Bomb Attack In Residential Area- Maiduguri

Bomb Attack In Residential Area- Maiduguri

Houses Collapsed As Bomb Explodes In Maiduguri.

Mortar bomb explosion destroy houses in residential area of 1000 Housing estate in Maiduguri.


The incident happened early morning of Saturday, 4th November, collapsing houses in the estate, but luckily enough to record zero human casualty.

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The ISWAP Jihadist and boko haram happens to be the prime suspects of the attack, likely from outside the city, but still no word came out from both suspected sides so far.

Also, another explosion occur around Ngomari area near the city airport with nearly zero human casualy, but only with a single boy sustaining a minor bruises from a falling bricks of  multiple house destructions.

The city of Maiduguri have been in peace away from the terrorist attacked for months, since the last made by Boko Haram on February of this year, which cost 10 solid lives.

Some pictures showing the explosion pionts.

Borno state Govenor, Prof. Baba Gana Zulum, on his visit to the incident point, he rest assured to seriously take action against the said suspects of the attack with immidiate possible effect.

This incident has record a first after a long time in Maiduguri since the last in February.

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