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Best Ali Jita Songs You Can Play In The US, UK and Canada

Ali Jita Songs You Can Play In US UK Canada

The sensational star we all celebrate as Ali Jita is one of the professional music mogul who gives extreme sounds that are worthy to celebrated by every music liker around the world even those in the US, UK and Canada can vibe to his melodies.

Ali Jita music is very easy to comprehend, he doesn’t make his lyrics though or twisted because even those that cannot understand the language will enjoy his taste of sounds.

Bio of Ali Jita

Ali Isah Jita, also known as Ali Jita, was born on July 15, 1983. He is a Hausa musician, songwriter, and vocalist from Nigeria.


Early years

Ali Jita was born in the Gyadi Gyadi neighborhood of Kumbotso local government Kano state, Nigeria, into the household of butcher Alhaji Sallau Jibrin Kibiya and his mother Hajiya Ummul-Khairi. He was raised in Gyadi Gyadi’s Shagari neighborhood. Due to his father’s business needs, the family first migrated from Kano to Lagos and subsequently to Abuja when he was a little boy.

Ali Jita Songs You Can Play In The US

1. Aya Aya

This song is so enticing from the beginning, Ali Jita make sure all the tempos are rocked up steady.

2. Salma

Everybody knows how Ali Jita rocks beat when its about love, the seasoning act is so good in this passionate portion.

3. Maimuna

Very sweet rhythm with standard hook that is catchy to the lips, he tries in every bit making maimuna that groove with the best taste.

Ali Jita Songs You Can Play In UK and Canada

1. Mai Waka

The jam is worth playing all round those coast as he takes every tempo much expensive. He decided to shoot the luxury music video of Mai Waka.

Stream Below;

2. Na Janje

One of the good sound from Jita is Na Janje, he is a brainy act that never repeats melodies. This jam is unique and pleasing to ears.

Stream Video Below;

3. Tambura

Ali is good in entertaining in some cultural related rhythms. He speaks tradition on this tune and its one of his best jam ever.

With the above listed songs you can locate executive peace of mind in the US, UK and Canada.

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