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TY Bello Biography

Born in Nigeria on January 14, 1978, Toyin Sokefun-Bello, also known as TY Bello, is a philanthropist, photographer, singer, and composer. She was a part of the now-defunct gospel group Kush before going solo. Bello is a part of Depth of Field, a Nigerian collective of photographers. Her hits “Greenland”, “Ekundayo”, “This Man”, “Freedom”, and “Funmise” are among her most well-known ones.

TY Bello Biography
TY Bello Biography

TY Bello Wiki Profile

Full Name: Toyin Sokefun Bello
Date of Birth: January 14, 1978 (44 years old)
Place of Birth: Ogun State
State of Origin: Ogun State
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Photographer & Singer
Net Worth: $1 million
Husband: Kashetu Bello

TY Bello’s Net Worth

TY Bello's Net Worth
TY Bello’s Net Worth

The approximate net worth of renowned Nigerian photographer, singer, and musician TY Bellow is

TY Bello Life and career

TY Bello Life and career
TY Bello Life and career

Early life and career beginnings

Bello was born in Ogun State, Nigeria, on January 14, 1978. She graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in economics. She worked as a journalist for a little while before pursuing her interest in photography. As a member of the now-defunct group Kush—an acronym for Kinetically Ushering Salvation into Hearts and Homes—Bello first appeared on the Nigerian music scene. Rapper Emem Ema, Dapo Torimiro, and Lara George were among the other group members. The song “Let’s Live Together” helped Kush become well-known in the early 2000s; the group was able to record an album before breaking up.

2008–2013:Greenland, The Future, The Jubilee Collection and anti-rape campaign

Greenland, Bello’s first studio album, was released in 2008. It took two years to develop and was produced by Mosa Adegboye. She won a Sound City Award and a Nigeria Music Award for the album. According to Bello, the record is a trip through her daily existence. The lyrics of the album go into topics of love, family, and country. The uplifting song that serves as the album’s title track was created to inspire Nigerians to rise beyond a state of hopelessness.

Speaking to Ariya Today, Bello first discussed her aspirations for her second studio album, The Future. The album was listed 12th on Nigerian Entertainment Today’s list of the 12 Albums to Buy in 2011 when it was first scheduled for release in 2011. The singer stated that she recorded the album in a matter of months while collaborating with producer Mosa. As the lead single from the album of the same name, “The Future” was released by TY Bello on February 19, 2011. The song exhorts young Nigerians to bring about the change they desire. On April 3, 2011, Kemi Adetiba’s music video for “The Future” was made available. Tara Fela-Durotoye, Sound Sultan, Chude Jideonwo, and Banky W all make brief appearances in it.

“Soft tribal drums, synths, and a piano provide a vivid backdrop for TY to contrast her unmistakable voice against, and this she does brilliantly, bringing the poignancy in the song’s lyrics to life,” Ore Fakorede said, giving the song seven out of ten stars. The video, according to Dapo Osewa of Sahara Reporters, is “a narrative in itself that dares to capture the varying and boundless composition of emotion that is the face of the Nigerian.” The limited-edition Jubilee Collection by House of Tara, a beauty business, was introduced. It was inspired by the song “The Future”

One of the superstars in an eight-minute anti-rape movie put together by the Nigerian Ministry of Youth Development was Bello in October 2011. The 2011 gang rape victim at Abia State University is revealed in the anti-rape video. TY Bello’s song “Yahweh,” featuring Wale Adenuga, was released in December 2013. Nwando Okeke and Mosa contribute extra vocals to the tune. During a picture session in 2004, Bello composed the opening line of the song.

2014:The Morning Songbook

Bello made her third studio album, The Morning Songbook, available for free digital download on SoundCloud on October 10, 2014. The album, which includes 10 tunes including “Yahweh,” “Thirsty,” and “Jesu Jesu,” was published without any kind of advertising. Collaborations with Fela Durotoye and M Sugh are included on the album. The album received a 7 out of 10 from Udochukwu Ikwuagwu of the Breaking Times, who praised Bello’s lyrics and the album’s production.

TY Bello Photography career

TY Bello Photography career
TY Bello Photography career

Bello works for Thisday fashion magazine in addition to serving as former President Goodluck Jonathan’s official photographer while he was in office.

2016: Tinie Tempah and a discovery

Bello was producing a picture shoot for British rapper Tinie Tempah while she was employed in Lagos. Later on, she noticed that there was an impressively beautiful woman in the background. She set up Olajumoke Orisaguna’s photo to be featured on the cover of Style magazine to locate Orisaguna.

TY Bello Humanitarian work

TY Bello Humanitarian work
TY Bello Humanitarian work

Bello raises money for Nigerian orphans by hosting an annual photographic exhibition. In addition, she is the director of Link-a-Child, an NGO whose mission is to spread knowledge about Nigerian orphans and look for funding on their behalf. Bello received recognition in July 2011 from the nonprofit Communication For Change organization for her work on the RedHot five-part documentary video series.

TY Bello’s Personal Life

TY Bello's Personal Life
TY Bello’s Personal Life

On October 10, 2014, Bello, who is married, gave birth to twin boys called Christian and Christopher on the same day as The Morning Songbook was released.

TY Bello Discography

TY Bello Discography
TY Bello Discography
  • Greenland (2008)
  • The Future (2011)
  • The Morning Songbook (2014)
  • Africa Awake (2020)
  • We Are Fire (2022)
  • Heaven Has Come (2023)

TY Bello Achievements Of TY Bello

TY Bello Achievements Of TY Bello
TY Bello Achievements Of TY Bello

Early in the year, Ty Bello and Canon collaborated on the “live for the story” campaign. The campaign invites ordinary Nigerians to share their accounts of what makes their country special.

In 2017, the gifted vocalist was one of 25 nominees for the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards.

The nonprofit Communication for Change Organization celebrated TY Bello in July 2011 with a five-part documentary film series called RedHot.

TY Bello’s Awards

TY Bello’s Awards
TY Bello’s Awards

Best New Act of the Year at Nigeria Entertainment Awards                                                         2008

Best Female Video at Sound City Video Awards                                                                         2008

Most Creative Personality of the Year at SRAF Awards                                                                2017

Photo Credit: Instagram page of TY Bello

TY Bello Social Media Handles

TY Bello Social Media Handles
TY Bello Social Media Handles

Instagram: @tybello

Twitter: @tybellotweets


💽 | Fresh Album: “Heaven Has Come” — TY Bello | Out Now! Renowned Nigerian gospel artiste and photographer, TY Bello, releases her highly anticipated album, “Heaven Has Come.” Comprising 20 soul-stirring tracks, the album takes listeners on a captivating journey of worship and reflection, inviting them to experience the divine presence. TY Bello’s “Heaven Has Come” is an exceptional body of work that showcases her exceptional vocal prowess, heartfelt lyrics, and signature melodic style. Each track is beautifully crafted, aiming to inspire, uplift, and bring listeners into an immersive listening experience. From the album’s opening track to its closing notes, “Heaven Has Come” presents a rich tapestry of genres, blending contemporary gospel, soulful ballads, and Afrobeat-inspired rhythms. The album features collaborations with some of the most celebrated gospel artistes and musicians in Nigeria, including Tope Alabi, Dunsin Oyekan, Johnny Drille, Nosa, Sunmisola Agbebi, Folabi Nuel and many more. Their contributions add depth and diversity to the project, further enhancing its overall impact. O U T 📤 N O W TY Bello’s “Heaven Has Come” is available for streaming and purchase on all major digital platforms. Link in her bio | @TYBello Album Length: 1 Hour, 46 Minutes Album Tracklist: 1. For Life (ft. Anendlessocean, Sinmidele, Gogo Majin & Greatman Takit) 2. He Fights For Me (ft. Tomi Favored, Grace Omosebi & 121Selah) 3. Fill Us (ft. Ko’rale) 4. Oh Jesu ft. Tope Alabi 5. That’s My Name (ft. Angeloh & Gaise Baba) 6. Closer Than Close (ft. Sunmisola Agbebi & Isi Igenegba) 7. Loved By You (ft. Johnny Drille, Nosa & Outgun Onkar) 8. Ire (ft. Dunsin Oyekan) 9. Come Afresh 10. Hosanna We Hail You (ft. Esther Benyeogo & Ko’rale) 11. Torrents (ft. Jo Deep) 12. Odun Ayo (ft. 121Selah) 13. Baptize Me (ft. Anendlessocean) 14. Heaven Has Come (ft. Greatman Takit & Theophilus Sunday) 15. Shift ft. (Ko’rale) 16. Deeper Still (ft. Folabi Nuel, Nosa, 121Selah & Chingtok Ishaku) 17. My Body (ft. Greatman Takit, Tobi Walker, Ko’rale & 121Selah) 18. Better Than Time 19. Because You Are God (ft. Ighiwiyisi Jacobs) 20. Kabiyesi (ft. Abbey Ojomu) #HeavenHasComeByTYBello #GospoGroove

♬ original sound – GospoGroove

What is your take on the appreciation of photography and its art?

It’s encouraging to know that, in Nigeria, creativity is emerging in novel ways at this time of year. It isn’t a choice anymore. Previously, when I initially began my career as a photographer, creativity was always a backup plan. But with the realization that innovation is the path of the future, all other options are now secondary.

It’s encouraging to see that everyone can now communicate in the language of photography. You can take pictures using your phone even if you don’t have a camera. And it’s lovely to witness this because Nigerians are, by nature, aspirational individuals. It’s encouraging to observe that the typical Nigerian is starting to comprehend visual languages more fully. It is now ingrained in our culture. I’m quite happy about this.

At what point did you decide you wanted to do music?

It happened simultaneously. I believe that in 2000, my career in photography and my music career began simultaneously. I felt as though I was juggling two projects at once. And I’ve been trying to figure out how to switch between the two. It’s really difficult, but that’s how I’ve always lived.

What inspires your kind of music?

I find that singing is similar to talking, and a lot of the music I create is purely authentic. I make an effort to ensure that all I feel inside of me comes out in the words that I say. I’m not attempting to be sentimental. I simply try to be real.

How do you define your style?

I don’t believe I have a distinct style. I’m merely having fun. I suppose I’m at ease. I aim to dress comfortably and casually since I dislike having to think about what I’m wearing all the time. I make things easy so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

You have this signature eyebrow that you wear comfortably. What informed it?

Everyone should, in my opinion, appreciate their eyebrows. Rock it if God gives you a little. Enjoy what God has given you if it is a lot. The most significant finding, in my opinion, is that we perform exceptionally well when we don’t overextend our natural facial features. I therefore just make an effort to be content with what I have. I stopped bothering with it a long time ago since my brows don’t take well to shaving; they simply grow back.

I remember your time with KUSH. How would you say you have evolved?

Every day. I always seem to find my way, as I usually say. I learned that life is a gift and that there is nothing to know. As each day passes, we continue to learn. I thus follow my intuition and maintain an open mind.

What else should we be expecting from you?

Additional work on the camera and music. I recently released a new record. I recorded a song called “We Are Fire” with some incredibly talented and youthful musicians, and I’m thrilled that we were able to share our souls. In addition, I work closely with many other people, like Tope Alabi.

What’s your message to young photographers looking up to you?

The world is your audience, so keep going. The world is watching you when you perform a good job, not just your friends or neighbors. Thus, never give up; you never know what can happen.

Most of your music in recent times is spiritual. Are you a pastor?

No. I’m not. I merely adore God.

How is motherhood treating you?

It’s very amazing.

How would you describe yourself?

I suppose all I’m doing is existing, loving God, and figuring things out.

Does TY Bello have a child?

private life. On October 10, 2014, Bello, who is married, gave birth to twin boys, Christian and Christopher, on the same day as The Morning Songbook was released.

How many children does TY Bello have?

Another well-known person who is the parent of Kehinde and Taiwo is the Nigerian artist TY Bello. The famous photographer is a devoted mother of twin sons. TY Bello currently resides in the UK with her boys, however, she is no longer residing in Nigeria with her children.

Who are TY Bello’s parents?

On January 14, 1978, TY Bello was born in Ogun State, the son of the late Remi Sokefun. Renowned TV producer Remi Sokefun was her father.

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