God want me to do
I’m number one, not the two
It ain’t no way I’ma lose (Way I’ma lose)
I had to struggle, but it made me harder (Made me harder)
I made it far, but I wanna go farther (Wanna go farther)
This not for me, this for my son and my daughter, my family tree in that order (In that order)
I’m the chosen one, I’m wearin’ that jacket (Wearin’ that jacket)
I was down, now I’m up
Now I was the underdog, now look who be laughin’
I’m better than who you gassin’,

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