Bushkiddo Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family, Phone Number

Bushkiddo Biography 

Muazu Muhammad, better known by his stage name Bushkiddo, is a comedian, actor, entertainer, and director from Northern Nigeria. He is born in Kano State.

Bushkiddo was the first comedian in Northern Nigeria to start his act by obstructing everyone else’s attention.

Bushkiddo Career

Before he graduated from high school, Bushkiddo began filming his comedy skits because he was a jokester who made everyone laugh. He has a large network of male and female friends.


In an interview with Voice Of Arewa (VOA), he said that in addition to producing comedies, he also makes money through selling farm products.

Bushkiddo added that by enrolling the young people in his comedy skit brand, he has helped a lot of the youth in his neighborhood.

Bushkiddo Net Worth

He is worth upto about $ 6.4 thousand, He is one of the comedian that first breakthrough via Instagram Skits, he won one of the Craze clown popular challenge back in 2019.


Bushkiddo State Of Origin

The popular Nigerian comedian is from Kano State.

Bushkiddo Phone Number, Social Media Handles, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
Phone Number: +2348065599583

Bushkiddo Wife

Bushkiddo is married to Fatima.

Bushkiddo Religion & Tribe

Bushkiddo, a well-known Hausa comedian, is of the Hausa tribe and follows Islam.

Bushkiddo Comedy 2021

Watch P.O.S below;

Cousin Latest Bushkiddo Comedy

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