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Biography Of Matou Samuel

Matou Samuel Biography

It was in the 90s that the general public became acquainted with Brother Matou Samuel with his album entitled: “The Response of GOD”.

The song Walongo was the flagship title which served as a springboard for Matou Samuel’s promotion to the top of the musical hit parade.

Matou Samuel has made several trips to Europe, including a memorable performance at the LSC hall in the Paris region for an exceptional concert.

Matou Samuel is also a promoter in a musical production by the studio “Tegra”, named after his daughter. Fr Matou is also an actor in his foundation for social works.

Matou Samuel Biography
Matou Samuel Biography

Songs and albums by Matou Samuel


Kiese mu YESU – joy in JESUS.

Fongola – key.

Pona nini boye – why is that?.

Libala – marriage.


Matou Samuel Biography
Matou Samuel Biography

Matou Samuel Career

Of Congolese origin, the musician artist Matou Samuel continues to leave success on his artistic journey.

The artist discovered his talent so quickly and over time committed to pushing his limits, that it was not surprising to savor his achievements on national and international music platforms.

Matou Samuel, through his music, intends to pierce the hearts of his music lovers and stay closer to them.
If trees grow in foliage, Matou Samuel believes in achievements!

Music: Wife of musician Matou Samuel passes away

Reliable sources state that the gospel singer’s wife, known as “Mom Kapi,” passed away on Saturday, October 19.

“Mourning Christian musicians.” At about four in the morning, Matou Samuel lost his wife Kapi. I just had a conversation with Matou Samuel.

“Church, please pray for him and the kids,” revealed musician Aimรฉ Nkanu.

The president of the DRC’s Christian Artists Association, Brother Patrice Ngoyi Musoko, gave a speech on cardiac arrest.

“Mom Kapi” made the news a few years ago. She accused her spouse of adultery and fetishistic behavior in a 2013 video that was uploaded to the networks, after which she apologized in front of the cameras.

Matou Samuel, an artist, recently lost his second wife. He also lost his first wife.

Matou Samuel Biography
Matou Samuel Biography

Matou Samuel Instagram

Matou Samuel YouTube

Who Is Matou Samuel?

Matou Samuel is a must in Christian music. Matou Samuel is accompanied by the group he named โ€œKiese Mu Yesuโ€.

He has several albums on his team including โ€œFongolaโ€ and the very latest โ€œUn cri dans le desertโ€ has 9 tracks.


Matou Samuel Biography
Matou Samuel Biography

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