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Biography Of Stephanie Mbombo

Stephanie Mbombo Biography

After earning a master’s degree in international and European law from the Free University of Brussels in 2009, Mrs. Stephanie Mbombo Muamba has experience in project evaluation, policy creation, diplomacy, international relations between European and African nations, and European law.

She has also studied international humanitarian law pertinent to Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as antipersonnel landmine issues.

She has held positions in the European Commission, the Development Committee of the European Parliament, and the Belgian government.


She headed the Department of Development Partnerships, fundraising, and Human Resource Management at the Congolese Diplomatic Academy, which was a division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Kinshasa.

She has also assisted the president of the High Military Court in Kinshasa with matters of law reform.

As the person in charge of the Millennium Development Goals Monitoring and Evaluation at the United Nations in Morocco, Stephanie had extensive experience as a lecturer in European Law at the master’s level.


She was the secretary general of the Congolese Union of Consumers and a TV show host and journalist in the country before she started her career in the public sector.

She gained knowledge in mining law when she was in Australia by using Australian legislation and best practices.

Additionally contrasts the DRC’s and Australia’s mining laws, policies, and governance

. Stephanie Mbombo, a recent hire at Ammbrtech Group as a general manager with an emphasis on compliance, international negotiations, and mining, holds an MBA from the University of Canberra.

Her domicile is in Waterloo, Belgium.

Stephanie Mbombo Biography
Stephanie Mbombo Biography

Minister for the Environment Stéphanie Mbombo resigns from the government for “personal reasons”

This is the unexpected news that shakes the Congolese political scene.

Stéphanie Mbombo, Minister Delegate for the Environment, announced her resignation from the government, for “reasons of personal convenience”.

Appointed to this position only last year, in the government of Prime Minister Judith Suminwa, Ms. Mbombo ultimately spent little time at the head of this ministry.

However, this 40-year-old woman has a particularly rich and diverse career path. At a very young age, she became involved in politics within the Congo Liberation Movement (MLC), before cutting her teeth at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A diplomat by training, Stéphanie Mbombo then deepened her skills in European law at the Free University of Brussels.

An experience that led her to work for the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Alongside her career, Ms. Mbombo remained very involved in Congolese civil society.

She notably chairs the Circle of Integrity Reformers of Congo (CRIC), a party allied to the UDPS-Tshisekedi.

It is therefore with this rich background that she was called to join the government last year, to take charge of the Environment portfolio.

A position that she ultimately only held for a few months.

In her statement, Stéphanie Mbombo simply cited “reasons of personal convenience” to justify her departure.

A laconic explanation that leaves doubt about the true motivations for this surprise resignation.

Despite this sudden departure, there is no doubt that Ms. Mbombo will continue to play a leading role in the Congolese political and associative scene.

His versatility and commitment make him a rising figure that we are far from having heard the end of.

Who Is Stephanie Mbombo?

Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Special Envoy for the New Climate EconomyThe party affiliated with the UDPS-Tshisekedi, the Cercle des réformateurs intègres du Congo (CRIC), is led by Stéphanie.

She started her political career with the Mouvement de Libération du Congo (MLC) at the age of eighteen.

She was furious over the blatant abuses of human rights carried out by the AFDL Kadogos, led by Mzee Laurent Désiré Kabila. She didn’t like how women’s rights were being promoted, so she left Jean-Pierre Bemba’s party.

She started advocating for women’s rights. Professional career: At the young age of 22, Stéphanie Mbombo began her career as a diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She became the Minister’s advisor.

To promote African integration, she took a career sabbatical to study European law at the ULB before obtaining a position as head of the department at the Congolese Diplomatic College.

In Australia, she was the representative of the DRC Chamber of Mines, where she oversaw mining governance.

She advised the Chief of Staff of the Head of State, particularly on environmental matters, before her current job.

Stephanie Mbombo Biography
Stephanie Mbombo Biography

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