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Hot Hamster Kombat Coin Mining Update In 2024: Latest Update About Hamster Kombat Daily Combo Cards

Hot Hamster Coin Mining Update 2024: Latest Update About Hamster Kombat Daily Combo Cards

Hamster Kombat Coin is a CEO simulator game for cryptocurrency exchanges that lets users mine coins using a Telegram-based app to grow their virtual money.

It offers a fun and participatory way to earn virtual currency by fusing aspects of gaming with cryptocurrency mining.

With its unique combination of entertaining gameplay and crypto mining, Hamster Kombat has taken the gaming and cryptocurrency worlds by storm.


A thrilling aspect of the game is the Daily Combo Card, which gives players bulky free coins for matching certain cards.

Hamster Kombat Coin
Hamster Kombat Coin

Hamster Kombat Daily Combo Cards

In the Hamster Daily Combo Cards, players who gather and combine particular cards in the game are rewarded with the Daily Combo Card.

Players who mix these cards successfully will receive a substantial amount of money every day, as a new combination is published every day.


How Hamster Daily Combo Cards Works

  • Every day a fresh combo is made available.
  • Players with the right combinations can earn up to 5,000,000 coins.
  • To get the combo prize, you must upgrade some Mine area cards.

Current Hamster Kombat Coin Price in Naira

According to the most recent update, one Hamster Kombat Coin (HAM) is worth roughly ₦0.052828 in Nigerian Naira (NGN). At present, ₦1 can be used to buy about 353,640 HAM.

0.00000291 was the highest price of Hamster Kombat Coin ever reported in Naira. Over the previous week, there have been changes in the price of Hamster Kombat Coin.

The table, which displays the daily closing prices, indicates a modest weekly increase in the value of HAM.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Date Price
1 Day Ago ₦0.0528
2 Days Ago ₦0.0533
3 Days Ago ₦0.0531
4 Days Ago ₦0.0529
5 Days Ago ₦0.0527
6 Days Ago ₦0.0525
7 Days Ago ₦0.0523

Factors Affecting the Price of Hamster Kombat Coin

  • Market Sentiment: News and social media can influence people’s opinions on HAM, which might impact HAM’s price.
  • Regulatory News: Price volatility may result from modifications to cryptocurrency rules.
  • Market Demand: The price of ham can increase as long as there is a greater demand for it.
  • Supply: The amount of HAM in circulation overall may affect its cost.

Hamster X’s official update on the Hamster Kombat Daily Combo cards and games as shown below:

Hamster Kombat Coin Launch Date

On March 26, 2024, Hamster Kombat launched and quickly rose to the top of the global Telegram channel rankings! There are 25 million CEOs in the Hamster world.

Hamster Telegram Bot

Hamster Bot:

How to Play Hamster Kombat Coin Mining

1. In Hamster Kombat, your main objective is to manage the digital currency exchange and earn coins. By clicking and finishing in-game tasks, you can earn cash. You can earn more coins the more active you are.

2. Your level rises as more coins are earned by your exchange. As you go through the game, higher levels unlock new features and bonuses that increase in value.

3. Boosts are unique things that you can utilize to get more coins. To increase your currency collection and get boosts, complete jobs and challenges.

4. Encourage your pals to play Hamster Kombat. Bonuses are awarded to both you and your friend when they join. This function grows the player base in addition to increasing your coin earnings.

5. The date of the exchange listing has not yet been disclosed by the Hamster Kombat team. The CEO of X claims that the airdrop will soon come to an end.

Use the following link to join the airdrop and make money online with a few taps on your phone:



Does Hamster Kombat pay real money?

Yes! Hamster coins pay real money when you tap and earn coins in the telegram hamster kombat coin mining game to earn tokens after listing.

In the Play to Earn category of cryptocurrency ventures, Hamster is one of the newest sensations. Debuting less than a month ago on Telegram, it’s a rapidly expanding play-to-earn game in the mobile game market.

This project is free and aims to give users an entertaining and interesting way to earn cryptocurrency.

What is a Hamster coin?

Hamster is a decentralized token that was founded in May 2021 to enhance its community.

How much is a Hamster coin worth in dollars?

With a 24-hour trading volume of USD 2,289,447, the current live price of Hamster is $1.99e-9.

Is Hamster Kombat Coin real or fake?

Yes, it is! The tap-to-earn gaming genre is seeing a rise in popularity with Hamster. Like its counterpart Notcoin, Hamster is only meant to be played for fun, unlike some games that use sophisticated technology or challenging goals to address real-world problems.

Is the hamster kombat coin legit?

Because of the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency, it is impossible to definitively establish whether Hammer Kombat is a scam or a legitimate business.
The strategic alliances that Hamster has formed with exchanges such as BingX are one sign that the company may prove to be worthwhile.

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