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Steve Harveys Wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey Biography

The date of Marjorie Harvey’s birth is October 10, 1964. She is Doris Bridges’s daughter. She is the wife of well-known broadcaster Steve Harvey and a designer, stylist, and Instagram sensation. She was conceived with the horoscope of Libra.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey Early Life & Education

On October 10th, 1964, Marjorie Bridges was the name Majorie Elaine Harvey was given in the United States.


She enrolled in the University of Memphis, but she was forced to leave after receiving a poor report. She then began working as a model and launched a lucrative career in fashion design.

Doris Bridges is Majorie Elaine Harvey’s mother. It was claimed that her mother reared her by herself. As of right now, nothing is known about her father’s location.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey Background

On October 10, 1964, Marjorie Elaine Ridge-Woods was born. She is Doris Bridges’s daughter. She is the wife of well-known broadcaster Steve Harvey and a designer, stylist, and Instagram sensation. She was conceived with the horoscope of Libra. In terms of her early years, we know that the highest degree of education she attained was a high school diploma. She started her studies at the University of Memphis, but owing to poor academic performance, she was forced to stop and never completed them.


She was a woman who decided to spend her time daydreaming about everything she might do and how wonderful she could become, which is why her fashion talent caused her to have low marks in school. She realized it was time to fulfill those aspirations after she graduated from college. Because of the skill in her clothing, she started her own clothing line, through which she achieved particular notoriety. She became well-known for her charm and charisma as well.

She revealed her romantic adventure with Jim Thompson, with whom she had her first two children, called Morgan and Jason, as she rose to stardom. But when it was out that Jim was involved in illicit activities, she divorced him. She remarried Darnell Woods, with whom she had her third daughter, Lori, but also divorced him in 2001 after learning of his involvement in additional illicit activities.

She married the comedian and presenter Steve Harvey in 2007, proving that she had finally found a good and honest man. In 1990, she encountered Harvey during a comedy concert. Steve gave her a long, careful look during the performance before announcing to the audience that he did not know who she was but was certain that he would marry her someday. They were unable to be together for a variety of reasons, but in 2007 they reconnected and started a romance that resulted in a joyful marriage.

She first met Steve in 1990 at a comedy club

Although Marjorie and Steve didn’t wed until 2007, they had already met when the comedian was appearing at a Memphis, Tennessee, nightclub years earlier.

During a 2018 episode of Steve’s talk show, The Steve Harvey Show, they talked about their first encounter. “I was very late, and I assumed he was going to give me the job because he became very silent. Just staring at me, he was. Marjorie said to the crowd, “I thought I was going to be in the show. “He eventually understood, ‘Oh, I gotta say something.'” ‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ he said. I have no idea who she is, but I plan to wed her.

Despite their instant connection, they ultimately broke up after a few weeks of dating. Soon after we started dating, I realized he was The One, but he abruptly departed. 2014 interview with Marjorie for Essence.

Steve clarified that at the time, he was focused on his career and not in a good financial situation. He told the magazine, “A man has to know who he is, what he does, and how much he’s going to make before he can be of service to a woman.

He and Marjorie reconnected in 2005, more than ten years later, and the timing was ideal. Steve had recently terminated his second marriage to Mary Shackelford, and he had just finished filming The Steve Harvey Show.

She has Steve’s bodyguard to thank for their reunion

In 2005, when Steve was once again single, his bodyguard suggested a meeting with Marjorie. He told me, ‘Look, the only time I’ve ever seen you happy was when you were with that woman Marjorie,'” Steve said to PEOPLE in 2016. I’m phoning her right now, before you go and do something stupid and wed someone else.

Steve described their second chance as being like being born again. In my life, I have made a lot of mistakes. She was the only difference-maker. There are many things you can accomplish while you’re content at home.

Marjorie said, “When Steve came back into my life, it was effortless.”

She and Steve got married in 2007

On June 25, 2007, Marjorie and Steve got married.

In Italy’s Lake Como, the couple celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary. They dressed up for a special wedding anniversary photo shoot while they were there.

Steve captioned an Instagram video of him and his wife, “Still going strong,” on the social media platform.

She’s “mom” to a large blended family

Marjorie and Steve have seven children altogether, creating a sizable blended household. With his first wife Marcia Harvey, Steve has twin daughters Brandi and Karli, a son named Broderick, a son named Wynton, and a daughter named Karli. Morgan, Jason, and Lori are three children from Marjorie’s previous marriage that Steve legally adopted after their wedding in 2007.

Although Marjorie and Steve were eager to start a new life together, their children were less sure about doing so.

But Marjorie had some encouraging remarks. Everyone in a blended family is coming from a shattered place, she explained to PEOPLE in 2016. “We were aware that this was the appropriate course. But I only said, “Everyone is included,” to them. Parents are available to everyone. Don’t let anything you lacked in the past prevent you from enjoying what you have now.

She said, “Now, we’re Mom and Dad to everyone.”

She’s a grandparent

Along with having seven children, Steve and Marjorie have seven grandkids. Steve revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that Marjorie “loves being a grandparent.” When asked if he shares the same sentiments, the comic responded, “Not at all.”

“I’ve worked my entire life to become an empty-nester; I wanted my kids to leave the house and start their own lives. Now they return with additional individuals,” Steve said in jest.

She runs a foundation with her husband

According to Steve Harvey’s official website, Marjorie and Steve established The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation in 2010, “which helps under-resourced communities receive the tools for success.” The foundation’s goal is to give young people access to services that will enable them to thrive in life and develop into strong leaders.

Marjorie Harvey’s Girls Who Rule the World is one initiative run by the organization that uses mentoring and other resources to support young girls in achieving academic success. Marjorie participates actively in the program; she has held a meet-up, given a student a surprise scholarship, and done other things.

She and Steve both love fashion

Marjorie and Steve share a love of fashion that is quite strong. “As you and I both know, one thing we have in common is our love of fashion. During a 2014 visit on his talk show, she said, “I’ve been enthusiastic about it my whole life. The fashionista had joined the show to talk about The Lady Loves Couture, a fashion and lifestyle blog that she had started that year.

Marjorie frequently publishes pictures of her ensembles to her Instagram account, where she further displays her love of fashion.

Over the years, she and Steve have also gone to a few fashion events together.

She told her husband to keep his greying beard and mustache

Steve described to Ellen DeGeneres how Marjorie supported his graying hair during his appearance on her show.

I actually forgot my Just For Men hair dye at home while I was away because I had been dyeing my mustache, you know, black. I didn’t dye it since I was on vacation, and the rest of it began to fill in,” he explained. And the following moment, I exclaimed, “Damn. It’s either going to be sexy or I’m going to be absolutely hideous.

About Marjorie, he continued, “My wife told me to keep it.”

She supported Steve during his Miss Universe debacle

In 2015, while Steve was the host of the Miss Universe competition, he misread his cue card and declared Miss Colombia (Ariadna Gutierrez) as the winner when Miss Philippines (Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach) had actually won.

“I feel awful for the two nations. I feel awful for the supporters. He told reporters after the show that it was an error. “Leaving it alone would be the dishonorable thing to do. Though it didn’t have to, it did so because of a genuine error.

Marjorie quickly provided her husband with some assistance because she had his back. She posted on Instagram, calling him a “Stand Up Man” and a “True Class Act” for returning to the stage when it was live on television and accepting full responsibility by yourself. “I’m ecstatic to be your wife! I adore you.

When thinking on the “devastating” mix-up afterwards, Steve told PEOPLE in 2016 that Marjorie’s encouragement motivated him to go. “She remarked, ‘I’m proud of the way you handled it. Don’t punish yourself, he said.

She has a special relationship with her parents

Marjorie and her parents are very close, as her Instagram account demonstrates. She frequently shared pictures of herself spending time with them, such as when she surprised her mother on her 80th birthday, cuddled in their bed, and commemorated their 60th wedding anniversary. In fact, she has referred to her parents as “Goals For Real” and finds inspiration in their long-lasting marriage.

Marjorie talked openly about her dad’s Parkinson’s and dementia diagnosis in January 2020, as well as how the family was handling the information. “My dad recently received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and dementia. She posted a video of her and her dad playing a game together along with the message, “Steve, my [mom] and I have been exploring various methods to keep the brain and body busy. “We are all determined to stop this. Let’s go, Daddy—you’re my idol, my heart, and the epitome of what a real man should be. I cherish you.

She’s a thrill-seeker

Marjorie went skydiving in Dubai in February 2023. On Instagram, she described the “amazing experience”. She had previously uploaded pictures from shark feeding excursions in the tropics and ice vehicle racing in Aspen, Colorado.

Marjorie Elaine Harvey Social Media

Marjorie Elaine Harvey Worth

The estimated net worth of Majorie Elaine Harvey is $50 million USD. Before they got married, she assisted Steve Harvey with some of his financial difficulties during his bankruptcy. He gave her a sizable portion of his shares after they got married.

When was Steve Harvey’s wife born?

The date of Marjorie Harvey’s birth is October 10, 1964. She is Doris Bridges’s daughter. She is the wife of well-known broadcaster Steve Harvey and a designer, stylist, and Instagram sensation. She was conceived with the horoscope of Libra.

How many years has Steve Harvey been married to his current wife?

On June 25, 2007, Marjorie and Steve got married. They celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary at Lake Como, Italy.

How much money is Marjorie Harvey worth?

A $50 million fortune can be attributed to American fashion designer Marjorie Elaine Harvey. In October 1964, Marjorie Elaine Harvey was born. She is well known for her seven-year marriage to Steve Harvey.

How many times has Steve Harvey been married?

Steve and Bridges wed in 2007, making their marriage, as of this writing, more than 16 years old. Bridges is also Steve’s third wife; before, the comedian was wed to two other ladies, but those unions did not last very long.

What is Steve Harvey longest marriage?

Marjorie Bridges for 16 years, Marcia Harvey for 13 years, and Mary Shackelford for 9 years. 16 years have passed since their longest union with Marjorie Bridges.

Did Steve Harvey have children with his first wife?

Seven kids altogether belong to Steve Harvey. With his first wife, Marcia, he has a son named Broderick as well as twins named Bradi and Karli. Additionally, Steve has a son named Wynton from his second marriage to Mary Shackelford and three stepchildren he adopted: Morgan, Jason, and Lori from his third marriage to Marjorie.

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