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Biography Of Antonija Cerkez

Antonija Cerkez Biography

Antonija Čerkez is 27 years old and comes from Mostar, she is a singer by profession.

She has already competed in “Zvezda Granda” several times, and this season she will try her luck again in the most-watched show in the Balkans.

She points out that she is ambitious as her greatest virtue, while she points out stubbornness as her flaw.


Music idol Marija Šerifović.

The winner of “Zvezda Granda” for the 2023/2024 season is Šejla Zonić.

After a nine-month singing battle, the work and effort of the mentors to give the candidates the best for them, the best finally triumphed, and that, according to the audience, was Šejla Zonić.


Antonija Cerkez Biography
Antonija Cerkez Biography

Zvezde Granda 2024 winner – Šejla Zonić

In the end, Miki Sekulovski, Šejla Zonić, and Andrijana Petrušovska remained in the race for victory, and the audience chose that Šejla was the best this season.

Šejla Zonić went through hell before “Zvezda Granda”, with psychotherapy she started her life over: “I didn’t want to ask for help, that was my defeat”

At the age of 11, she had her first public performance in Sanski Most, after which she started performing, towards the end of elementary school, she did a performance in her town for the New Year, when she earned her first money, but she admits that it was not easy for her that she had to work while her friends were having fun.

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Antonija Cerkez Biography
Antonija Cerkez Biography

Antonija Čerkez about the Bosnian

When she appeared for the first time on Grand’s stage, she gained great sympathy from the public both for her voice and for her stage performance, which was especially proud of her mentor Dragan Stojković Bosanac, who predicted a great career for her from the beginning.

– He supports me so much and somehow believes in me. It gives me the strength I need to overcome any fear when I go on stage. And when I go out, my goal is always for him to be satisfied.

He is my ultimate critic at the same time. He always says “Don’t worry, you know you’re here for a reason and that no one else is better than you.” – she said about her mentor for our portal.

After overcoming the trepidation she admits she had in the first round because of the big names sitting on the jury, Antonija already made a show during her second appearance when Saša Popović and Dragan Stojković Bosanac came on stage during her performance of the song “Minus i plus”.

Antonija Cerkez Biography
Antonija Cerkez Biography

She signed up for “Zvezde Granda” because of her parents, and at the first performance she almost fainted from nervousness: These are unknown details from the life of Antonija Čerkez

Since she appeared on the Grand’s stage a few years ago, Antonija Čerkez won the public’s sympathy with her appearance, and after unexpectedly leaving the competition, she returned this season to continue where she left off and give a new chance to the realization of her musical dreams.

Although the audience met her in the most-watched talent show in the region, the musical story of the twenty-year-old contestant from Široki Brijeg began in her early childhood, and she had her first performance ten years ago, which she spoke about for Grand.

To mutual joy, the talented singer returned this season to the team of Dragan Stojković Bosanc, and Mili did not hide his enthusiasm for her return.

– In my opinion, Antonija is one of the greatest potentials that appeared in this competition and I am glad to see her on this stage – Mili said during the first round.

So far, Čerkezova is making great progress with her mentor and is successfully pushing the boundaries of her performances, but whether she will manage to make it to the finals remains to be seen.

Antonija Cerkez Biography
Antonija Cerkez Biography

Last week, Antonija Čerkez was a guest on an episode of Davcast.

The singer from Širobrije, who competes in Zvezde Granda, spoke with presenter David Čerkez in a somewhat different studio overlooking the Stari Most in Mostar.

My first association with Mostar is the faculty. I was six years old, I even started the seventh year, says Antonija laughingly telling how she finished university.

However, she did not know how to answer the question of whether the nightlife is better now or before, even though she often performs in Mostar’s clubs.

She revealed that as a child she thought she would be an aunt in kindergarten, and that she never thought she would make money from music.

Antonija Cerkez Biography
Antonija Cerkez Biography

Antonija Čerkez went through hell before performing in Zvezde Grand

In the podcast, she reflected on some life decisions, saying that she doesn’t think that every one of her decisions was the right one and that she regrets some of them.

However, he claims that successful people do not care about others and that they will never comment on the success of others.

I’m sorry that you and I felt that spirit of a small environment, you are too much on everyone’s wallpaper. For such things, I wish I was from a bigger city, said Antoniette.

During the conversation, Antonia was also touched by emotions, especially when she mentioned that she should have listened more in her life to her mother, who is her biggest supporter. There was also a special emphasis on her native Široki Brijeg.

My home is in Široki, but I am constantly at five addresses, plus I go to gaže, said Čerkez, then looking back on her childhood, saying that she is the fourth child in the family.

Antonija Cerkez Biography
Antonija Cerkez Biography

Antonija Čerkez gave up on the song because of Saša Popović

She also revealed that during her first year of college, she received offers from local bands, but still became a member of Stari Zvonik, where she was for six years.

If it wasn’t for that band, I wouldn’t be here now because they built me, Antonija stressed and added that her first gig was in Ljubuški.

This is just a small introduction to the life story of the Širokobrije woman who “opened her soul” practically for the first time in an interview, in the conversation below, find out if she find her true love, if she thinks she will be the winner of Zvezda Grand, when her song will be released and in what direction see your career.

Antonija Čerkez was eliminated in the final: She was in a relationship with Šmrk, the participant of “Zadruga” accused of adultery with Sarajevo’s “Balibeg”

The young singer Antonija Čerkez came one step away from the “Zvezda Granda” superfinal, but she was eliminated and will not be in the key race to win the regional music competition.

By the way, Čerkez has long been known in entertainment circles thanks to her ex-boyfriends. Her name was mentioned in Zadruza 4 because Rijalda Karahasanović accused Kenan Tahirović of cheating on her.

However, that is not the only moment when Čerkez ended up on the pages of the yellow press.

Namely, she was allegedly in an emotional relationship with Admir Arnautović Šmrk, the creator of the popular rap duo from Sarajevo Buba Corelli and Jala Brat.

He was arrested by order of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina in September 2022.

As for Antonija Čerkez, her mentor in this year’s “Zvezda Granda” was Dragan Stojković Bosanac.

Antonija Cerkez Biography
Antonija Cerkez Biography

Antonija Čerkez Instagram

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