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Biography Of Dan Marokane

Dan Marokane Biography

At Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd., Daniel Leseja Marokane serves as group chief executive officer.

He also serves as Hippo Valley Estates Ltd.’s non-executive director.

He was previously Tongaat-Hulett Ltd.’s chief executive officer from 2018 until 2024.


Additional roles he has held include Chief Commercial Officer at Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. from 2012 to 2013,

Director at Eskom Rotek Industries SOC Ltd., Chairman at Eskom Enterprises Pty Ltd., and Vice President-

Operations at The Petroleum Oil & Gas Corporation of South Africa (Pty) Ltd.


Dan Marokane Biography
Dan Marokane Biography

Dan Marokane Early Life

Dan Marokane, whose real name is Daniel Mogoasha Mokonyane, is a political revolutionary, author, and legal scholar from South Africa.

Marokane, who was born on October 16, 1930, in Mothlabaneng, South Africa, rose to prominence as a result of his leadership during the historic 1957 Alexandra Bus Boycott, which was a turning point in the campaign against Apartheid.

He lived in exile for a large portion of his life, dying on October 16, 2010, and passed away in London.

Dan Marokane Biography
Dan Marokane Biography

Dan Marokane Education

Dan Marokane has an outstanding and diverse educational background. He was trained as a chemical engineer and has master’s degrees in both business administration and petroleum engineering.

His professional journey has been greatly aided by his technical expertise and academic prowess, which culminated in his recent appointment as CEO of Eskom.

When Marokane rejoins Eskom at the end of March 2024, the company’s nearly year-long hunt for a new head comes to a close.

Dan Marokane Biography
Dan Marokane Biography

Dan Marokane Wife

Mary A. is the spouse of Dan Marokane. Despite the paucity of available information regarding Mary, Marokane’s accomplishments and career have surely benefited much from her encouragement.

Dan Marokane Biography
Dan Marokane Biography

Dan Marokane Net Worth and Salary

There has been no disclosure of Dan Marokane’s income or net worth.

But it’s safe to assume that he gets paid well for his experience and leadership considering his prominent position as Eskom’s CEO and his rich educational background.

Dan Marokane Biography
Dan Marokane Biography

Dan Marokane Age and Date of Birth

Although Dan Marokane has not made his actual birthdate public, his lengthy career and wealth of experience indicate that he has amassed decades’ worth of knowledge and experience in his industry.

Dan Marokane Biography
Dan Marokane Biography

Dan Marokane Career and Achievements

Dan Marokane’s career is evidence of his commitment and diligence. Numerous achievements in engineering and business have preceded him in becoming the CEO of Eskom.

Eskom is entering a new chapter with his appointment as its eleventh CEO in a decade, looking to him for stability and growth.


Introducing Dan Marokane, the new CEO of Eskom, who has experience with the utility

Dan Marokane, the new CEO of Eskom, is well-versed in the workings of the power company.

Pravin Gordhan, the minister of public enterprises, made Marokane’s nomination public on Friday.

After nearly five years of employment with the company, he and three other board members were unexpectedly suspended in 2015, in what Chief Justice Raymond Zondo called a “crucial step to pave the way for the capture of Eskom by the Guptas.”

Eight years after he, Tsediso Matona, Tsholofelo Molefe, and Matshela Koko (who subsequently rejoined the parastatal as CEO) were suspended, Marokane ran for the top job.

May 2015 marked his resignation from Eskom.

According to Zondo’s investigation, the Gupta brothers began their systematic takeover of the power provider in 2015 after they were suspended.

The state capture report stated, “The evidence uncovered by the commission revealed President Jacob Zuma and the Guptas were behind the suspension.”

“The purpose of the executive suspensions, except for one executive, Mr. Koko, was to remove individuals from strategic positions at Eskom who the Guptas believed would not cooperate with them in their plan to take over Eskom. This allowed the Guptas and their allies to appoint individuals who would cooperate with them to those positions.”

R6.2M Separation Payment:

In May 2015, Eskom agreed to pay Marokane R6.2 million as part of a settlement deal, effectively buying him out of the contract.

Eskom specified that the sum would be in addition to his pension earnings in the settlement.

Marokane claimed that he was frustrated when he signed a private separation agreement.

In a letter endorsing Marokane, former Eskom acting chair Dr. Baldwin Ngubane listed his responsibilities at Eskom from 2010 to 2015 in the following manner:

  • Divisional Executive (Primary Energy)
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Group Executive (Technology and Commercial)
  • Acting Group Executive (Group Capital)
  • Group Executive (Group Capital)

Who Is Dan Marokane?

Dan Marokane is a writer, legal scholar, and political revolutionary from South Africa. His leadership during the 1957 Alexandra Bus Boycott and his most recent appointment as CEO of Eskom are what made him most famous.

What kind of schooling has Dan Marokane received?

Chemical engineer Dan Marokane holds master’s degrees in both business administration and petroleum engineering.

What is the date of birth of Dan Marokane?

The precise birthdate of Dan Marokane is unknown.

Who is the wife of Dan Marokane?

Mary A. is the spouse of Dan Marokane.

What is the net worth of Dan Marokane?

The amount of Dan Marokane’s net worth is unknown.

What is the salary of Dan Marokane?

The amount of Dan Marokane’s salary is unknown.

In Conclusion

The biography of Dan Marokane describes the path of a committed and successful person.

From his early days as a political rebel to his current position as CEO of Eskom, Marokane has continuously shown himself to be a capable leader.

His professional accomplishments and educational background demonstrate a life dedicated to making important contributions in his area.

Eskom and its stakeholders are hoping that under his leadership, there will be a period of stability and advancement as he takes on his new role.

Dan Marokane Biography
Dan Marokane Biography

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