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Nelly Cheboi Biography

The CEO and Founder of TechLit Africa, which encourages and cultivates a more technologically literate continent, is Nelly Cheboi, also known as Kosi.

She founded Pushupbot in the Chicago area in April 2020. In July 2021 and September 2020, she worked as a lead software engineer. She worked as a full-stack engineer from January to September 2020.

Nelly Cheboi quit her job in 2019 to create computer laboratories for pupils in Kenyan schools. She opened up new worlds to younger Kenyans by recycling obsolete computers and building “TechLit Africa” computer labs for use in Kenyan schools.

Nelly Cheboi Career

The conditions of Nelly’s birth were very difficult. Because of the conditions in their home, Nelly was obliged to assume responsibility for raising her sister when she was only nine years old.

In order to change the perception of kids who grow up in communities like her own, she left her job as a military member in 2019 and opened a computer lab. She received her diploma from Maryhill Girls High School.

She was able to attend Augustana College in Illinois thanks to a scholarship that covered her entire tuition. During her junior year, she fulfilled the requirements for her mathematics major by enrolling in a programming class.

In 2016, she graduated from Augustana College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science.

Between November 2015 and June 2016, she had positions at Augustana College as an admissions ambassador, career ambassador, and student Tutor.

Her previous employment experience was in the hardware and installation industry.

Nelly Cheboi Net Worth

She was rated by forbes as the future influencer leader in social impact on their annual “30 Under 30” list for 2022.

Nelly Cheboi Husband

Nelly is currently not married and she is yet to reveal the love of her life.

Nelly Cheboi Hometown

In 1993, Nelly Cheboi moved to Mogotio, Kenya, where she joined a family with two other girls.

She will be 29 years old by the year 2022. The names of her parents and siblings remain unknown.

Nelly Cheboi Instagram

Her instagram handle is @nellycheboi

Nelly Cheboi Age

She is 29years old, born 1994.


Who is Nelly Cheboi?

CNN’s Hero of the Year is Nelly Cheboi, who builds computer laboratories for Kenyan kids.

What country is Nelly Cheboi from?

She is from Kenya.

Who is CNN Hero 2022?

CNN Hero of the Year 2022 is Nelly Cheboi

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